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BDigital Apps 2011 - Workshop: Android

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Fast Dove Product

  1. 1. Mobile messaging analytics platform
  2. 2. ProblemCustomers pain “Messaging is fragmented; sms, multiple platforms for push notifications. Its too hard to understand the impact of the engagement.”Fastdove Eoin Gallagher
  3. 3. SolutionfastDove value proposition An instant unified platform for all mobile messaging. Analytics for the deepest customer insights and engagement.Fastdove Eoin Gallagher
  4. 4. SituationSMS & Push notifications Today an SMS text message can reach 5.2 billion mobile phone accounts, and thus has a reach of 75% of the planets population. *source: Almanac 2011: The Mobile Telecoms Industry Annual Review for 2011, by Tomi Ahonen Apple alone has processed more than 100 Billion push notifications to it’s iOS ecosystem as of June 6th 2011. *source: Apple WWDC Keynote June 6th 2011Fastdove Eoin Gallagher
  5. 5. SituationMobile Advertising & Push Notifications 22% SmartPhone Shoppers Purchase Via Apps 68% of Smartphone Users used an App within Past Week *source: Google Report: The Mobile Movement, April 2011 Smartphones Critical to Mobile Advertising: Responded to SMS ad - 8% SmartPhone vs 4% feature phone. Used App - 85% SmartPhone vs 16% feature phone *source: ComScore Webinar The State of the U.S. Mobile Advertising Industry, June 2011 Groupon and LivingSocial doubled users engagement, i.e. viewed the deal, searched for deals or purchased offers after seeing a push notification.Fastdove Eoin Gallagher
  6. 6. SituationSmartphones & Push Notifications 200M iOS devices sold as of June 6 2011. 130M Android devices sold as of July 14 2011. 550000 Android daily activations. *source: Apple WWDC June 2011, Google Q2 Earning call 2011 35% YoY Global Mobile 3G subscriber growth to 726MM. 14% Smartphone penetration globally, USA 47%, Spain 48%, France 33%, Korea 79% *source: KPCB Top 10 Mobile Internet Trends, February 2011 250k Android Apps available 6B Android Apps downloaded 500k iOS Apps available 15B iOS Apps downloaded *source: Apple WWDC June 2011, Google Q2 Earning call 2011Fastdove Eoin Gallagher
  7. 7. Message BuilderCompose Message -Web based editor -Non-technical skills to use -Instant preview on different devices and platforms -Message TemplatesFastdove Elies Campo
  8. 8. Message BuilderCompose Message FeaturesText + Media Forms Coupons Easily create coupons.Add images, video, sound or Ask simple questions. Get live Generate random codes ortext to your message. Upload stats as clients answer. upload them. Set expirationor connect with social. conditions.Conversations Validation App Routing Validate certain actions,Send and start conversations Route users to specific areas before displaying content.with particular clients or of applications from received Validate sharing, location,group of clients. messages. time and near future: NFCFastdove Elies Campo
  9. 9. Message BuilderSegmentation -Easly select recipients of campaigns. -Save groups of recipients for future campaigns. -Dynamic groupingFastdove Elies Campo
  10. 10. Message BuilderSegmentation FeaturesDefault Sets Upload Sets LocationSegment campaigns based on Segment via location. Currentbasic attributes like sex, age, Upload your own data sets of location past or phone number, users based on data from your Geofencing: message stayscommunication channel or own organization. within area and is triggeredmobile platform. when user is within.Previous CampaignsSegment campaigns based oninformation from previouscampaigns. Improve andevolve campaigns based onresults. Elies Campo
  11. 11. Message BuilderSend Campaigns -Send Messages -Forget about technology or mobile platform. -fastDove formats messages for destination platform -Schedule Campaigns (time or location) -Message Expiration and automatic delete.Fastdove Elies Campo
  12. 12. Message BuilderSend CampaignsText SMS Text SMS + Url Push Notifications Text based messaging usingText messages with limited Text message with limited user’s data connection. Samecharacters. Provides limited characters. Embedded URL experience as SMS at ainformation about message can provide almost same fraction of the cost. Opensstatus. experience that native App. AppPush + InboxText based messaging thattriggers your App and displaysrich content.Fastdove Elies Campo
  13. 13. Message BuilderAnalytics -Real time reports of Campaign success -Engagement reports -Edit live campaigns with inmediate effect. -Location reports -Export report data.Fastdove Elies Campo
  14. 14. Message BuilderAnalytics FeaturesMessage Status Engagement LocationAdd images, video, sound or Add images, video, sound or Location based analytics.text to your message.Upload text to your message.Upload Location triggered results.or connect with social. or connect with social.Validation Sharing & InfluenceVerify how many recipients Track social sharing. Detectexecuted a specific action like and target influentialsharing content or coupon recipients.validation.Fastdove Elies Campo
  15. 15. fastDoveMobile SDK Enhance and empower your current App with fastDove’s messaging libraries for multiple mobile platforms. Easy to implement and well documented.Fastdove Elies Campo
  16. 16. fastDoveWhitebrand Application Wizard No budget or skills for native mobile app? Easily create a simple native app with custom look and feel. Ready for multiple platforms.Fastdove Elies Campo
  17. 17. fastDoveApi Web Base EditorNon Technical SkillsInstant Preview for Different PlatformsUsefull TemplatesDiferent Use ModulesFastdove Elies Campo
  18. 18. fastDoveMobile Notification Platform OverviewFastdove Elies Campo
  19. 19. fastDoveSMS and Mobile Web Platform OverviewFastdove Elies Campo
  20. 20. fastDoveMobile Web ApplicationsWhen recipient doesn´t have a native App installed an SMS will be sent with a unique Url.When visited, URL will display the message in the mobile browser.Campaign Builder Mobile Web Version Unique URL + Content Unique Reports Before sending the fastDove sends the message, fastDove message with a unique Because the URL andMessages are designed creates and formats the URL to each recipient. message is unique,and composed using the message so it can be interaction withfastDove Campaign URL can deliver message correctly displayed in message can bebuilder. or trigger a native app diferent mobile individually reported. platform browsers download.Fastdove Elies Campo
  21. 21. fastDoveSharing Messages in Mobile ApplicationsBy enabling sharing options in campaigns, value and reach are increased.Campaign Builder Sharing Enabled Network effect Analytics When enabled, a sharing URL are shared andSharing options are tab appears in the published in the Clicks and views areenabled while designing message. A unique URL recipient’s social reported in analytics.and composing the is created per each network. Friends and Influencial recipientsmessages. recipient and social followers can click and can be detected and network. view the content.Fastdove Elies Campo
  22. 22. ProductRoadmap: Q1’ Release Europe and US November 2011 March 2012 Q2 2012 API for Elogia Push for iOS & android Launch beta Reporting & analytics Message builder Official launch Social features Time: 2011 - 2012Fastdove Eoin Gallagher