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Do Try This At Home

Presented by Brian Dillard (Pathfinder Development). This Web 2.0 Expo 2008 (San Francisco) session examines the ways in which standards bodies, browser vendors and library/plug-in authors are shaping the future of our foundational web technologies - and how individual developers can participate in that process.

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Do Try This At Home

  1. Do Try This at Home Ajax Bookmarking, Cross-site Scripting and Other Web 2.0 Browser Hacks Brian Dillard, Ajax R, Pathfinder Development 1
  2. About this talk 1. Not too much code 2. The high-level stuff 3. The practical stuff 4. The uplifting finale 2
  3. Where we are It’s a really exciting time to be a web developer. Cool stuff is coming out every single day. 3
  4. Where we are ... but it’s hard to get too excited about technologies that aren’t yet ready for prime time. How best to participate? 4
  5. Where we are Walled gardens vs. ecosystems 5