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IT Environment in Enterprise and challenges


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IT Environment in Enterprise and challenges

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IT Environment in Enterprise and challenges

  1. 1. IT Environment in Enterprises and its Challenges Jobayer Almahmud Hossain
  2. 2. Summary of Content § Objective § Modern IT for an Enterprise § Challenges for Enterprises IT Environment § Stacking the Scattered IT Environment § Design an Integrated and Flexible Solution as per Needs basis § Introduce Open Source to reduce the cost § Challenges § Way out to overcome Challenge Jobayer Almahmud Hossain
  3. 3. Objectives • IT took place as a core part of running a business of an Enterprise • It’s really a challenging for enterprise to effort any disaster on IT Infrastructure • An efficient IT Infrastructure design can maximize the benefit of IT with in the organization and reduce the risk of business interruption due to IT system failure Jobayer Almahmud Hossain
  4. 4. Modern IT for an Enterprise • Computer was used in the enterprise only as a type writer machine • Now Enterprises are adopting lots of modern IT based Business process automation technologies to reduce the processing time, operation cost and increase efficiency. • Internet based communications like Email, Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing, IM etc. are plying the main stream role in business communication. • Digital Marketing techniques also included in core marketing strategy over the traditional one. Jobayer Almahmud Hossain
  5. 5. Challenges for Enterprises IT Environment • From last few years most enterprises are trying to automated their operation very aggressively. Like separate Accounting, HR, Employee Attendance, etc. But most of the solutions or software are standalone and was built ad hoc basis. • Not have enough preparation for any kinds of disaster. • Network is not also well structured to meet the future needs. The organization was used 10 mbps internet now is using 200 mbps or more than that. • To provide Wi-Fi access to employee or management unstructured Wi-Fi network has been established now its become a IT headache to manage it. • Management thought IT as a cost center, no revenue or return is coming on that investment. • Yearly IT budget reduced to minimize the operational cost. • Enterprise can’t set next five years IT development plan. Jobayer Almahmud Hossain
  6. 6. Stacking the Scattered IT Environment • Due to the aggressiveness some time few scattered environment has been established. • Now its time to Stacking the existing IT Environment in a well structured manner to mitigate the up coming challenge of upcoming IT needs. Jobayer Almahmud Hossain
  7. 7. Design an Integrated and Flexible Solution as per Needs basis • Whenever we are talking about IT environment for any enterprise first of all we invest a huge amount to built a Data Center but the we easily could get that service form any co-location provider • When we need to host an application like web apps even for 5-20 users we go to purchase a high end server with 2-5 lacs taka • I have seen few organization who have 8-10 separate database server. But there was no performance optimization done. With some basic tuning could host all of those10 application’s databases one a single database server • Adopting server virtualization also can reduce a huge amount of server costing Jobayer Almahmud Hossain
  8. 8. Design an Integrated and Flexible Solution as per Needs basis Cont.. • Cloud adoption is also a very prospective scoop to built a flexible solutions • When we can forecast long term like 5 years IT development plan it can help to design an Integrated Platform • System or Platform should have flexibility to increase up to a certain level when its required. • To keep our job secure, need to maintain a standard level of backup and disaster recovery policy in place. Jobayer Almahmud Hossain
  9. 9. Jobayer Almahmud Hossain Questions ?
  10. 10. Jobayer Almahmud Hossain Overview of BDSAF • Bangladesh System Administrator Forum (BDSAF ) is another IT Infrastructure Professionals’ Forum established on 2015. • We have successfully arrange a IT Conference on 2015 where BDNOG was a sponsor. • From 2015, every year we celebrate International Sysadmin day (System Administrator Appreciation Day) • This year we are going to arrange another IT Conference in the end of July 2017 with Sysadmin day.
  11. 11. Thank you ! Jobayer Almahmud Hossain RHCA L-3 (Redhat Certified Architect, level III ) Consultant in IT Infrastructure, BRAC & CEO of Banglanet Technologies Ltd. Jobayer Almahmud Hossain