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Hashtags - How to engage with your audience one tweet at a time - BDI 10/15/13 Financial Services Social Business Leadership Forum


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Presentation: Hashtags - How to engage with your audience one tweet at a time
Presented by: Leslie Marshall, Director - Events, Magazine, Social Media Marketing Services, Morningstar, Inc.
Morningstar has used hashtags to engage with financial advisors at conferences and investors through Twitter chats. In this session, Leslie Marshall, director events and social media at Morningstar, will highlight key successes in using an appropriate hashtag to promote Morningstar’s conferences and online events globally, as well as share live thought leadership from the events and address customer service issues in real-time. Hashtags offer an invaluable way of gathering data from live Twitter chats and conferences. Leslie will offer insight and observations from the hashtag data collected at the 2013 Morningstar Investment Conference and Morningstar ETF Invest Conference, as well as other Twitter chats.

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Hashtags - How to engage with your audience one tweet at a time - BDI 10/15/13 Financial Services Social Business Leadership Forum

  1. 1. Hashtags: How to Engage with Your Audience One Tweet at a Time Leslie Marshall @LeslieAMarshall Director – Events, Magazine, and Social Media Morningstar, Inc. © 2012 Morningstar, Inc. All rights reserved. <#>
  2. 2. “Hashtags Are for Nerds” × “[Twitter] Photo Credit: Mike Duca told me flat out, ‘These things are for nerds. They’re never going to catch on,’” Messina said in a phone interview. Source: “ How Twitter’s Hashtag Came to Be,” WSJ Digits blog, s/2013/10/03/howtwitters-hashtag-cameto-be/ 2
  3. 3. Hashtags – Where Conversations Collect than half of mobile-device owners regularly use hashtags. (Source: Survey by RadiumOne, March 2013, × Nielsen announced an agreement with Twitter to create the “Nielsen Twitter TV Rating,” an industry-standard metric that is based entirely on Twitter data. (Twitter/Neilsen announcement, December 2012) × “Conversations collect around hashtags. If you want to start a conversation, introduce a hashtag. If you want to join a conversation already happening on Twitter, find the hashtag that's being used.” × More 3
  4. 4. Morningstar Conferences × Platform to share thought leadership and rich sources for content and conversation. Photo Credit (both photos): Jim Tweedie
  5. 5. Morningstar® Investment Conference – Use of the Hashtag × × × × × Established use of a hashtag at conferences in 2009. The hashtag is included in all marketing and communicated to journalists in advance of the conference. Bill Gross of PIMCO crowd sourced his keynote by asking @PIMCO followers for topics to address at #MIC2011. Conference hashtag is a trending topic on Twitter in Chicago in 2012 and again this year in 2013. Due to global conference growth and social media adoption by attendees, Morningstar adopted a hashtag system by country, or to mark special milestones: #MICUK, #MICAU, #MIC25.
  6. 6. Hashtag Use at Financial Services Conferences Focus: 2,840 tweets × 2013 LIMRA Social Media Financial Services Conference: 4,581 tweets × 2013 Morningstar Investment Conference: 13,036 tweets with #MIC25 (Data: RegEd/Arkovi) × 915 tweets with #ETFInvest hashtag for 2013; 90% over 2012. (Data: RegEd/Arkovi) × iShares ran a series of promoted tweets targeting #ETFInvest, the hashtag for 2013 Morningstar ETF Invest Conference. × 2013 LPL 6
  7. 7. #MIC25 Hashtag = Twitter Engagement × Reach: 394 different Twitter handles with a total reach of 1.1 million followers × 38% Media, with 442,757 followers × 24% Attendees, financial advisors, CPAs with 281,918 followers × 22% Asset managers and exhibiting companies with 249,327 followers × 5% Morningstar, with 57,432 followers × 4% Investors with 44,804 followers × 4% Financial services PR and marketing firms with 42,300 followers × 2% Other, including Erik Wahl fans with 27,204 followers × 1% Companies related to the financial industry with 14,885 followers × 13,020 posts with #MIC25 hashtag, compared to 1,602 in 2012 × 27% Media × 24% Attendees, financial advisors, CPAs × 24% Morningstar × 15% Asset managers and exhibiting companies × 4% Financial services PR and marketing firms × 3% Companies related to the financial industry × 1% Investors × 1% Other, including Erik Wahl fans
  8. 8. Tweets Tell the Story via Storify – Fund Industry Intelligence:
  9. 9. Connect and Engage with Your Target Audience × Promote your presence at an event through your Twitter account. × Send leads to sales people – who’s tweeting live from the event? × Share news and ideas that are relevant to your followers by tracking the hashtag.
  10. 10. Talk to Your Audience and Curate Content with Hashtags × Established use of #askmstar for all Morningstar Twitter chats #mstardiscuss connected to Discuss posts on × Christine Benz, director of personal finance, poses a question to investors and creates a column from answers received via #mstardiscuss and Discuss board comments. × Morningstar Canada held a Twitter chat in August 2013. × Twitter chat conducted in English and French. × Five Morningstar experts answered questions for an hour. × Tracked 90 uses of the #askmstar hashtag during the hour; gained five new followers. × Directed followers to additional resources on related to the topics.
  11. 11. Lesson Learned – Be Curious Image source:
  12. 12. Lesson Learned – Have A Sense of Humor Video: "#Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Link:
  13. 13. Connect with Morningstar × Morningstar Company Page on LinkedIn × Morningstar Company Twitter Handle: @MorningstarInc × Careers at Morningstar - @MorningstarJobs on Twitter × Morningstar Advisor @MStarAdvisor on Twitter. Facebook: × People at Morningstar on Twitter × @christine_benz, director of personal finance, × @jerrykerns, editor in chief, Morningstar Advisor magazine × @MStarScottBurns, director of fund research, North America × @RussKinnel, director of mutual fund research