Buzzd Presentation - BDI 9.15.10 Mobile Social Communications


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Case Study: Connecting Brands & Local Businesses to Real-Time Social Media
Presented by: Nihal Mehta, CEO and Founder, Buzzd
Thanks to facebook places, twitter, foursquare, gowalla, loopt, buzzd, brightkite, whrrl, and many other location-based services, the "check-in" has moved from a niche feature for early adopters to a mass-market functionality. Now that people are finally opt-ing in to broadcast their location to the public, a massive opportunity is created to reach those same people in time/space context, by local business and brands. Buzzd inc. is helping build a platform 'localresponse' to connect marketers to over 150million "check-ins" / month

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Buzzd Presentation - BDI 9.15.10 Mobile Social Communications

  1. 1. buzzd, Inc. helps consumers discover popularity and facilitates businesses to foster loyalty. • Proprietary architecture aggregates and indexes 1 million+ LBS real-time check-ins/posts daily, from Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, Brightkite, etc • Award-winning consumer product “buzzd” serves 1mm+ active users/month over PC web, mobile web, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia apps • Business product “localresponse” helps businesses see aggregate customer check-ins and target customers with offers to drive foot traffic about buzzd
  2. 2. consumer business products products (phase I) (phase II) What’s the “buzz” ? Social media analytics Hottest places Aggregated content Trending topics Competitive info Offers Highly relevant targeting Deals Check-in patterns & timing Local deal creation /tracking realtime check-ins & mentions introducing… localresponse
  3. 3. location-based social media explodes July 2010 captured over over 200 million “check-ins” (source: buzzd Inc) Over 100mm tweets/day (source: twitter) Over 1mm 4sq check-ins/day Facebook’s Places will (source: 4sq) generate an additional 1billion+ check-ins/month (est: buzzd)
  4. 4. How brands and merchants are responding to checkins Contests via Scavenger Hunt Case study – Gowalla/Toms Instant win rewards distributed when users check in at eligible locations Encouraged users to check in to AT&T locations and retailers of Toms shoes Case study – SCVNGR/Eat Pray Love Challenges involve checking in at locations relevant to the storyline of the movie Created a rewarding experience around checkin in and createing content The experience intentionally ties to a movie about a journey of self discovery Strengths: Encourages users to explore / try new things Note: Images and data via Erica Swallow, Mashable Weaknesses: Value to the user is connected to random chance
  5. 5. How brands and merchants are responding to checkins Virtual goods and badges Examples: Example – Foursquare/Bravo TV personalities suggest places to check out, and what to do there. If you check in, you win a badge Example – Whrrl/Las Vegas ‘Joining a society’ is like a badge, but more like subscribing to a newsletter. Their buzz-worthy rewards in Vegas are perfect for that audience Example – Brightkite/Frappuccino Checkins during a happy hour earned you a Starbucks badge which friends could see Strengths: Great branding through social proof Weaknesses: Badges are intangible and marketing ROI is iffy
  6. 6. Our take on user/brand interaction via location services Loyalty ---------------------------- •We like loyalty because it gives a higher value •We think its more valuable to create a newly to the user than discovery loyal customer than a new customer Seamlessness ---------------------------- •Users don’t want to learn how your marketing •Its more personal when users are rewarded via works a merchant account than an LBS intermediary Public messaging ---------------------------- •Public responses to checkins are viral and •Walled networks like location based services create community require your customers to sign up for whatever LBS networks you partner with to participate Strengths: Weaknesses: High engagement, diverse audience, easy Only indirect new customer acq, noisy medium
  7. 7. Case Study: City Winery in New York, NY • Goal: Using localresponse, send personal messages to loyal customers in order to drive returning foot traffic • Target: People who have checked-in or tweeted about being at City Winery over the last month • Offers: 1) 2-for-1 tickets to selected concerts at City Winery 2) 10% off your bill
  8. 8. Case Study: City Winery in New York, NY Messages Sent CTR Redemption Rate 78 avg. 63% 13% *Two campaigns yielded CTR of over 100% thanks to retweeting
  9. 9. Case Study: City Winery in New York, NY Viral Results RT Bloggers (in response to receiving City Winery Tweet) 9/7/10 “That’s a great response. I didn’t know that I was ‘supporting’ them by recording and posting a video, but of course I was. I had endorsed both the venue and the artist, and they were repaying my endorsement with an offer, and some warm feedback. My immediate reaction was that I want to go there again, post again and become an even more ardent ‘supporter’ of the venue. That’s good marketing.”
  10. 10. Case Study: City Winery in New York, NY Entice consumers to retweet or follow Sample offers “Thanks for sharing the love. RT this to get 50% off a meal this week. Details:” “Thanks for being a loyal supporter. Follow us to get 50% off your next meal. Details:”
  11. 11. use case: Retail viral promotion Customer Retention: through customer Loyalty social graphs Check-ins to Radio Shack (from Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, Brightkite, etc) would result in a sales upon offer real-time offer from Radio Shack. redemption “Hey loyal patron, thanks for checking-in. Show this tweet at the door on black Friday for a free bluetooth headset!”. foot traffic to receive offer
  12. 12. use case: Spirits viral promotion Customer Retention: through customer Loyalty social graphs Check-ins at any Johnnie Walker Account (e.g. Village Pourhouse in NYC), from Twitter, Foursquare, sales upon offer Gowalla, Brightkite, etc, would redemption result in a real-time offer from Johnnie Walker: “Have you tried a JW with ginger? Show this to the bartender for a free sample!” foot traffic to receive offer
  13. 13. use case: CPG in-store brand Customer Acquisition: engagement In Store Check-ins at Wal-Mart return a coupon from Kellogg: sales upon offer “Thx for checking into Wal-Mart. redemption Click here for your $5 coupon for Kashi!”
  14. 14. use case: CPG customers Customer Acquisition: acquired nearby Nearby Check-ins within 500 feet of Coca- Cola’s new Freestyle vending machines elicit a response from the sales upon offer machines: redemption “You’ve entered the Coke happiness zone! Text in this code to the machine for your reward.”
  15. 15. use case: Live Events (sports, concerts) customers Customer Acquisition: acquired nearby Nearby Before & during SF Giants games, messages would be sent to consumers at nearby bars inviting to ticket sales upon purchase deeply discounted tickets: offer redemption “Hey! Why don’t you come inside the ballpark! Show this tweet to redeem your $10 ticket” foot traffic to receive offer
  16. 16. use case: QSR customers Customer Acquisition: poached from Conquesting competitors Check-ins at competitive locations (Starbucks, Peet’s, McDonald’s) would trigger a real-time offer from sales upon offer Dunkin Donuts: redemption “We know you’re waiting in line at Starbucks for an overpriced coffee. Show this msg to the Dunkin at <address> for a coffee on us!” foot traffic to receive offer
  17. 17. consumer survey results (June 2010) How often do you check your @mentions on Are you on any restaurant , bar/club or Twitter? venue email list? 23% 9% 37% Yes Instantly 1/day 38% 53% No 19% 1/week 21% Never Yes, but I don't find them valuable Do you follow any restaurant, bar/club or Have you ever received an offer or reward venue on Twitter? from a business via Twitter? 19% 38% Yes Yes 64% No No 81%
  18. 18. consumer survey results (June 2010) A local business you’ve checked-in on Twitter A local business you’ve checked-in on in the past sent you a reward by @ mentioning Twitter in the past sent you a reward by you? dm'ing you (so you already follow the venue)? 4% 13% 6% 21% 28% Awesome 22% Awesome Kinda cool Kinda cool Kinda annoying Kinda annoying Spammy 55% 51% Spammy A local business that's NEAR a place you’ve A local business that was NEAR a place checked-in recently on Twitter sent you a you’ve checked-in recently on Twitter sent reward (ie free shot when you buy a beer) by you a reward (ie free shot when you buy a @mentioning you? beer) by dm'ing you (so you already follow the bar)? 15% 19% 21% 19% Awesome Awesome 21% Kinda cool Kinda cool Kinda annoying 21% Kinda annoying 45% Spammy 39% Spammy
  19. 19. consumer survey results (June 2010) How would you rate getting the following offers from a local bar, restaurant, club or venue? Discounts on clothes from retailers Getting last-minute offers from music venues 25% off bottle service 25% off your meal Free appetizer Free tasting/flight to try new items Create your own 2 for 1 happy hour Free pitcher of beer Free drink 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% That's awesome That's ok Not sure about it That sucks