Open Audience Manager Vidar Brekke Presentation - BDI 11/11/10 Social Commerce Leadership Forum


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Presentation by: Vidar Brekke, Emerging Media Strategist, Open Audience Manager

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Open Audience Manager Vidar Brekke Presentation - BDI 11/11/10 Social Commerce Leadership Forum

  1. 1. Social Commerce Leadership Forum @ NYU 11.11.2010
  2. 2. 1983
  3. 3. 1993
  4. 4. 2003
  5. 5. 2007
  6. 6. 2010 The “Open” Graph Got Ya!
  7. 7. A brief history of internet marketing Of all of these innovations, Facebook’s Open Graph is the most radical, ambitious and potentially impactful for marketers. 1983 1993 2003 2007 2010
  8. 8. How marketers and consumers navigate the web today • Traditional search engines index the web around content and linkages between web pages The User Interface
  9. 9. Facebook is re-indexing the web around people
  10. 10. First major retailer to embrace the Like Levi’s was a launch partner of Facebook when the Like button was announced in April.announced in April. Since then over 2 Million sites have implemented the Like button
  11. 11. Being Liked = being discovered on Facebook Facebook Newsfeed Facebook Friendship PagesFacebook Search
  12. 12. Being Liked = being discovered outside of Facebook RockMelt Social Browser Open Graph enabled Search Online retailers …and over 2 million other websites
  13. 13. Visibility within the Open Graph can’t be engineered • Content becomes visible through user engagement (Likes, shares, comments) • You need to make Friends, in order to make more Friends
  14. 14. There’s fruit in the test kitchen
  15. 15. Who doesn’t like fruit? New traffic generates new “Likes” as the viral looploop continues The update is pushed to hundreds of friends’ Facebook Walls, generating clicks back to your web pages. Visitors click “Like” which generates a Facebook newsfeed message
  16. 16. Putting a like button on our site is easy… … but is hard to figure out how many new friends we’ve earned, who they are, as well as how to get in touch with them.touch with them.
  17. 17. Before experimenting with Like buttons… … make sure you have the tools to: Track how many new Friends you’re making across your web pages Collect basic demographic data on Out of the 2 Million websites with Like buttons, expect 99% of them to lack such tools… Collect basic demographic data on Friends of your pages Communicate relevant offers to Friends of your various web pages
  18. 18. Done experimenting?
  19. 19. Scaling your Open Graph implementation Top 3 Technical challenges: • Managing thousands of Open Graph objects and their associated Friends • Make sure changes to Facebook’s API, protocols, and uptime, doesn’t affect your siteprotocols, and uptime, doesn’t affect your site • Combine data and insights across multiple touch points (Facebook, web metrics, conversions)
  20. 20. Scaling your Open Graph implementation Top 3 Strategy challenges: • You need to think of your website as a destination and Facebook as a channel • Social CRM: Treat your web site audience as your most valuable brand ambassadorsyour most valuable brand ambassadors • Build a Friend engagement strategy at an Object (e.g. SKU) level
  21. 21. A web application that sits between your website andyour website and Facebook as a manager of your Open Graph objects
  22. 22. Inventories your Open Graph objects into product categories, site sections, etc.
  23. 23. Simple editor for ad-hoc messaging Preview
  24. 24. Publishes to newsfeed Message Fans/audience of your web page Drives traffic back to your site.
  25. 25. OPTIONAL: Automated messaging via API E.g. Whenever any product goes on sale, a newsfeed update is sent to its Friends
  26. 26. Analyze marketing performance and page demographics • User engagement, virality and conversions from your messaging • Demographic insights for each page allows you to refine your messaging O B J E C T D E M O G R A P I C S
  27. 27. Verticals we’re working with Retail Entertainment Directory ServicesReal-estate Music Publishing Directory Services Franchises Real-estate SEO
  28. 28. For more information.. Vidar Brekke @social_vidar