GE Engages Visually - BDI 9/20/12 Visual Social Media Leadership Forum


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Case Study: GE Engages Visually
Presented by: Katrina Craigwell, Manager, Digital Marketing, General Electric Company
Katrina will share how GE visually connects with customers and receives inspiration around their vision of building, powering, moving and curing the world. Check out GE on Pinterest and Instagram.

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GE Engages Visually - BDI 9/20/12 Visual Social Media Leadership Forum

  1. 1. VisualStorytelling @ GE @KCraigwell GE Corporate Digital Media
  3. 3. The New Science of Viral Content1. Prominent Branding Puts Off ViewersThe solution: Utilize “brand pulsing.” Unobtrusively weave the brand imagethroughout the ad. Experiments have shown that this can increase viewership byup to 20%.2. People Get Bored Right AwayThe solution: Create joy or surprise right away.3.People Watch for a While but Then StopThe solution: Build an emotional roller coaster.Viewers are most likely to continue watching avideo ad if they experience emotional ups anddowns. This fits with psychological-researchfindings about human adaptability. 3 GE Title or job number 9/25/2012
  4. 4. Social DistributionTo evaluate the success of co-created customcontent, GE and BuzzFeed analyzed its impact onusers’ perceptions. The “Social Brand Lift Study”found that branded content creates significantlifts in brand perception, which are amplifiedwhen the content is discovered through socialmedia and sharing.Furthermore, users who discovered the GEcontent through trusted recommendation(Facebook posting, Tweet, email link, etc.) were83% more likely to consider GE “creative,”compared to users who found the content fromwithin BuzzFeed. 4 GE Title or job number 9/25/2012
  6. 6. Informing Through EntertainmentIn 2010 and 2011, The GE Show took an episodic look at our most innovativetechnology across our businesses, from our aviation flight paths, to our solarpanel technology, to scenes from our factory floors. 6 GE Title or job number 9/25/2012
  7. 7. Try Everything OnceIn April 2011, we recognized the momentum of Instagram, anddecided to experiment.The BriefHighlight GE’s technology in a fun and engaging way by using new platforms and pivoting off of culturaltrends. Using Instagram’s filters and our staging to create a steampunk aesthetic, we’ll highlight GE’slatest innovations as technology enthusiasts may have imagined them in the past. We’ll also surfacesome of GE’s vintage creations and materials to share what ‘imagination at work’ has looked likethroughout GE’s lifetime.The Results i. 123K followers to date (more than @generalelectric on Twitter) ii. GE ranked among Top 10 Interbrand 100 brands on Instagram iii. Ongoing earned coverage on sites including, PSFK, Popular Science, Engadget, The Next Web, Gizmodo, Fortune
  8. 8. The Next GE InstagrapherAt the end of 2011, we launched a search for the next GE Instagram photographer.Results: i. 4,000 Submissions ii. 127,000 Page Views on Facebook iii. 500,000 Campaign video views across GE video and partner videos“…though this idea may seem a bitludicrous to the skeptical eye, realize thatGE is actually doing better at engagingwith a social media audience than thevast majority of comparable megabrands.Don’t believe me? Just wait and see howmany people actually participate in thiscontest.”
  9. 9. The Next GE InstagrapherOur winner, Adam Senatori, is a former commercial pilot and talented aerial photographer. Heshot at GE Aviation in Wales, UK and went on to shoot events for Aviation throughout 2012.
  10. 10. Surfacing GE’s ImpactAs we open our doors to illustrate more of what we do, we give people the opportunity to connectvery personal experiences with GE technology. These users represent the ‘impact’ of GE Works.
  11. 11. Plug-in to NetworksTumblr receives 135M+ MUVs, has 72M+ blogs and sees 59M+ posts daily.
  12. 12. Playing With New FormatsIn January, we visited GE Aviation in Wales for a special Instagram shoot. In addition to a seriesof photos, our photographer created 10 animations (or ‘cinemagraphs’), elegantly illustratingscenes from the factory floor. (Results: 1,700 social shares on Buzzfeed, 250 social shares onTumblr.)
  13. 13. … and PartnersThere’s a great enthusiasm online around celebrating our collective past. This month, we parterned withBuzzFeed for ‘Nostalgia Month,’ celebrating everything from awesome 90s foods, to famous geeks from the1900s, to gorgeous Instagram photography of vintage GE technology.
  14. 14. Letting Go of the Brand (Without Losing It)Pinterest is one of our favorite platforms for experimenting with content. From playing with our ownmessaging to participating in a meme or two, it’s a great reminder that content should be built aroundusers.
  15. 15. Thinking MobileThis spring we launched the official GEfeeds on Viddy and SocialCam. We’resharing a few things on our feeds: 1. Clips of robotic machinery from across our facilities 2. Behind the scenes footage from our Instagram and GE Works shoots 3. Socialized cut-downs of existing contentGE’s inaugural Viddy post was named oneof the 10 best Viddy clips by Mashable. GEwas the only brand to make the list. 15 GE Title or job number 9/25/2012
  16. 16. #ThankYou