What’s in an app? - BDI 5/23/13 B2B Mobile Leadership Forum


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Presentation: What’s in an app? Lessons learned in enabling a salesforce with tablet apps.
While designed for the consumer market, the iPad was a game changer in the marketplace for sales enablement tools. In wholesale financial services, many firms have moved to embrace the iPad and productivity apps in different ways. This case study looks at J.P. Morgan’s experience with its own iPad app custom-built to support its mutual fund salesforce—what worked, what didn’t and what J.P. Morgan learned in the process.
Presented by: Liesl Leach, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan Investment Management Americas


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What’s in an app? - BDI 5/23/13 B2B Mobile Leadership Forum

  1. 1. What’s in an app?How J.P. Morgan launched a salesforce iPad app andwhat we learned along the wayLiesl LeachExecutive Director, Digital MarketingJ.P. MorganMay, 2013
  2. 2. 1How an idea became an app
  3. 3. 2The appAdvisor
  4. 4. 3So what is the Advisor app all about?PresentFollow upPrepareone simple goal:help our Client Advisors do what they do….but better
  5. 5. Prepare• Stay current on productdata, financial marketcommentary andthought leadership—allrefreshed daily• Gather relevantmaterials together in avirtual “kit” for eachclient meetingDesigned to enable aClient Advisor to
  6. 6. Present• Create a multi-mediaclient presentationexperience• Be responsive to clientneeds in the moment byswitching easily from aprepared presentation toinformation pulled up on-the-flyDesigned to enable aClient Advisor to
  7. 7. Follow Up• Email materials toclients directly from theapp• Create “wow”moments by enablingimmediate post-meetingresponse• Save time and shortenthe follow-up cycleDesigned to enable aClient Advisor to
  8. 8. 7What did we do to drive adoption?Prepare Present Follow upMonthly digital activityreportingIn-person training and bestpractice sharingEmail newsletters andquick tipsEnhancements and newsupport processes• “Let me re-order slides”• “I need my CRM contacts”• “Help – I upgraded to iOS5 andnow the app doesn’t work”
  9. 9. 8What happened?0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Prepare Present Follow upCheck for product updates 100%To view the latest thoughtleadership67%Email materials to myclients44%How Client Advisorsmostly used the app(6 months post-launch)Yes67%No33%Do you use the appduring meetings?
  10. 10. 9Some things worked better than others• I use the app as areference tool beforemeetings to be getprepared—way morethan I use the website• ..but I don’t use theMeetings setup functionas often since my salesassistants back at homeoffice create my kits formeBefore meetings During meetings• I use the app as areference tool duringmeetings to answerclients’ questions—it’s allthere, and it’s quick tofind things• It’s great not to have tocarry so much paperanymore• I still prefer to have ahard copy to present—it’s a leave-behind, andclients take notes on it• The screen size can betoo small for presentingAfter meetings• Having the emailfunction right there inthe app is handy andI’ve used it….• …but I’d rather it beconnected to myOutlook somehow• I’d use it more if I couldhave access to myCRM contacts andhave it synch to theCRM system so as notto have to do thingstwice
  11. 11. 10Things we learned• Observe how people work rather than what they say about howthey work• In B2B, design for individuals with an eye to the role theyplay in the organization as roles can influence what peoplevalue most• Iterate, test with real people, iterate, test with real people,iterate….you get it• Try not to stand alone—the more integration there is withproductivity systems, processes and the like, the faster theadoption will be• Market just as heavily internally as you would externally, buthave reasonable expectations about how quickly people’sbehavior will change