BDI 1/13/10 Social Integration Conference - PepsiCo Case Study


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Case Study: Connecting Online and Offline With Social Media

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BDI 1/13/10 Social Integration Conference - PepsiCo Case Study

  1. Harnessing The Power of Social Media @PepsiCo Josh Karpf Senior Manager Digital Media Communications On Twitter: @jkarpf 1
  2. Digital and Social Media VISION Move from Impressions To Connections BUSINESS Make sustainable connections between OBJECTIVES our brands and consumers Launch Static To Sound bites A Place PepsiCo Editorial: STRATEGIC to sound Where Wide Think Like A IMPERATIVES blasts Technology Initiatives Media Breaks Company
  3. Trust speaks volumes
  4. Era Of The Advocate • Christine’s First tweet was on Sunday afternoon. Which was followed by over 60+ through – Monday morning. It was re-tweeted by 76 people. • By Monday morning we issued a statement via Twitter apologizing and explaining why it happened. • Followed up with all 76 people personally via email who re-tweeted. 4
  5. Cautionary Tale: PepsiCo Calorie Suicide 5
  6. Must Meets 6
  7. Turning Trends into Art: PepsiCo Zeitgeist • The PepsiCo Zeitgeist monitored the pulse of SxSW by mining and aggregating SxSW Twitter conversations and presenting trends in real- time 7
  8. Digital Strategy Framework Open •Wikis • Viral Video • Blogs/Twitter Open Open • Social nets Communication Collaboration Communication Collaboration • Podcasts • Search mktg Controlled Controlled Communication Collaboration • Video contests • SEO • Widgets • Social nets Controlled