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BDigital Apps 2011 - MKT & MOBILE COMMERCE

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Fernando Kanacri - Nokia

  1. 1. Marketing & Mobile Commerce
  2. 2. Mr. Fernando Kanacri | Marketing Manager Nokia
  3. 3. NFC Technology for PartnersFernando KanacriService Marketing ManagerNokia Iberia@f_kanacri3 © 2011 Nokia NFC Technology for Partners 1.0
  4. 4. What is Near Field Communication? Wireless connectivity technology that enables simple and secure communication between compatible devices Works in the 13.56 MHz range and transmits data up to 424Kbits/sec Operates over a distance of just a few centimetres, typically 0-4 cm Simplifies local communication into an easy and intuitive gesture Typical applications are in contactless transactions, social and local interactions4 © 2011 Nokia NFC Technology for Partners 1.0
  5. 5. Extensive experience in NFC globally • First to bring commercial NFC devices to market • More than 80 trials and pilots globally (AT&T, O2, Citibank, Maxis, Visa, MasterCard) • First to deploy commercial services (Austria, Malaysia, India) 2005 2007 2008 2011 Nokia 6131 Nokia 6212 Nokia C7 / Astound / Oro, 600, 700, 701 (Symbian)Nokia 5140i Nokia 3220 NFC classic Nokia N9 (MeeGo) 5 © 2011 Nokia Nokia NFC Development
  6. 6. Compelling NFC Consumer Offering Open NFC Third party apps Discover and access Games, social media apps services and other apps, pre-installed Share media among friends or available for download Connect easily to accessories Nokia gear Developer APIs Several compatible SDK with NFC APIs available fashionable accessories to developers for building available apps6 © 2011 Nokia NFC Technology for Partners 1.0
  7. 7. Portfolio of NFC devices Symbian Anna Symbian Belle (Q3/Q4) MeeGo Open NFC Open NFC Open NFC Content Sharing Simplified UI flows Content Sharing Easy Pairing Implicit sharing Easy Pairing Tag Reading Performance improvements Tag Reading* Nokia Nokia Nokia Nokia Nokia C7 Nokia 600 700 701 XXX Nokia N9 Oro * - SW upgrade needed P7 P7 Confidential7 © 2011 Nokia NFC Technology for Partners 1.0 Note! Designs, graphics and plans are subject to change
  8. 8. What can NFC do for your App? Add value (NFC enhanced apps) vs. Create new value (NFC centric apps)8 © 2011 Nokia NFC Technology for Partners 1.0
  9. 9. Put tag into your Treasure hunt game merchandise to unlock with tags spread bonus content in your around the city game Museum or tourist guide: touch tags to get more info* Social networking app: touch friend’s phone to Augment an interactive connect multimedia installation with touch NFC App Ideas Concert app: provide Farm game: touch video and music friend’s phone to samples of the band Virtual message board: exchange virtual sheep when touching a poster people post short texts or money at specific, real-world places Multiplayer board game: touch friend’s phone to switch turns9 © 2011 Nokia Nokia NFC Development /
  10. 10. Key NFC Experiences Service Initiation Sharing Transfer content Start a service between any two or an application NFC devices Reader/writer mode Peer to peer mode Pairing Secure NFC Connect easily Mobile device with other NFC is a credit card devices and travel card Reader mode Card emulation mode10 © 2011 Nokia NFC Technology for Partners 1.0
  11. 11. NFC Enhanced App – Angry Birds Magic Comes with 20 levels • First 5 levels available for play • Remaining 15 levels are locked Unlock 5 levels at a time with NFC interaction • Touch your C7 with another C7 or certain NFC tags More info: http://conversations.nokia.com/2011/04/19/angry-birds-magic-hatches-at-wima/11 © 2011 Nokia NFC Technology for Partners 1.0
  12. 12. Secure NFC• Card emulation – Phone acts as a contactless credit/debit card – Phone acts as a contactless travel card (in public transport) – Continue using existing contactless infrastructure• Credentials and other secure information is stored and provisioned securely (to Secure Element)• Secure Element can be on Device, SIM card, SD card• Use Cases – Mobile payment – Ticketing Not supported in Symbian Anna/Belle 12 © 2011 Nokia NFC Technology for Partners 1.0
  13. 13. NFC Development13 © 2011 Nokia NFC Technology for Partners 1.0
  14. 14. NFC Development Alternatives Java ME Qt Mobility Symbian Native Works on Series 40 and Cross-platform API. Low level control over Symbian devices. devices’ NFC support. Limited use of Best flexibility and More complex, platform smartphone features. ease of app knowledge required. development.14 © 2011 Nokia NFC Technology for Partners 1.0
  15. 15. NFC Developer OfferingTools Developer HW ChannelQt DevelopmentQt SDK 1.1.3 NFC Device KIT *Qt Mobility 1.2 Nokia – C7 with Symbian Anna – Sample NFC Tags StoreSymbianDevelopmentSymbian^3 SDK 1.0NFC plugin * available to Nokia Developer Launchpad / PRO membersJava MEdevelopment www.developer.nokia.com/NFCNokia 6212 Classic NFCSDK or Symbian^3 SDK1.0 + NFC plugin15 © 2011 Nokia Nokia NFC Development
  16. 16. Thank You.Want to learn more?http://developer.nokia.com/NFC16 © 2011 Nokia NFC Technology for Partners 1.0