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Faster and Compliance driven Onboarding


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Faster and Compliance driven Onboarding UniServe™ Onboard for Banking

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Faster and Compliance driven Onboarding

  1. 1. © Intense Technologies Limited© Intense Technologies Limited UniServe™ Onboard for Banking Faster and Compliance driven Onboarding
  2. 2. © Intense Technologies Limited Business Challenges  Customer dissatisfaction due to prolonged onboarding, resulting in Customers abandoning the application process Loss of customers  High Cost of Customer Acquisition due to paper driven processes, resulting in High operational costs  Increasing customer base and time consuming physical form tracking resulting to Increased TAT 2
  3. 3. © Intense Technologies Limited Business Challenges  Stringent regulations to be followed for account opening, else Regulatory fines and penalties  Delayed onboarding, results in Revenue delay Damage to the corporate brand 3 All these call for a faster, easier and effective system for onboarding the new age digital customers
  4. 4. © Intense Technologies Limited Why digitalize KYC process 4 To cut down the huge operational costs To have a single platform for collection of all customer related information (Picture, Proof of address, Proof of identity, etc.) To relatively bring down customer acquisition costs To have an impressive turnaround time(TAT) for better customer satisfaction
  5. 5. © Intense Technologies Limited UniServe™ - Omni-channel customer onboarding Omni-channel (Mobile / web / online / POS) customer onboarding Serves as a single platform for collection of all the customer information (Picture, POI, POA, etc.) Integrates with national ID database to collect authentic customer information thereby bring down your customer acquisition costs Improve your turnaround time(TAT) with the automation of the KYC process thereby cutting down your operational costs 5 UniServe™ Onboard
  6. 6. © Intense Technologies Limited KYC – UniServeTM Onboard Capture Customer picture 6 Capture Proof of IdentityCapture Proof of AddressData collection from National ID databaseFrom the captured information e-customer application form is generated Capture of all this data which is required as part of KYC, on the TABLET device, saves not just paper but also precious time of the customer With integration of national ID database, accurate and authentic applicant information like name, address, age, etc. is gathered e-CAF( electronic customer application form) stores all the information of that customer in one file for further process and retrieval, as necessary Picture Proof of identity Proof of address Customer info UniServe™ Onboard
  7. 7. © Intense Technologies Limited Additional features  Customer e-signature collection  Biometric data collection  Type of account selection & deposit 7 Endorsement for authentication of the information collected Identity verification to avoid money laundering Initial deposit is done according to the type of account selected
  8. 8. © Intense Technologies Limited KYC – UniServeTM Onboard 8 The customer information collected is uploaded into the database for further verification and validation process The transfer of e-CAF’s from the tablet device to the database for further process can be done through GPRS, Wi-Fi or e-mail, individually after capture or all at a time
  9. 9. © Intense Technologies Limited Verification & Validation  Validation of all the fields and information provided by the customer is done  Black list / White list verification of the customers is undertaken  Process flow of account activation is triggered after verification & validation of applicant’s e-CAF 9  Verification & validation is done to comply with regulatory norms  Credit rating is also considered in opening a bank account
  10. 10. © Intense Technologies Limited Alerts & Reports  Timely, automated alerts to the customer  Success and failure of the applications, average customer onboarding time report, etc. are generated  Copy of e-CAF sent to applicant 10 Transparency towards the account opening process is maintained with these alert messages These detailed reports will help the bank in analyzing the status of the various applications A copy of e-customer application form is sent to the applicant for reference
  11. 11. © Intense Technologies Limited Benefits 11 Highly portable & user-friendly tablet app for faster & improved customer service Better & enhanced customer experience with timely alerts and notifications Provides electronic document storage facility with access rights and version control for legal and regulatory departments, thereby ensuring adherence to statutory compliance Use of paper less processing to aid you Go Green Account processing & physical form tracking to enhance business process transparency 50% faster customer onboarding - Faster TAT 100% compliance to regulations 40% reduction in customer acquisition costs; eliminates data entry costs Delivers Competitive edge that helps improve market share Greater operational efficiency through automated workflow
  12. 12. © Intense Technologies Limited CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS INDIA A1, Vikrampuri Secunderabad – 5000 09. Telangana, INDIA Tel: +91-40-44558585 / 27849019 / 27844551 Fax: +91-40-27819040 e-mail: EUROPE UNITED KINGDOM 200 Brook Drive, Green Park, Reading UK, RG2 6UB Tel: +44 7825 664 259 e-mail: AMERICAS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 10481 NW 36 Street, Miami FL 33178 Tel: +1 954 545 2037, 305 509 1250 e-mail: MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Hamriyah Free Zone,P.O.Box 53142, Sharjah Tel: +971-4-2653202 / 56-6499568 e-mail: ASIA PACIFIC SINGAPORE 9, Temasek Boulevard # 19-05 Suntec Tower 2, Singapore 038989 Tel: +65-8288-1859 e-mail: Intense Technologies Limited About Intense Technologies Intense Technologies Limited is a global enterprise software products company, headquartered in India with a strong and emerging presence in USA, LATAM, EMEA and APAC. Our enterprise software products are used globally by Fortune 500s for digital transformation of their mission critical, customer-facing processes that result in increased revenues and improved customer experience. We have a strong track record of deploying our highly scalable product suite to Banking & Financial services, Insurance, Government, Utilities, Manufacturing and Telecommunication enterprises. We serve customers in 30+ countries across 4 continents, with a 70% market share in Telecom in India 12