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BBU Pharmaceuticals - Pitch

  2. 2. 2 BDG-DOPAMINE® – a new Parkinson’s disease drug featuring the direct delivery of dopamine to the brain across the blood-brain barrier based on the proprietary delivery technology Game-changing disruption on the market for central nervous system drugs BDG-DOPAMINE®: nasal spray (or drops) Substance enabling delivery (“Provider”) Dopamine Brain capillaries 2-3 min BrainDopamine- agonist (optional) BBB ! BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER (BBB) UNLOCKED
  3. 3. 3 Limited efficacy of drug treatment of Parkinson’s disease (PD) PROBLEM EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: WHY INVEST IN BBU? BBU PHARMACEUTICALS SOLUTION BDG-DOPAMINE® offers improvement over major existing drug substance (levodopa) WHY OUR SOLUTION? WHY INVEST? Benefits patients: increased efficacy & fewer side effects Benefits doctors: wider choice & treatment flexibility Benefits pharma manufacturers: patent protection & new brand A B C + + Superior product (“proof-of-concept” completed, PCT patents filed) Underpenetrated market and massive unmet needs Strong team+ + Clear exit path through a trade sale
  4. 4. 4 PROBLEM: LIMITED EFFICACY OF PD TREATMENT BBU PHARMACEUTICALS PD is the 2nd most common adult-onset neurodegenerative disease.A B Levodopa Is the only substance for PD therapy at advanced stage Slow, side effects, diminishing efficacy No alternative & dearth of new drugs 1 SUBSTANCE WITH LIMITATIONS NO ALTERNATIVE No cure, few drugs, limited therapeutical efficacy
  5. 5. 5 Fewer side effects Fast Activaton 1 2 Lower dosage (& lower costs) Solution to “On-Off” syndrome problem 3 4 BDG-DOPAMINE® nasal spray Provider Dopamine Brain capillaries 2-3 min BrainDopamine- agonist (optional) BBB “Proof of concept” via physiological and radioisotopic studies on animals PCT patent application filed in Germany OUR SOLUTION: BDG-DOPAMINE® A new drug overcoming shortcomings of Levodopa Value for Patients vs. Levodopa Completed Milestones BBU PHARMACEUTICALS
  6. 6. 6 SCALE OF PROBLEM A B C MARKET SIZE GLOBAL PARKINSON’S DISEASE DRUG MARKET PD affects 4+ million people worldwide, mostly in the developed countries with aging population Global market for PD drugs: US $2.8 – 3.9 billion Total market CAGR’2011-15: 8.3% - Levodopa drugs: $0.3-0.5 billion - Dopamine agonists (DA): $0.8-1.1 billion BDG-DOPAMINE® PLANNED MARKET SHARE D 10-40% of global levodopa & DA market segments BBU PHARMACEUTICALS
  7. 7. 7 WHY BBU PHARMACEUTICALS? Highly-acclaimed scientists in the biology, neurology & medicine TOP-NOTCH TEAM CLEAR BUSINESS MODEL SUCCESSFUL TRACK- RECORD Dr. Naum Goldstein PhD; Professor Proprietary R&D Alexander Terterov CEO of BBU A B “Proof of concept” completed C Global patent landscape (patent applications filed in Germany) D Clear project & exit strategy Built up a successful business around PD drug Parkon® in CIS/CEE; BBU PHARMACEUTICALS Science Director of BBU; Participated in Parkon® project
  8. 8. 8 Science Director at BBU Professor; Doctor of Biological Sciences; NAUM GOLDSTEIN Professor; Doctor of Biological Sciences ANDREY KAMENSKY THE TEAM MAKING IT HAPPEN Professor of Biophysics; Academician with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences YURI VLADIMIROV Professor; Doctor of Medical Sciences; GAGIK AVAKYAN Professor; Doctor of Medical Sciences GEORGY KOVALEV CEO of BBU Pharmaceuticals ALEXANDER TERTEROV BBU PHARMACEUTICALS
  9. 9. 9 KEY PROJECT RISKS TECHNOLOGY RISKS REGULATORY RISKS Novel technology for drug delivery across the blood brain barrier BBU PHARMACEUTICALS DESCRIPTION MITIGATION The technology heavily borrows from Parkon®, a drug admitted to clinical practice in Russia Complex regulatory bureaucracy related to preclinical and clinical trials Trials will be carried out in line with GLP standards by service providers cognizant of regulatory approval process in EU and USA
  10. 10. 10 FUNDING ROADMAP Skolkovo grant may cover up to 50% of this amount Skolkovo grant may cover up to 50% of this amount US $ 2.5 million US $ 7.5 million PRE-CLINICAL TRIALS 2013-2014 Pre-clinical trials according to GLP standards  Round A can be broken down into smaller tranches for each step of the trials*  This structure will minimize the risk of misuse and overpayment and ensure maximum transparency to investors CLINICAL TRIALS 2015-2017 Up to Phase 2a Clinical trials according to GCP standards BBU PHARMACEUTICALS Current Round Next Round * - Subject to the agreement with service provider
  11. 11. 11 0 20 40 60 US $ million EXIT STRATEGY & VALUE 8-10 15 INVESTMENTS COMPANY VALUE & EXIT MILESTONES IRR Players for acquisition Exit 20 60 2.5 US $ million 4.5 3.0 Pre-clinical $ 2.5 m Phase 0 clinical $1.1 m Phase 1 clinical $3.4 m Phase 2a clinical IRR of investor (assuming Skolkovo grant): 70-75% IRR of investor (assuming no grant): 40-45% BBU PHARMACEUTICALS
  12. 12. 12 T E +7. 916. 999.90.78 CONTACT INFORMATION BBU PHARMACEUTICALS C Nikolay Nazarov Shareholder T E +7.926.811.86.61 C Alexander Terterov CEO, Founder