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Cabrillo Crosswalk Civic Action Project


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Here is a power point presentation chronicling the progress of their civic action project. They decided to gather data about the traffic in front of our school and the hazard it presents to students who try to cross the street.

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Cabrillo Crosswalk Civic Action Project

  1. 1. The idea to build a crosswalk between Admiral Kidd Park tothe front of Cabrillo High School’s Campus.By SperosSarantakis, Chris Adams, Miguel Tafolla, Lenora JamersonandIan “Like a Tree” Branch
  2. 2.  Everyday, 1 out of 3 students of Cabrillo High School cross theintersection between West Willard Street from Admiral Kidd Park tothe front of Cabrillo High School’s campus. Everyday, students face the problem of crossing this dangerousintersection. Without any safe crossing areas or proper supervision, students livesare basically in danger with the quantity of on-coming traffic. Cabrillo staff and faculty may be held accountable to any student thatmay be hurt by this unsafe area.
  3. 3. WELL HERE IT IS!
  4. 4.  Build a crosswalk! (Not by ourselves of course!) Pros: With a crosswalk, or any other type of safe crossing system, students can safely gofrom Admiral Kidd Park to the front of the campus. When everyone is safe, everybody’s happy! Cons: With a crosswalk in a certain area, traffic could build up and students may be latein the mornings and parents may be late for work. Counter- Argument: What is more important: The safety of a student who wishes toachieve knowledge in Long Beach’s finest educational institution, or the driver whodoesn’t have the patience to let the student cross the street? Another plan: Have the school place a crossing guard. (This idea is still currentlydebatable to this moment due to the LBUSD policy of placing crossing guards, liability, aswell as pay roll.)
  5. 5.  We contacted our great and powerful Long Beach Councilman JamesJohnson to jump on our case (see enclosed video on next slide!) After many attempts to contact the elusive Councilman, we finallymanaged to reach him and he was willing to support us in our efforts. He has supported our efforts by bringing up this particular subject inhis council meetings and talking to city officials that could survey thearea of the desired crosswalk.
  6. 6.  Heck no! We talked to the lovely Ms. Archer, a staffmember at Cabrillo High School, who has guided us aswe progressed through the project. She had given us ideas of what direction we should goand gave us the idea of doing a student survey, creatinga petition to have both students, parents andcommunity members support our plan. She had also given us updates with our currentprogress. (She’s Awesome!)
  7. 7.  When our group met with to the beautiful Mrs. White,the Parent Liaison at school, we learned a ton aboutparent support! She told us that we should attend city meetings,leadership forums and participate in the meetings toget our ideas out. She helped out with the Petition that Mrs. Archer setup (She told us that we needed about 2,000 to 3,000signatures… CRAZY!) She also helped to set up a parent meeting andpresentation (To be Announced)
  8. 8. Here are some of the results of our student survey:Question #1: Do you think that the crossway on Willard between Admiral Kidd Park and theschool is dangerous?Yes= 86.0% No=14.0%Comments“yea idoo”“Some cars do not stop for students to cross through, and some students do not respect thelights and do not cross at the right timing.”“ Drivers do not take into consideration of the students walking across the street, making itdangerous.”Question #2: Do you cross Willard often?Daily= 99.0% Once a week= 18.8% Never= 1.0%Comments“erry day like swag”“Around three times a week.”“from park to school”
  9. 9. Question #3: Have you had any trouble with the trafficwhen crossing Willard?Yes= 92.0% No= 8.0%Comments“I got hit by a car”“We need a crossing guard”“Sometimes”
  10. 10.  Hopefully we will see a safe crosswalk for the finestudents of Cabrillo High School in the near future. We will continue to encourage Councilman Johnson topush the plans of the campus’ desired crosswalk. We wish to participate in future city meetings andLeadership Forums and make our voices heard.
  11. 11.  This country will not be a good place for any of us tolive in unless we make it a good place for all of us tolive in.— Theodore Roosevelt, American adventurer and 26thpresident (1858-1919)