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George Tunstall, Within3 Presentation - BDI 3/17/11 Healthcare Social Communicatiosn Leadership Forum


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Presentation by: George Tunstall, SVP, Sales & Business Development, Within3

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George Tunstall, Within3 Presentation - BDI 3/17/11 Healthcare Social Communicatiosn Leadership Forum

  1. 1. Social Media forHealthcare Professionals Presented by George Tunstall SVP of Within3 March, 2011 Within3 Confidential – 1
  2. 2. A bit about Within3 Who we work with: • 5 of the top 10 Global Pharmaceuticals – such as AstraZeneca • Medical Associations – such as The American College of Surgeons • Commercial and Med Com Agencies – such as Torre Lazur and Discovery • Hospitals – such as Children’s Hospital Within3 is the world leader in of Boston online HCP communities. • Medical Publishers – such as ElsevierIntroduction to Within3 Within3 Confidential – 2
  3. 3. Quick look at different HCP Engagement platforms A Quick History of HCP Social Media “FaceBlogTwitterBook” Consumer-based sites 3rd-party, anonymous crowd- sourced sites Institution-led, Identity- focused professional communitiesSocial media landscape Within3 Confidential – 3
  4. 4. So what’s a 3rd generation online community for HCP’s? Within3 Confidential – 4
  5. 5. Novo Nordisk and Torre Lazur Growth Hormone Nurse Community• Online Community was identified as Ideal Community (based on in depth consulting project)• Specific to pediatric endocrinology growth hormone specialty• Focused on office/patient support Within3 Confidential – 5
  6. 6. Within3 communities provide supportBureau Community Manufacturer and RCW Speakers for the four key areas of legal/compliance risk.• Increased Industry-to- HCP quality interactions• Enhanced Speaker efficacy• Actionable Speaker feedback to brand• Increased Speaker-to- speaker quality interactions• Improved entry into market Within3 Confidential – 6
  7. 7. Within3 communities provide support for Community Manufacturer and Stream57 KOL the fourkey areas of legal/compliance risk.•Focus on MedicalGroups and HealthSystems•Accessing unmet HCP’son a regional level•Leverage KOL’s toeducate these targets•While educating,allowing Peer to Peercollaboration is a MUST! Within3 Confidential – 7
  8. 8. Manufacturer and Phase V Advisory Board Community• How can we interact with our Advisors throughout the year• Our Advisors don’t want to travel but want the PEER to PEER interaction• Want to include more HCPs, and include additional specialties Within3 Confidential – 8
  9. 9. Manufacturer and Edelman Global Key Opinion Leader Community• 43 countries around the world• Top KOL’s across the world in Cardiovascular Care• Save Lives! Within3 Confidential – 9
  10. 10. MSL CASE STUDY: A global pharmaceutical Manufacturer MSL Community Total Estimated Business Value: 3-7 million dollars annually 300% increase in MSL-to-KOL “high- value” interactions Strong growth within “low-relationship” KOL segment 20% increase in relationships-per-MSL Emergence new high value KOLs through network analysisCase Study – MSL Community Within3 Confidential – 10
  11. 11. A 2011 Great First-Mover Opportunity:Elsevier Community
  12. 12. Market & Demographic Information Discussion Reports Usage per DemographicKey Topics and Ratings Key Members
  13. 13. Some take-aways.1. Don’t equate consumer social media with HCP social media. In many ways, HCP social media is more advanced, has more safeguards, and focuses on professional outcomes.2. Pick a use case that aligns with your strategy: Rather than a broad stroke, HCP social media typically focuses on specific, measurable use cases.3. Don’t do “Portals with Comment Boxes”: Successful HCP Communities require are a lot more than “social widgets” added to portal designs. Communities aren’t simply “launched”, they are “cultivated”.4. Social Media is not only a “Web” channel: Don’t forget to integrate Mobile, Live, and other channels for your social media efforts.5. Key regulatory and compliance issues can be addressed: HIPAA and Stark for Hospitals, Off-Label/AE for Pharma, Discoverability, Privacy and Confidentiality for everyone.6. Communities aren’t simply “launched”, they are “cultivated”: Social principles apply – especially in the early days of a community. Within3 Confidential – 13
  14. 14. Questions? Within3 Confidential – 14