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Danielle gustafson presentation

  1. 1. Followers, Fans, Free Tools, Earned Media, Engagement Social Media and the Attempt to Capture the Opportunity June 17, 2010 daniellegustafson.com
  2. 2. Social Media is New Media Who are your customers now? Who will your customers be in one year, two years, three years? Are they the same? How do we size the opportunity now? What tools can we use to... Measure. Measure. Measure.... ....and New Media is about Lear earning, so don't forget to Learn. daniellegustafson.com
  3. 3. Free Tools that we can Use to Learn Going Beyond Measuring... Facebook Likes, Posts, Comments - Vitrue Social Page Evaluator Twitter Followers and Tweets - tweetreach.com SM Referrals - Alexa YouTube Views, Blog mentions, etc. - Social Mention daniellegustafson.com
  4. 4. Vitrue Social Page Evaluator evaluator.vitrue.com daniellegustafson.com
  5. 5. Tweet Reach http://tweetreach.com daniellegustafson.com
  6. 6. Alexa - Clickstream information http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo daniellegustafson.com
  7. 7. Social Mention socialmention.com daniellegustafson.com
  8. 8. Social Mention socialmention.com Different terms. Different results. daniellegustafson.com
  9. 9. Lessons to Date Learn what the tools do. What they can and cannot measure. Engagement Counts. Especially if it is engagement with your customer or your future customer. Social media tools are free. Social media engagement and learning are not free. Invest in both. Make your team accountable for both. daniellegustafson.com
  10. 10. What Tools are You Using? Free Tools: • wefollow.com • tweetstats.com • facebook.grader.com • twitter.grader.com • twitalyzer.com • tweeteffect.com • twinfluence.com • twitterholic.com • tweetvalue.com Engagement tools? Radian6...Sysomos (closed beta) Sysomos ....Proprietary tools? daniellegustafson.com
  11. 11. Resources for More Learning in SM Articles • Facebook, Nielsen Try To Put A Value On ‘Earned’ Media (paidcontent.org) White papers • Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression - A Nielsen and Facebook Joint Study (nielson.com) Sites • Mashable.com • iab.net Suggestions ? daniellegustafson.com
  12. 12. Thank You! Engage. Share what you learn. Stay in touch: Danielle Gustafson Digital Strategist danielle.gustafson@gmail.com daniellegustafson.com twitter: daniellenyx daniellegustafson.com
  13. 13. Danielle Gustafson Bio Danielle Gustafson is an e-business strategist with more than 14 years ss experience in US and international financial services markets, creating and evolving e-business strategy, user experiences and business digital campaigns in multiple languages. In 1996 she launched the New York Stock Exchange’s first public web site, and went on to shape the Exchange’s e-business strategy through its transition from business not-for profit to publicly traded com ompany in 2006, and its merger with Euronext in 2007, when she became managing director of global websites. Since January 2010, she has been working with a diverse group of organizations such as YWCA YWCA-NY, NYU ITP, Altruista Health and social media start-up, dotbox. daniellegustafson.com