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Frank Eliason, Citi Presentation - BDI 4/19/12 The Social Customer Service Leadership Forum


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Frank Eliason, Senior Vice President of Social Media, Citi

Published in: Business, Technology
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Frank Eliason, Citi Presentation - BDI 4/19/12 The Social Customer Service Leadership Forum

  1. 1. Social Media isQ Marketing Nirvana!Marketer
  2. 2. Marketer
  3. 3. What??? I hate this company This product does not work Have you called them? Ugh!Marketer You should try working there!
  4. 4. This Company will be easy & helpfulCustomer
  5. 5. I will love the product & service will be greatCustomer
  6. 6. What??? It is your fault! Jump through these hoops to get help We are not availableCustomer The system is down
  7. 7. Damn it! I will tell everyone I know about this company!Customer
  8. 8. Our Service Department is great & happy! They have balloonsMarketer
  9. 9. I know! Customers want social service!Marketer
  10. 10. They I finally love us got help!Customer Marketer
  11. 11. Need help? Huh? Just complain as loud as you can!Customer Marketer
  12. 12. Welcome to @YourService Customers and Employees own the brand Winning in social requires a culture shift! The change starts at the top
  13. 13. Social Service is a Failure Social Service is not about shutting up the loudest Customers! Each interaction must drive change through all service channels Customers prefer social! Not! Sorry this is a myth
  14. 14. The Winning Formula CE x P = Social Media Success (or Failure)
  15. 15. Defining CE Company Experience is equal to: (Product Experience + Customer Interactions + Employee Experience)
  16. 16. Defining P Passion
  17. 17. The Power is in You! Do not be afraid to share realities upward Stories Drive Change! Use them Every action you take sends a message! Try a capital ‘C’
  18. 18. @YourServicePreorder today!• Available April 24 in the United States• Available Early May, 2012 in the UKI look forward to chatting further!@FrankEliason