Influencing The Tasti D-Lite Way - BDI 10/17/12 Influencer Marketing Summit


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Case Study: Influencing The Tasti D-Lite Way
Presented by: BJ Emerson, VP Technology, Tasti D-Lite and co-author of The Tasti D-Lite Way
BJ will share how the beloved frozen treat franchise embraced influencer marketing to enter new markets. BJ will outline how connecting with and empowering brand advocates is a central component to the strategy behind Stasis D-Lite’s goal to grow from 60 to 500 locations. BJ will also cover specific technologies he uses to identify and engage influencers.

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Influencing The Tasti D-Lite Way - BDI 10/17/12 Influencer Marketing Summit

  1. 1. Case Study: Influencing The Tasti D-Lite Way BJ Emerson @tastidlite VP Technology @planetsmoothie Tasti D-Lite @BJ_Emerson Planet Smoothie Text BJEMERSON to 81018
  2. 2. Influencing Means Listening
  3. 3. Let’s GetCreepier! Photo credit:
  4. 4. Connecting the Dots Social CRM:going across channels
  5. 5. Let’sGet EvenCreepier! Photo credit:
  6. 6. “That day I was the hero of the office. Everyonewanted to know how I got these, and I probably toldthe story 10 times.”“Here’s where Tasti D-lite really took it to the nextlevel. Now, I’ve got a face (or two) to put with thestory. Now, when I go downstairs to Tasti D-lite, I’vegot two friends. They’ve been to my place ofbusiness; they’ve given me something tangible.No matter how engaging and transparent we areonline, it’s no match for face to face engagement.” - Rick Liebling
  7. 7. We used to call itstalking.Now we call itLocation-basedMarketing.
  8. 8. FoursquareCheck-in Offers
  9. 9. Influencing Means Engaging(How to Flirt with a Celebrity)
  10. 10. Whitney PortMTV reality star
  11. 11. Influencing Means
  12. 12. Influencing Means Recognizing
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Name That Mascot Contest Name Customer Rationale D-Lish Because Tasti D-Lite treats are DELICIOUS!!!!! Stanley Swirl Tasti D-Lite is a sweet swirl in a cup! And he looks like a Stanley : ) D Mixmaster D for D-Lite and Mixmaster for all the different flavors Tasti D offers. Vinny Vanilla He’s vanilla! Plus this way you can have other characters like Charles Chocolate. Sprinkles Sprinkles is not only a cute name, but it will also increase sales. People will want to buy more toppings when they think of the name. Influencing Means Collaborating
  15. 15. Influencing Means Celebrating (Mechanics vs. Dynamics) vs.
  16. 16. The Moral of the Story• Find out how your customers are engaging.• Build systems/apps that enable them to share.• Get creative with mobility.• Think long term.• Take a risk.• Collect experiences, not numbers. Listen | Recognize | Engage | Reward Collaborate | Celebrate
  17. 17. The Third Screen: ResourcesBy Chuck MartinSocial Location MarketingBy Simon SaltSocial Networking Made EasyBy Miriam SalpeterLocation Based Marketing for DummiesBy Aaron Strout and Mike SchneiderLikeable Social MediaBy Dave KerpenThe Power of FoursquareBy Carmine GalloThe End of Business as Usualby Brian Solis Learn more at 29
  18. 18. Thank YouEmail: bemerson@tastidlite.comTwitter: @tastidlite @planetsmoothie @BJ_Emerson Text BJEMERSON to 81018