The Trials, Tribulations (and Rewards!) of Launching a Social Intranet - BDI 3/6 Financial Services Social Business Leadership Forum


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Presentation: The Trials, Tribulations (and Rewards!) of Launching a Social Intranet
Presented by: Kristie Helms, Vice President, Interactive and Social Media, State Street
State Street launched Collaborate – our new social intranet – globally to 29,000 employees in 26 countries just a few weeks ago. Find out what it took to persuade a 222-year-old company to embrace a new model of communications, how we convinced employees to form their own adoption program, and how Collaborate is already fueling State Street’s broader external social media strategy.

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The Trials, Tribulations (and Rewards!) of Launching a Social Intranet - BDI 3/6 Financial Services Social Business Leadership Forum

  1. 1. LIMITED ACCESS The Trials, Tribulations (and Rewards!) of Launching a Social Intranet Kristie Helms VP, Head of Content and Social Business
  2. 2. LIMITED ACCESS GLOBAL MARKETING We Launched a Social Intranet And You Can Too! 2 Stunningly SIMPLE Reasons We Decided to Do It Ridiculous Things I WISH Someone Had Told Me Before I Pushed For This Awesome Things That Made It Totally Worthwhile (plus 1 COOL, bonus secret I’ll let you know) 3
  3. 3. LIMITED ACCESS GLOBAL MARKETING Reasons to Launch A Social Intranet 1. We Wanted Our Business to Be A Social Business 3 • Even though it wasn’t even close to being easy to embrace “social” – We’re both multi-national (29,000 employees in 29 countries) and highly regulated. – We’ve also been around awhile. We were founded in 1792. Yes, you read that right. – And still we were named Information Week’s social business leader of the year in 2013. • It’s how we keep our clients at the center of our universe – Social gives us tools to connect effectively with our clients and have a rich, meaningful dialogue. Client ENGAGETARGET INTERNAL COLLABOR- ATION PUBLISH LISTEN GAIN INSIGHT Social Surround Sound that allows you to gather insights and information that you can use to help clients overcome the challenges they face Insights Into Actions You start to change the business when you can get insights from external social to the right people internally
  4. 4. LIMITED ACCESS GLOBAL MARKETING Reasons to Launch A Social Intranet 2. Because What We Were Doing Wasn’t Working 4 Pre-Social Intranet Legacy Intranet Intranet Established 1999 • Content that didn’t get migrated in 2010 Established 2010 • Structured access to policies, forms, directories, business groups and corporate functions SharePoint Collaborate Established 2004(?) • Designed for document management with customized document libraries Established 2012 • Designed for knowledge and expertise sharing with a simple document library • Information is “crowd- sourced” #1 complaint about the intranet pre-2014? SEARCH DOESN’T WORK. Of course it didn’t. Search couldn’t cross the multitude of platforms we were using for content
  5. 5. LIMITED ACCESS GLOBAL MARKETING Reasons to Launch A Social Intranet 3. We’re a Global Company Serving Global Clients 5 • REAL-TIME UPDATES Employees receive communications immediately • TARGETED MESSAGES Those employees who need the information will see it • DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS Interact directly with employees – and get their input immediately • BETTER ORGANIZATION Eliminates multiple intranet sites; global and regional content can be organized in a better way – and changed quickly when necessary • ENHANCED SEARCH Locate content more quickly and more efficiently When I need information about something, usually I just ask someone.“ ” . . . Let’s connect globally
  6. 6. LIMITED ACCESS GLOBAL MARKETING Lessons Learned Spread the Word 6 1. These People Will Be Your Best Friends. Our early adopters (Collaborate Champions) ran our training programs. 150 of them personally trained nearly 10,000 employees. Which of the following best describes where information can be found? Information is always where I expect it to be Information is usually where I expect it to be Information is occasionally where I expect it to be I cannot find information 2. A Pilot Isn’t Just a Good Idea. We tested the platform with more than 75 invited users, asking about user experience and if they understood social communications. We built our training program on the results. Bonus? The pilot helped us spread the word. 3. Publicize What Works. We turned our business use cases into a full marketing campaign including a video montage of 18 employees detailing in < 1 min how they use Collaborate to get work done.
  7. 7. LIMITED ACCESS GLOBAL MARKETING What Made It Worthwhile 1. A group of 33 employees with a variety of skills and experience – and representing each region – collectively weighed in on ways to improve workflows after the final NAV is calculated. 2. Our sales team now uses the social intranet to centralize wins tracking, sales slide categorization and dissemination, competitive intelligence and overall organization 3. Live Chat forums and real-time postings are giving employees unprecedented access to senior leaders. Switching to Social Made Doing Work Easier 7 You Can Make Time Zones Irrelevant Question recently asked by employee in Quincy, answered by colleague in Sydney. Crowdsourcing Works Sometimes the best ideas and innovations are sourced from within. Executives Become Real People When placed within the right context and used in the right forms, social communications can help open up a different type of dialog.
  8. 8. LIMITED ACCESS GLOBAL MARKETING Making It Cool Collaboration Stations • Held during “soft launch” when employees could check out the social intranet, but it wasn’t their only source for information • Collaborate Champions answered questions, walked through issues and help employees get started • Staffed by volunteer Collaborate Champions in Boston, Quincy, London, Kansas City, Sydney and Dublin • Hired a professional photographer to take profile pictures at key stations Collaboration Pop-Up Stations • Designed for a focused training within a team, business group or region • Contained everything to run a training including guides, handouts and give-aways • Staffed by either a volunteer Collaborate Champion, or local team member Don’t Forget The Fun 8
  9. 9. LIMITED ACCESS 9999 Questions? 1. 9