Content to Conversion: Is Your Content Driving the Right Path? - BDI 4/17/13 Content Marketing Summit


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Case Study: Content to Conversion: Is Your Content Driving the Right Path?
Content has become the catalyst for audience engagement, and the role of earned media in driving organizational success has been strengthened as a result. However, in this rush to content being "king", we have begun to lose sight on what we want that content created to achieve. At the outset of any campaign one must ask; what is the conversion metric we hope to attain to build awareness and spark action. Be it views, shares, sales; that metric is the key to any content marketing strategy. As your brand (whether B2C, B2B, or Non-profit) provides context around the conversation, we have to ask how your strong and compelling content is driving your desired outcomes.
Presented by: Ninan Chacko, Chief Executive Officer, PR Newswire

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Content to Conversion: Is Your Content Driving the Right Path? - BDI 4/17/13 Content Marketing Summit

  1. 1. CONTENT TO CONVERSION:Is Your Content Drivingthe Right Path?Ninan ChackoCEO
  2. 2. PR Newswire is the global leaderin innovative communicationsand marketing services,enabling organizations toconnect and engage with theirtarget audiences worldwide.
  3. 3. Amplify your content through our syndication networkPR NEWSWIRE’SCONTENTSYNDICATIONNETWORK150+ MOBILEPARTNERSHIPSSOCIAL MEDIAPRN’s social feeds +social sharing buttonsGLOBAL NETWORKOF 9,000+ ONLINENEWS SITES & PORTALSSEARCHPRNEWSWIRE.COMAverages 1.5+ Millionmonthly unique visitors, withindustry-leading searchvisibility200,000+GLOBAL MEDIAOUTLETSBROADCAST +ONLINE VIDEODISTRIBUTIONTARGETED DISTRIBUTIONFind relevant influencers byIndustry, region and/or topicPRN’s MEDIA SITEFor registered journalists& bloggers from 27,000+Media Outlets
  4. 4. We have theresources tomake yourcontent moreVISIBLE.We have thedistribution &syndicationnetwork toAMPLIFY yourcontent.Our products &services help youcontinuallyENGAGE yourtarget audiences.
  5. 5. Not so very long ago…Traditional methods worked independently to informconsumers through EARNED and PAID media.
  6. 6. Image source:• Pushes information• Needs to listen• Focuses on transactionsCONSUMER• Values authenticity• Wants to be heard• Expects an immediateresponse to questions
  7. 7. The future is nowContent drives them allOWNEDMEDIAEARNEDMEDIAPAIDMEDIASOCIAL + SEARCH + MOBILEA brand pays toplace ad or contentin a channel todrive conversationforward.Publicity gainedthrough influencerpromotion,including shares,likes & tweets.Brand publishedcontent to driveearned media andsustain buzzaround brand.• Advertising• Events• Direct Marketing• Press pickup• Blog mention• Social sharing• Word of mouth• Company blogs• Company website• Company socialaccounts
  8. 8. We’re trending towards moreinteractive, two-way communicationbetween consumer and brandacross all media.Companies must provide value andengage customers in meaningful andexciting ways in order to gain their trust.CONNECTED =ENGAGED
  9. 9. The creation and sharing of highquality, valuable content by thebrand to engage current &potential audience and influencers.Content Marketing will AMPLIFY your existing mediacampaigns, increase VISIBILITY and driveENGAGEMENT leading to your desired outcome.CHOICEPREFERENCECONSIDERATIONAWARENESSContent Marketing
  10. 10. The value exchangeBRANDCurrency = ContentAUDIENCECurrency = Personal InfoJane Smithjane.smith@xyz.com555-555-5555CEO, XYZ Corp.The brand continuously deliversrelevant content & establishesits worth to the audienceThe audience trusts the brandenough to identify themselves &grant permission for engagement
  11. 11. What that looks like…
  13. 13. Adding the customer’s voice into contentIt starts with LISTENINGSocial MediaChannels• Twitter hashtags #• LinkedIn groups• Relevant blogs• Anywhere your audienceis talkingCustomerFAQsWhat questions do yourcustomer service peoplehear most often?IncomingSearch TermsWhat are the mostpopular keywords &phrases bringingsearchers to your site?
  14. 14. Map your content to thecustomer’s buying process
  15. 15. Mapping to content personas at each stageDefine a persona to represent each of your audience segments.?????Tailor your content to each at every buying stage1. Match their needs (what are they asking)2. Match their voice (what words are they using to search for answers)
  16. 16. Research data, funny videos,curated lists, infographics,thought leadershipTypes of contentThought leadership &entertainment to build brandand awarenessTools that help buyers find youwhen they are looking forsolutionsCompany-specific informationto help evaluate & reaffirmselectionBuying guides, RFP templates,ROI calculators, whitepapers,analyst reports, webinarsPricing, demos, servicesinformation, 3rd party reviews,customer case studiesGated?EARLY STAGEMIDDLE STAGELATE STAGE*Content courtesy of MarketoContent must alwaysbe relevant and helpful
  17. 17. Classic story arcx = timey = tensionopeningsceneclimaxdénouementEarned Mediabeginning middle endAdapted from Lou Hoffman - www.Hoffman.com72 Hours
  18. 18. x = timey = changeOld Way New WayfuturestorytellingfodderAdapted from Lou Hoffman - www.Hoffman.comThe communicator’s story spike
  19. 19. Content such as Blog Posts & YouTube videos canEducate Customers to the point where they’re ready to buy
  20. 20. We began blog post syndicationin June 2011 and found ourblog traffic more than doubledfrom earlier in the year53%And, in the first month, those additional eyes proved to be a qualified audience52.8% increase inblog subscriptionsClick-throughrate increasedto 12.15%from 9.43%average 52.4% increase inblog post sharesContent such as Blog Posts & YouTube videos canEducate Customers to the point where they’re ready to buy
  21. 21. 57%More likelyto purchasewhen thereis videoContent such as Blog Posts & YouTube videos canEducate Customers to the point where they’re ready to buy
  22. 22. With content tailored to what customerswant or need, they end up spendingmore time engaged with that content… developing a relationshipwith the brand and remainingengaged with the productsAND
  23. 23. Stream & distribute your content in multiple formatsOnline distributionswith photoMultimedia NewsReleasesARC EngagementPlatformsPhoto (image such as photo, logoor infographic)Photo + Video + Audio + PDFs +Dedicated PagePhoto + Dynamic Video+ Dedicated HTML Page+ Strategic Placement
  24. 24. * The number of stories with downloadable filessuch as PDFs, PPTs, DOCs is significantly fewerthan those without, however the data shows thepotential for very high visibility when such assetsare included along with other multimedia assets.Source: PR Newswire Web Analytics, June 2012Releases with multiplemultimedia elements resultedin up to nearly 10 times morethan that of text-only releasesMore multimedia = more views
  25. 25. Multiple-stage engagementPERSONA:Tax filers who:1. Are concerned doingtheir taxes will take a lot oftime.2. May fear safety ofsharing their informationonline.3. Don’t want to spend alot of money to file.ACTION:Awareness: Release textConsideration: WatchvideosPreference: How to videoChoice: File now.
  26. 26. Multiple-stage engagementPERSONA:PR & Marketers who:1. Want to learn how touse video to tell their story.2. Think that video is toocostly or difficult toproduce.3. Don’t know how to usetheir channels to syndicatetheir video to theiraudiences.ACTION:Awareness: Release textConsideration: WatchvideosPreference: How to videoChoice: Ask for someoneto contact them.
  27. 27. Adding distribution paid off — tallyingthousands of reads of the press release —and tens of thousands of video views.Readers of the multimedia release shared it withtheir Facebook friends 196 times (as of Mar 26)Distributed content reaches qualified, interestedaudiences. And social shares have a strong viraleffect, triggering more shares.The effect of content distribution
  28. 28. Men’s Wearhouse utilized the a combination of multimedia, multipleassets, and multiple updates to power an integrated paid, ownedand earned media campaign and drive their CSR initiative; theirnational suit drive that collects gently worn clothing for thosetransitioning back into the work forceOBJECTIVES:> Secure at least 110,000 clothingdonations> Increase interaction withMultimedia content> Grow visibility and awarenessaround the National Suit Drive> Deliver high campaignImpressions without media buys> Garner traditional & social media |attention> Promote social engagement and |donations through Facebook &Twitter> Improve search visibilitysurrounding the campaignCorporate social responsibility
  29. 29. 130,171 total garments collected. ARC ENGAGEMENT STATSTotal impressions through strategicmedia placements1,919,378Total video streams (views) 42,511Total landing page views 7,98895% of exit links went to the Men’s Wearhouse site400+ search queries leading to the ARC250 unique keyword searches leading to the ARCBreaking suit drive records!Social media mentions:35,536Impressions:46,212,223Facebook• 10,997 likes/comments/shares• 3,631 tab visits• 16,185,076 unique users• 35,577,116 total impressionsTwitter• Trending topic• 10,635,107 total impressions• ~10,500 retweetsAdditional $25k donated to the cause
  30. 30. Publish a steadystream of contentKeep it relevant& interestingTRUST RELIABILITY DELIGHTAdapted via:
  31. 31. 1CONVERGENCEof Paid/Earned/Ownedis blurring linesbetween corporatecontent from how it’screated to who andhow it is beingcurated.2SYNDICATIONthrough a variety ofchannels is criticalin achievingaudienceengagement.3CONVERSATIONaround your messageorganically is the firststep to effectivecontent marketing toensure it’s seen,searched, and shared.3 KEY TAKEAWAYS