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CaseMaster® Application Platform Brochure V3.6


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The innovative CaseMaster® development platform

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CaseMaster® Application Platform Brochure V3.6

  1. 1. CaseMaster®A Platform for Innovative Back-Office Solutions © 2011 / 2012 9 Knots Business Solutions – CM-B-1-12
  2. 2. Version 1.0InformationPower Information is power; never more so than today. Yet, time and time again we see organizations settling for second-best when it comes to their business software by going for a standard software solution. By doing so, they are likely to compromise their information requirements. Often, organisations have to change their processes to meet their software requirements… One-size-fits-all is good for some things but not when it comes to your mission critical business solution. • Unique organizations require unique solutions. We are proud to have been chosen by Flügel NV Netherlands to implement their sales force support systemStandardBespoke Bespoke solutions are often associated with high risk, costs, delays and even failure. Not a pleasant prospect when it comes to your software solution.
  3. 3. Version 1.0 CaseMaster® is a unique and highly innovative application platform designed for the rapid development of back-office solutions. This strict focus may not suit every development opportunity but makes CaseMaster® very suitable when it comes to building back-office solutions! This gives you the best of both worlds: the speed, cost and re- assurance of standard software and the perfect fit of a bespoke solution. • Belfast City Airport has implemented a CaseMaster® solution to ensure compliance with the strict civil aviation regulationsFlexibleSolutions These are dynamic times and only agile companies will be successful. You constantly have to adapt to changing circumstances. Software that can’t change with you can turn from an asset to legacy in a matter of months.
  4. 4. Version 1.0 CaseMaster® solutions are inherently flexible. CaseMaster® has been designed from the ground-up to make it easy to extend and amend solutions. A CaseMaster® solution will thus prove a safe, long-term investment. • Avanta has selected CaseMaster® as the platform of choice to help many thousands of job seekers a year get back into a jobSingleView The unique architecture of CaseMaster® makes it easy to integrate with other systems. Whether you want to integrate with your web-shop, the order system of your key clients or the stock management system of your logistics providers, CaseMaster® systems can provide a transparent, single view over multiple systems and multiple partners in your information chain.InnovativeTechnology
  5. 5. Version 1.0 CaseMaster® is a highly innovative platform. At the core is the concept of ‘self-describing business objects’. The theory is simple: It is not what you want to do with data that makes a system unique; it is the data you want to do it with. Compare the following two typical scenarios:Scenario A Scenario BBank employee searches for an Airline employee searches for aaccount by client name flight by origin and destinationSystem shows possible matching Systems shows flights scheduledaccounts for that dayUser selects one of the accounts User selects the 12:00 flightSystem shows basic details for the System shows basic details for theselected account selected flightUser clicks on ‘Show recent User clicks on ‘Show availability’transactions’System shows recent transactions Systems shows available seats forfor the selected account the selected flight At the core of CaseMaster® is the ability to define the structure of your data: what does a bank account look like? What are the fields that make up a flight? What about a transaction? What about an available seat on a flight? CaseMaster® also boasts an extensive collection of ‘actions’. An ‘action’ is a piece of functionality that can be applied to a business object. Examples of actions are: a search feature, a result list feature, a calendar, an edit form, etc. A CaseMaster® application is ‘developed’ by combining actions (‘what do you want to do’) with self-describing business
  6. 6. Version 1.0 objects (‘what do you want to do this with?’) in a specific sequence. This is done in a highly intuitive development environment. Scenario A is now implemented as follows:Functionality BO ActionBank employee searches for an Client Searchaccount by client nameSystem shows possible matching Client ListaccountsUser selects one of the accountsSystem shows basic details for the Client View detailsselected accountUser clicks on ‘Show recenttransactions’System shows recent transactions Transaction Listfor the selected account The action modules have been proven and tested and are optimized for best performance and scalability. They can be
  7. 7. Version 1.0used over and over again with different self-describingbusiness objects. • Kensington Financial Management recognizes that the flexibility of CaseMaster® is instrumental to their continued success
  8. 8. Version 1.0KnowMore? If you want to know more, please contact us at: +44 (0) 870 094 8013