Breaking Through the Noise — Engaging Employees Today and Tomorrow - BDI 3/27 Internal Communications & Collaboration Leadership Forum


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Presentation: Breaking Through the Noise — Engaging Employees Today and Tomorrow
Presented by: Barbara Calderoni, Head of HR Communications, JPMorgan Chase
Chase Barbara Calderoni, head of HR Communications for JPMorgan Chase, will discuss the challenges of engaging a large, diverse employee base around key HR initiatives; some of the strategies her team uses today to get employees’ attention; and tools being considered for the future.

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Breaking Through the Noise — Engaging Employees Today and Tomorrow - BDI 3/27 Internal Communications & Collaboration Leadership Forum

  1. 1. Breaking Through the Noise: Engaging Employees Today and Tomorrow March 27, 2014 Barbara Calderoni Head of HR Communications JPMorgan Chase
  2. 2. The Role and Mission of HR Communications Role: To inform, educate, and engage employees in all aspects of the employee lifecycle — including benefits, pay, policies and programs, performance, development and diversity. 2 Mission: To provide timely, accurate, and relevant information to employees, managers, and HR colleagues, so that they can make informed decisions on HR matters and stay focused on their work.
  3. 3. HR Communication Challenges • Large, global organization • Diverse businesses and cultures • Line of business-specific communication channels • Population without email access and server limitations • Privacy laws (e.g., HIPPA, GINA) • Sensitivity of content 3
  4. 4. Communication channels Tactics to make these channels standout • Company intranet ‒ Company home page ‒ HR intranet site ‒ Line of Business intranet sites • Interesting headlines and abstracts • Employees able to comment on stories • “Banner ads” used to promote specific topics/actions • Broadcast emails – targeted messages to large audiences • Customized “from” field • Brief/relevant subject line • Streamlined content / use of graphics / clear call to action • Teleconferences/webcasts/events • Opportunity to hear someone live • Relevant topics delivered by experts • Replays available • Digital signage – screens with promotional messages with graphics • Interesting headlines and abstracts • Placed in common areas • Video • Employee testimonials • Print: Posters, direct mail, desk drops • Posters: Highly visual / placed near common areas • Direct mail to home: Used to engage families • Desk drops for employees without email or for “reference” type information Breaking through the noise: Today 4
  5. 5. Breaking through the noise: Today eCards 5 GamesQR Codes Quick Polls / Surveys
  6. 6. Breaking through the noise: Tomorrow 6 What we’re doing: • Launching personalized HR intranet What we’re exploring: • Increased use of mobile technology for messaging • Interactive guides (e.g., flipbooks) • Different ways to use social media Copyright 2013 JPMorgan Chase & Co. All rights reserved.