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Cyber security Awareness: In perspective of Bangladesh

  1. Cyber  Security  Awareness:  In   Perspec5ve  of  Bangladesh   By-­‐   Md.  Shaqul  Hasan     Hasan[at]aitlbd[dot]com  
  2. Internet  in  Bangladesh   •  More  then  40  millions  internet  user   •  Using  70Gbps+  of  internet  traffic   •  Internet  user  growth  rate  is  very  high   •  Broadband  penetraDon  is  increasing   •  But  maximum  user  has  no  idea  about  Cyber   Security  System.   2  bdNOG2  
  4. Presence  of  Bangladesh  in  global   cyber  aIack  map   4  bdNOG2  
  5. Presence  of  Bangladesh  in  global   cyber  aIack  map   5  bdNOG2  
  6. Presence  of  Bangladesh  in  global   cyber  aIack  map   6  bdNOG2  
  7. Presence  of  Bangladesh  in  global   cyber  aIack  map   7  bdNOG2  
  8. Cyber  Crime  In  Bangladesh   •  By  Social  Media   •  By  Mobile  Phone   •  By  Computer  
  9.                    Social  Media  In  Bangladesh  
  10. Social  media  security  vulnerabili5es:     •  Social  media  site  facebook  is  no  1  browsed  web  by  country’s   internet  user   •  Most  user  are  not  concern  about  security   •  Maximum  social  media  user  are  teenager   •  Social  media  Users  are  more  focused  on  “  More  friends,  more   popular”   •  Social  media  enables  the  spread  of  unreliable  and  false   informaDon.   •  Some  internet  users  are  using  internet  only  for  staying  in  social   media.   •  InteracDon  with  strangers  in  social  media  is  very  high…!!!     10  bdNOG2  
  11. Social  media  security  threats:     •  Profile  visitor  plug-­‐in   •  Dislike  buWon     •  hacking   •  Trojans   •  Malicious  web   •  Clickjacking   11  bdNOG2  
  12. Social  media  risk  mi5ga5on:     •  Use  two-­‐factor  authen5ca5on  whenever  possible   •  Do  not  add  strangers  to  your  friends  list     •  Always  check  the  URL  of  a  page  status  before   opening  it   •  avoid  unnecessary  applica5ons  of  social  media   •  Keep  your  browser  up  to  date  because  an  out-­‐dated   browser  is  good  vic5m   •  Awareness  &  training  for  new  user.     12  bdNOG2  
  13.       Mobile  Phone  in  Bangladesh  
  14. Mobile  Phone  Security  Vulnerabili5es   •  Mobile  Money  transfer  increasing  day  by  day   •  Online  banking  is  Popular     •  Rapid  growing  Social  media  user  via  mobile   •  Smartphone  user  growing  rapidly   •  But  they  are  in  dark  about  cyber  security   14  bdNOG2  
  15. Phone  Security  Threats   •  Missed  call  or  call  from  unknown  number   •  Sms/call  from  special  number   •  Voice  phishing  or  vishing   •  Common  operaDng  systems   •  Apps  without  security  check   •  LoWery  winner  scam   15  bdNOG2  
  16. Phone  threat  mi5ga5on   •  When  choosing  a  mobile  phone    consider  its  security   features.   •  Maintain  physical  control  of  the  device,  especially  in   public  or  semi-­‐public  places.     •  Disable  interfaces  that  are  not  currently  in  use,  such   as  Bluetooth,  infrared,  or    Wifi  .   •  Do  not  follow  links  sent  in  suspicious    email  or  text   messages  or  suspicious  call.   •  Limit  exposure  of  your    mobile    phone  number   •  Be  choosy  when  selecDng  and  installing  new  apps.   16  bdNOG2  
  17.       Computer  in  Bangladesh    
  18. Local  infec5on  rate   18  bdNOG2  
  19. Top  10  Local  infec5on  country  list   19  bdNOG2  
  20. World  top    10  Infected  country   20  bdNOG2  
  21. Internet  user    Vulnerabili5es   21  bdNOG2  
  22. Computer  Security  Vulnerabili5es   •  Very  High  rate  of  local  pc  infecDon   •  Huge  number  of  user  are  not  aware  about  cyber   security   •  large    shared  broadband  network   •  Huge  Pirated  sobware  user   •  Very  few  user  used  anDvirus     •  Large  number  of  free  sobware  or  apps  are  used   •  Large  NATed    IP  network   •  Weak  password  pracDce   •  Huge  peer-­‐to-­‐peer  network  user   22  bdNOG2  
  23. Computer  Security  Threat   •  Virus   •  Spyware   •  Adware   •  Malware   •  Phishing   •  Trojan   •  Web  hijacking   •  Hacking   •  Keylogger       23  bdNOG2  
  24. How  to  Mi5gate   •  Properly  configure  and  patch  opera5ng  systems,  browsers,   and  other  soUware  .   •  Use  and  regularly  update  of  firewalls,  an5-­‐virus,  and  an5-­‐ spyware  .   •  Use  of  strong  passwords  and  never  share  passwords.   •  Think  before  you  click.     •  Do  not  open  email  or  related  aIachments  from  un-­‐trusted   sources.   •  Protect  access  creden5als  from  outsider.   •  Follow  your  organiza5on's  cyber  security  policies,  and  report   viola5on  issues  when  they  occur  to  concern  authority  .   24  bdNOG2  
  25. Thank  You   25  bdNOG2