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Janney’s Journey to Social Collaboration Why did Janney - BDI 5/14/13 Financial Services Collaboration & Content Leadership Forum


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Case Study: Janney’s Journey to Social Collaboration
Why did Janney make the decision to implement a social collaboration strategy? Discover the process that was followed to choose a platform to help manage social collaboration & communications. Find out what planning was done to launch the pilot, the current status, next steps; and, finally, the current successes.
Presented by: Kelly Hoffman, AVP, Private Client Group Marketing Manager at Janney Montgomery Scott

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Janney’s Journey to Social Collaboration Why did Janney - BDI 5/14/13 Financial Services Collaboration & Content Leadership Forum

  1. 1. Janney’s Journey To Social CollaborationKelly L. HoffmanPrivate Client Group Marketing ManagerJanney Montgomery Scott LLC
  2. 2. Janney Montgomery Scott is:▫ Small – 750 Financial Advisors▫ Regional – 100 East Coast Offices▫ Business – Relationship/Referral Based▫ Nimble – Able to change and adapt quickly▫ Collaborative – Open Architecture▫ Content – Thought Leadership▫ Advertising – Very little Corporate AdvertisingSetting the StageNeed for greaterbrand awareness
  3. 3. Factors Weighing On Our Minds:▫ Traditional advertising is expensive▫ Traditional advertising is hard to track▫ Limited staff to support additional channels▫ Constant stream of content to be distributed▫ Competitors began dipping their toe in Social▫ Recruits started asking about Social CapabilitiesNeed for Brand AwarenessSocial Media
  4. 4. We needed to determine how to:▫ Follow regulatory guidelines▫ Train and educate ourselves▫ Train and educate our advisor force▫ Be effective w/ limited resources (funds & staff)▫ Integrate social into our existing framework▫ Provide relevant and compelling contentThe Answer Was SocialActiance
  5. 5. We Chose Actiance Based On:▫ Intuitive platform▫ Customizable Training Materials▫ Ongoing Social Education▫ Understanding of Regulatory Environment▫ Dedicated Support Staff▫ Analytics CapabilitiesWe Partnered With ActianceCrossFunctionalTeam
  6. 6. Most important step in our process:▫ PCG Marketing▫ Communications▫ Client Strategy▫ Legal / Compliance▫ Information Technology▫ Partners at ActianceSocial Collaboration BeginsSocialIntegration
  7. 7. Everyone had a very specific role:▫ PCG Marketing – Plan Advisor Rollout▫ Communications – Plan Corp. Communications▫ Client Strategy – Plan our Corp. Strategy▫ Legal / Compliance – Policies & Permissions▫ Information Technology – Ziplip /Active Directory▫ Entire Team – Repositioned existing content▫ Partners at Actiance – Hold our hand through it allSocial Integration BeginsPlan, Plan,Plan, Go!!
  8. 8. We could have planned forever:▫ We set a rollout schedule that we didn’t use▫ We created more training materials than necessary▫ We reviewed our polices and permissions over & over▫ We practiced and repeated and reviewed some moreAnd then….All Our Ducks In A RowOn-boardedone by one
  9. 9. We chose our best marketers:▫ Club level advisors▫ Exiting Marketing plans in place▫ Use of Advisor Website Platform▫ Use of LinkedIn for Networking Purposes▫ Basic Understanding of Social NetworksWe Just Knew It Was TimeTrack,Measure,Improve
  10. 10. Piloted w/30 Top Advisors:▫ Tested Training Materials▫ Tested Social Platforms▫ Tested Approval Process▫ Tested Content MixCaught On Like Wild Fire4 StepProcess
  11. 11. Can’t go from A to D w/out B & C:▫ Learn the Socialite Tool▫ Build Your Audience▫ Plan Your Content▫ Engage, Engage, Engage!Advisors Like Baby StepsEngagement= Success
  12. 12. Advisors started to get excited:▫ Content was distributed▫ Connections were forged▫ Introductions were made▫ Prospects were targeted▫ Messages were exchanged▫ Meetings were scheduled▫ Connections became clientsSuccess Stories Roll InWord ofMouth
  13. 13. 1 Year = 100 FAs:▫ 2 hours became 30 min.▫ Face to face became conference calls▫ Content library became custom messages▫ Questions became ideas▫ Competition was born▫ Marketing became exciting again▫ Janney is going MobilePilot became ProgramMeasure &Analyze
  14. 14. Documented a baseline & set goals:▫ 30k+ connections/followers/friends▫ 700+ posts▫ 600+ pieces of feedback▫ 5.6 million estimated potential reach▫ Thought leadership = best engagementWhere Do We Go From HereContent,Content,Content!
  15. 15. Content Is KingWe think about content differently:Collaborationis Key
  16. 16. We continue to collaborate:Silos Have Been DroppedFollowJanney
  17. 17. Connect With Janney
  18. 18. Questions?