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IETF Outreach Program


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IETF Outreach Program

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IETF Outreach Program

  1. 1. The Internet Society IETF Outreach Program in Bangladesh #bdNOG6 Bogra, Bangladesh May 19, 2017 Internet Society Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter
  2. 2. The Internet Society The Internet Society 2 The world's trusted independent source of leadership for Internet policy, technology standards, and future development. We work for the open development and evolution of the Internet for all people. “The Internet is for everyone” And the Internet Society is for everyone who cares about the Internet!
  3. 3. The Internet Society The Internet Society – who we are 3 Founded in 1992 by Internet Pioneers as an international non-profit organisation (25 Years Ago) - 80,000+⃰ individual members worldwide - 145+ organisational members - 100+ chapters - Regional Bureaus located in: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, North America - Organisational home for Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) Internet Architecture Board (IAB) Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) ⃰ Source: ISOC Feb 2015 Statistics
  4. 4. The Internet Society Grants and Programmes 4 Beyond the Net (Small- 3500 USD, Medium- 10000 USD & Large Grants) - Awards up to USD 30,000 per project - Focused on projects from ISOC chapters Leadership Programmes -IETF Fellowship,Ambassadorship to the Internet Governance Forum -Online Courses – Shaping the Internet: History & Futures -Next Generation Leaders(NGL) Programme Online Courses Awards & Recognitions -Internet Hall of Fame -Jonathan B. Postel Service Award -Applied Networking Research Prize -Itojun ServiceAward -
  5. 5. The Internet Society The IETF: Internet Engineering Task Force Internet Engineering Task Force formed in 1986 expansion of US ARPANET-related government activities Internet Configuration Control Board (ICCB) (1979) and Internet Activities Board (1983) was not considered important for a long time - good!! not “government approved” (US or other) - great!! although funding support from U.S. Government until 1997 people not companies “We reject kings, presidents and voting. We believe in rough consensus and running code” Dave Clark (1992)
  6. 6. The Internet Society Where IETF participants come from 1965-2015
  7. 7. The Internet Society
  8. 8. The Internet Society Number of participants from SA 2015-6 • Sri Lanka – IETF Berlin - 0 - IETF Buenos Aires - 1 - IETF Yokohama-2 • Bangladesh – IETF Berlin - 1 - IETF Buenos Aires - 0 - IETF Yokohama - 1 • Pakistan – IETF Berlin -0 - IETF Buenos Aires – 6 - IETF Yokohama – 2 Total 13 people/3 events/3 countries Average 1.4 people per event
  9. 9. The Internet Society develop and maintain standards for technologies used to provide Internet service or to provide services over the Internet ensure that the technology can perform needed functions ensure that the technology will support the proper deployment and use scale ensure that the technology is secure and can be operated securely ensure that the technology is manageable IETF produces standards and other documents Purposes of IETF
  10. 10. The Internet Society All IETF documents are open i.e., anyone can download and make copies (in full) Internet Draft IETF working documents some I-Ds are working group documents RFC archival publications (never changed once published) update or correction gets new RFC number many different types of RFCs IETF Documents
  11. 11. The Internet Society RFC Production & Publishing receives requests to publish IDs from multiple streams IETF (via IESG) IRTF (via IRSG) IAB Independent Submissions (via ISE) edits IDs for publication verify edits with authors publishes RFCs
  12. 12. The Internet Society Working Group Creation may have BOF Chair, description, goals and milestones IESG Area Director Working group created new-work & IETF Announce IAB community
  13. 13. The Internet Society IETF Submissions • Working group doc, or individual standards track doc IESG RFC Production Submit Concerns Published RFC IETF Community Review “Last Call” Comments, suggestions RFC Publisher maybe
  14. 14. The Internet Society Non-IETF Submissions individual Independent Submissions Editor IESG Submit Comments Content concerns and editorial details RFC Production RFC Publisher Published RFC maybe (The IAB & IRTF have their own procedures)
  15. 15. The Internet Society IETF Fellowship • 3 Times a year (IETF100 will be in Singapore) • Fellowship application opens well beforehand – Be an ISOC Member – Know the current activities of IETF – Get involved in Mailing lists – Try to participate in WG – Apply for Fellowship – Continue participating
  16. 16. The Internet Society Ask Yourself • How your work relates to IETF? • Which WG you are interested in? • Which Mailing lists you should be subscribed? • Why you wish to attend an IETF meeting? • How you can share your experience in local community?