Delivering agile customer experience in the nexus Era


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The ‘Nexus of Forces’— social, mobile, cloud and information access, today determine how a customer interacts with a brand. This makes every customer touch point an opportunity for an enterprise to deliver an agile experience, throughout the customers’ lifecycle - right from on-boarding, identity management to continuous communications.

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  • Delivering agile customer experience in the nexus Era

    1. 1. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14© Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Delivering Agile Customer Experience in the Nexus Era 1
    2. 2. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Business Essentials 2 Business Customer Regulatory BodiesConsumer Protection, Safety and Benefit Technologies  The lifeblood of any business are its customers  Customers IMPACT businesses directly  Businesses need to “KNOW” their customers – Bio-metrics to Demographics, Likes, Choices, Spend / Buy Patterns, Build Long- term relationship – Customer loyalty etc – all through TOUCHPOINTS  Making them delighted through their services is why Businesses exist in first place Every touch point is an opportunity for the business to make that brand impact by providing Agile customer experience
    3. 3. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Framework for agile customer experience 3Vertical Agnostic Telecom Banking Insurance Manufacturing Government Welcome kit Telecom bill Statement Policy document Premium receipt News letter Promotional campaign Mailer Payment alerts SMS E-mail Print Web Mobile Social Touch point Agnostic Channel Agnostic Verticals Communication Channels U N I F I E D P L A T F O R M
    4. 4. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Today’s highly tech savvy customer 4Is always connected through social, mobile and cloud “ I would like my Telephone bills Help me get more For less.” “ I want my Insurance Policy to Provide me with Total Peace of mind. ” “I want to track Invoices, Purchase orders, Credit Notes etc, Accurately, with least amount of effort.” It should be easy for me to see doctor easily and receive good treatment – in case I fall sick… I want to easily order for more services using my mobile phone – for anything – tickets, food, stuff etc. “I would like my Monthly Bank Statements help me manage my finances Better.”
    5. 5. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Social and Mobile Forces Social  A faster richer ubiquitous conversation  Word of mouth spreads rapidly regardless of – The good the Bad and the Ugly – Cuts both way  Businesses need to tap into these conversations  Media – can go viral  Customer interaction in real time posts through FB, Twitter etc  Build customer communities – to share similar customer experiences  Helps Brand building 5 Mobile  The primary computing Platform  Wireless connectivity for voice and data – 2G/3G/4G  GPS, Camera, Sensors – Audio, Video – multi- media field data capture  Media – can go viral  Native App vs Hybrid apps – HTML5 – ensures true cross-platform execution on devices of all form factors  Replace Forms capture with in-situ real time data collection and upload to Cloud server thus eliminating paper and cutting dow Cloud  The expectation of ubiquitous access  Cost Effective  Elastic Scalability  Wide Reach – Centralized Data storage and accessibility Information  Structured and UnStructured data mining  Big Data evolves towards wisdom – the ubiquitous Progress bar  Customer Profiling  Contextual information along with relevant
    6. 6. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Agile Experience  RETAIL Customers – Right message at the right time – Personalized services and content – Instant interactivity in real-time – Being pro-active and tracking customer behaviour • Usage / Spend / Buy Pattern – Always keeping the customer “Engaged” and Delighted  Corporate Customers  HNI Customers  Family and Friends  Senior Citizens  Youth - teenage 6 Agile is all about making every customer feel special and important
    7. 7. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 The nexus of forces 7 Customer Touch points  Service / Change Request  Onboading process  Service Activation and usage  Recurring - Bills, Invoices, Premium Payments, EMIs, Statements, POs  Queries and Complaints  Cross-selling and Up-selling of services  Customer usage tracking and special offers and discounts How does Business continuously ensure that each such touch point is an Agile experience for the customer in this Nexus era…???
    8. 8. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Typical Customer Life Cycle Win the right customers - Onboard Build the relationship Strengthen relationship Create customer delight 8 Prospect New Customer Established Customer Established Customer Acquisition strategy • Segment specific value proposition • High value proposition Start up strategy • Welcome call • Welcome email • Newsletter • Membership cards/privileges Service strategy • Differentiated service levels • Personal account mgrs • One-stop service • Private hotlines Increase stickiness Increase Product Density through Cross Sell
    9. 9. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Customer Profiling Demographics  First Name  Age Group  Gender  Income Level  Mother Tongue Telephone Usage  Minutes Usage  VAS Usage  National/ISD Usage  Local Usage  Data Usage Network Profile  Device Model  Roaming Profile  Base Location  ARPU Profile  Current Location Medical History  Blood Group  Hereditary  Lifestyle Habits Credit History  Loans repayment  Credit / Debit usage  Income sources Preferences  Books  Travel  Food  Living
    10. 10. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 KYC – Profile Data Capture Process Application Server File Server Database Server Internet Firewall Workflow Engine Auditing Data Entry Warehouse Exception Handling DMS Business Rules Engine Web services APIs DB links Activation SMSC CRM Process Flow Interfacing Mail Work flowData Upload Bio metrics Mobile Data Capture
    11. 11. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Customer Appending scanned customer documents to eForms Retail outlet of Telecom Operator Data upload • Data entry into eForms from physical forms • Service activation trigger • Initiation of workflow Data entry of biometric details Customer Mobile application to enable document capture from smart phones Agents Location Data entry Scanner Bio-metric Picture Data Repository Agents Location Mobile Application ID capture Form capture Image Capture Sign capture Agile Document Capture
    12. 12. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Data entry of the customer details scanned capture of KYC documents Online Data Upload to KYC server Offline saving of KYC Details (Local Folder) Finger print capture Through Biometric Device Photo Capture Through Camera Profile Data Capture
    13. 13. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Profile Data Capture using Mobile Phone
    14. 14. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Data Capture Data Upload • Offline Storage of KYC details • XML transfer of data • SIM Number unique identifier • KYC Documents tagging to SIM Number • Online upload of KYC Details • GPRS Connectivity Firewall XML FTA Server Staging Server Case Management Instant Data Upload to Cloud
    15. 15. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Agile onboarding process 15 Faster customer acquisition at door step Easy capture of customer details- POA/ POI/ Photograph/ CAF/ Metadata etc No huge costs involved in the process of customer acquisition Scanner replacement to use Mobile for capturing customer documents
    16. 16. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Customer Identity 16 Jeff Jones 180, Bulloch Ave., Roswell GA - 30075 J. Jones 180, Bulloch Avenue, Roswell, Georgia – 30075-1234 Service 2Service 1 Jeff Jones P. O. Box 11245 Roswell GA – 30075- 1234 Service 3 Jeff Jones 180, Bulloch Ave., Roswell GA – 30075- 1234 Service 4 Unavailability of persistent, sharable and trusted version of customer data Identify important customers availing multiple services to gain a holistic view of all relationships
    17. 17. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Home ID Creation 17 Home ID Daughter Ms. Jane Duncan -Child account Mother Mrs. Jamie Duncan -Credit card and Savings Son Jack Duncan -Credit card Father Mr. Jeremy Duncan -Savings account Common Address: 475 Wall Street, Princeton, New Jersey 08540 Home ID 226253
    18. 18. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Consolidated Statement Unique ID connecting Multiple Lines of Business Customer Registered Services ( Postpaid, Broadband, Fixed Line) Close sell internal Service (Customer not registered for) Up sell through relevant marketing messages
    19. 19. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Reports 19
    20. 20. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Marketing campaigns IT operations CRM MarketingCompliance Management • Increasing operational costs of sending bills • Stringent SLA’s for change management and distribution • Customer dissatisfaction over CSR response • Building customer loyalty • Inability to send targeted marketing messages • Delayed time to market • Security of customer sensitive information accessible to CSR’s • Changing regulations for displaying information on the bills • Faster TAT to generate reports on customer transaction data • Customer churn Stakeholders of customer communication in a TSP Bill Customer Customer Communications Challenges Print E-Mail SMS Selfcare Fax Communication channel mix Different objectives of various stakeholders through customer communications that reaches the customer through multiple channels
    21. 21. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 No Single Point of truth for multiple touch points 21 Customer information in multiple systems Discrepancies in information resulting in inconsistent communication across various touch points and greater storage and maintenance costs Multiple applications for multiple customer touch points CRM Billing Legacy Print E-mail SMS Web
    22. 22. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Web presentment SMS alerts & notices Dunning Letters Dispute Resolution Letters New Marketing Mailers Reminder Notices Customer Care Letters HTML Email Body Interactive PDF Self care/Corp Care Communications E-MailPrint Duplicates(CRM) 360 ◦ Communication Engine Customer Single application caters to multiple lines of business • Post paid services • Pre paid services • Broadband services • DTH services Multiple lines of business of TSP Communication Engine
    23. 23. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Improved customer loyalty with personalized and clear bills Insertion of OMR Marks for automating bill finishing Specially branded bills on special occasions Two-Up table for effective utilization of paper real estate Periodic up-selling of specific high value services Billing summary as a snapshot for “at a glance” clarity Insertion of multilingual messages for personalized connections Leveraging customer relationships through customer- specific, targeted Cross- selling Data formatting options like font type, size, etc. to enhance data presentation Insertion of barcodes for Bill tracking Highlighting important customer information to make a greater impact
    24. 24. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Customer Loyalty Points Out standing balance = 721 Computation-0.5 points for every 1 Re Hence, 721 X 0.5x = 360
    25. 25. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Graphical representation of account summary across various accounts Graphical representation of assets and liabilities Ability to view summary details of various accounts Frequently used tools. Services through Self-care Portal
    26. 26. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Single point of truth
    27. 27. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Leads Analysis Campaign ROI Lead Tracking Campaign Analysis Campaign RevenueLead Management Management Measurement Execution CampaignCreationCustomer Engagement - Campaign
    28. 28. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Agile Customer Engagement 28
    29. 29. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Electronic bills enable organizations to Faster revenue (ROI) realization due to prompt payments Impact of Electronic Bills An average large company sending invoices to consumers via e- billing can save at least $13.1 million per year…..Gartner Improve customer engagement, increase conversions and induce greater convenience through faster communication Strengthen the “Go green” initiatives of the organization & reduce carbon footprint Enhanced e-mail penetration, reduced costs of customer communications, efficient time management, Single statement across multiple LOBs through convergence
    30. 30. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Register and remember Password Traditional electronic bills: Self-care : May make bill view process tedious. Check e-mail alerts of bill generation Logon to Portal to view analyze bill Analyze spent pattern and pay online step1 step2 step3 Bill as passive e-mail attachment Traditional electronic bills: e-mail  Mandate visit to online portal for making payment  Inability to analyze transaction data  No option to register feedback and service requests Increasing adoption rates of customers via e-delivery and online payments, hence catering to greater customer convenience Increasing Customer Convenience
    31. 31. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Interactive PDF Policy Statement
    32. 32. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Views based on user access permissions (e.g. Admin, CEO, Cost center head etc) Ability to raise and track tickets for all contracts and services Enterprise users can change passwords, update personal information and subscribe to various alerts Options to choose the type of service to generate customized reports User personalized Dashboard; Option to expand, collapse and re arrange widgets based on user preferences Ability to sort on various fields to generate useful insights 32 Corporate Dashboard
    33. 33. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Availability of custom reports based on transactions and service type Standard reports like interstate breakup, connection wise discount are made available Reports can be customized as the columns can be sorted, grouped, filtered, swapped to cater to business needs Reports on connection comparison and service comparison Reports on trouble tickets raised and status of the tickets Corporate Reports 33 Graphical view of the reports are made available
    34. 34. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Overall Enterprise-wide Benefits 34 Single solution for customer life cycle management Increased Revenue • Transpromotional one-to-one marketing • Third-party advertisements • Targeted marketing campaigns • Reports-enabled informed decision making Reduced Operational Costs • Reduced manpower & maintenance costs • Easier change management • Optimized statement real estate • Reduced distribution costs Enhanced Customer Experience • Customer loyalty through targeted offers • Instant duplicate statement delivery • Effective CSR response • Online access to customers data Efficient Cash Flow Management • Reduction in bill delivery cycles • Electronic distribution of bills • Enabling online payments • Tracking of bounced mails and invoices
    35. 35. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Business Impacts  Side Effects – Data Explosion – Big Data harnessing technologies – Security – all the time everytime – upgradation – High Costs – Regulatory Compliance – Handling high volumes of customers and keeping each one of them delighted 35  Benefits – Eliminate Paper and reduce time to service customers – Capturing of unstructured and structured data provides authenticity to the captured data – Streamline and integrate various processes and enhance efficiency and productivity – Scale your business in an unlimited manner reaching out to large number of customers
    36. 36. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Question & Answers 36
    37. 37. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Thank you 37
    38. 38. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 Secunderabad A1, Vikrampuri Secunderabad - 500 009. AP, INDIA Tel: +91-40-44558585/27849019/27844551 Fax: +91-40-27819040 e-mail: Noida A-1/E, Sector - 16 Noida - 201301 Uttar Pradesh Tel: +91-120- 4743900 to 10 e-mail: Mumbai 101, Vaishnav Apt, Dr.Charat Singh Colony Nr. Solitare Corporate Park, Chakala, Andheri (E) Mumbai - 400 093. Tel: +91-22-32419713/32064648/28253400 e-mail: Bangalore 103, Krishna Chambers, 20/21, Konena Agrahara, 5th Cross, Airport Road, Bangalore - 560017 Tel: +91-80-324 91083/30588333/9741922511 e-mail: INDIA 10481 NW 36 Street, Miami FL 33178 USA Tel: +1 954 545 2037, GSM: +1 305 509 1250 e-mail: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 9, Temasek Boulevard # 19-05 Suntec Tower 2 Singapore 038989 Tel: +65-8288-1859 SINGAPORE P.O.Box 88174, Dubai Tel: +971-4-2653202 / 56-6499568 e-mail: UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Intense Technologies Limited About Intense Technologies Intense Technologies is an enterprise software products company offering productized solutions across customer communications management, content management and information management domains. Intense's solutions are backed by strong domain expertise and best practices drawn from client engagements across Telecom, Banking, Insurance and Manufacturing verticals. Intense’s solutions deliver compelling ROI to enterprises by way of rich customer experiences, improved operational efficiencies and reduced costs across customer-facing business functions. Our solutions are architected to give agility to business processes and provide a sustainable competitive advantage. © Intense Technologies limited 2013-14 38