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Uni serve™ e-hub-


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UniServe™ E-hub Customer Engagement Hub

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Uni serve™ e-hub-

  1. 1. © Intense Technologies Limited© Intense Technologies Limited Customer Engagement Hub UniServe™ E-hub
  2. 2. © Intense Technologies Limited Customers Want Service Provider Should 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Best in class service Awareness on transactions Control over Account Quick response to request & queries Quick response to request & queries Inform activities to all stakeholders Quick resolution of trouble tickets Compliant to regulatory bodies 2 Business Scenario Various stakeholders have expectations that need to be met
  3. 3. © Intense Technologies Limited UniServe™ E-hub  UniServe™ E-hub is an end-to-end, powerful two-way customer engagement hub  Communicates with internal and external stakeholders more rapidly and effectively  Real-time interactions based on specific events and user preference 3 With UniServe™ E-hub drive customer engagement for effective customer experience across channels throughout the entire customer lifecycle
  4. 4. © Intense Technologies Limited Internal & External Stakeholders 4 Customers Channel Partners Retailers CSRs Account Managers Other Stakeholders E-hub UniServe™ E-hub connects to your various stakeholders to provide a single point of contact
  5. 5. © Intense Technologies Limited Types of customer interactions Actionable account alerts – allows end users to set thresholds to trigger an alert, take immediate action based on the notification received 5 Allows scheduling notifications on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly) as defined by the user through business rule configuration. Notifies end users of a specific events such as bill dispatch & due date, irregular activity, etc. Allows bulk engagements (batch processing) to be sent to a large customer base with highly personalized promotions / updates / news / events etc.
  6. 6. © Intense Technologies Limited Functionalities 6  Capability to interact & integrate with multiple applications to send streamlined communications  Data feeds from various sources  Supports enterprise Databases like Oracle, DB2, MSSQL  End-to-end tracking of communications sent from various sources  2 way HTTP based interaction ability  Highly secure communications between the systems  Deliver personalized real-time engagements to your customers across their lifecycle
  7. 7. © Intense Technologies Limited Dear @{CUSTOMERNAME}, Bill amount of $@{AMOUNT}, For month of @{MONTH}. Due date is @{DATE} Functionality – Message Template Web based GUI template management system for faster change management by any business user 7 Estimado @{CUSTOMERNAME}, Bill cantidad de $@{AMOUNT}, Para el mes de @{MONTH}. Fecha de vencimiento es @{DATE} Multi-lingual capability
  8. 8. © Intense Technologies Limited Functionality – Notification Manager 8  Process pre-configured message template with personalized data  Omni-channel notification are supported like Email, SMS, Flash SMS, HTTP, etc.  Reports and analytics to know the effectiveness and efficiency of each application Alerts Engine
  9. 9. © Intense Technologies Limited Functionality – Inbound Communication  Secure & automated response to inbound customer requests through SMS, Email, HTTP, etc. 9 UniServe Engine Business Applications Connecting with various applications Customer responses through SMS, Email, Web & other Communications Channels Server
  10. 10. © Intense Technologies Limited Benefits Increased revenues : Engage with proactive, contextually relevant, perfectly-timed engagements to guide customers to purchase and increase sales • Better brand loyalty • Effective marketing • Increased sales Cost effective : Automation of customer engagement results in reduced manual interactions thereby reducing operational expenses • Reduced operational expenses • Reduced manual interactions • Reduced manpower costs Strategically proactive : Analyse customers across their entire lifecycle and gain real- time insights to engage them more effectively • Proactive engagements • Faster resolution • Bypassed human errors 10
  11. 11. © Intense Technologies Limited CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS INDIA A1, Vikrampuri Secunderabad – 5000 09. Telangana, INDIA Tel: +91-40-44558585 / 27849019 / 27844551 Fax: +91-40-27819040 e-mail: EUROPE UNITED KINGDOM 200 Brook Drive, Green Park, Reading UK, RG2 6UB Tel: +44 7825 664 259 e-mail: AMERICAS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 10481 NW 36 Street, Miami FL 33178 Tel: +1 954 545 2037, 305 509 1250 e-mail: MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Hamriyah Free Zone,P.O.Box 53142, Sharjah Tel: +971-4-2653202 / 56-6499568 e-mail: ASIA PACIFIC SINGAPORE 9, Temasek Boulevard # 19-05 Suntec Tower 2, Singapore 038989 Tel: +65-8288-1859 e-mail: Intense Technologies Limited About Intense Technologies Intense Technologies Limited is a global enterprise software products company, headquartered in India with a strong and emerging presence in USA, LATAM, EMEA and APAC. Our enterprise software products are used globally by Fortune 500s for digital transformation of their mission critical, customer-facing processes that result in increased revenues and improved customer experience. We have a strong track record of deploying our highly scalable product suite to Banking & Financial services, Insurance, Government, Utilities, Manufacturing and Telecommunication enterprises. We serve customers in 30+ countries across 4 continents, with a 70% market share in Telecom in India 11