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Omni Channel Customer Service Use case


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Become agile and easily adapt to customer expectations by providing seamless digital Omini- channel experience.

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Omni Channel Customer Service Use case

  1. 1. Recommends app download to keep check on the data usage, easy payment and pertinent offers. Download APP Step 4: Customer downloads mobile app and shares positive feedback Customer is happy with the contextual alerts and convenience of self-service. Shares his experience on social channels 10/10 Feedback Usage Usage Begins raising a complaint on the mobile, but submits through the desktop When customer hops channels, information from previous channels is pre-filled Submits query & requests call back Step 1: Bill shock Step 2: Raises a complaint Gets bill alert & views transactions Omni Channel Customer Service Use case CSR is empowered with a single view of customer, where she knows customer is HNI and has subscriptions in others lines of business as well. Step 3: Customer care representative delivers contextual experience Offers payment in installmentsLast 5 Tickets history Ticket Bill $ 001 Invoice Summary Usage Breakdown