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Billys Lemonade


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Slide show showing the importance of a brand regardless of the size of the company.

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Billys Lemonade

  1. 1. Prepared by Understanding Branding And How to Make the Most of Yours
  2. 2. Although you may think this is a brand, it is only a logo. A brand is the experience received when engaging a product or service. Prepared by
  3. 3. Prepared by In order to demonstrate how vital branding can be to every company regardless of size or industry, let me introduce you to…
  4. 4. Prepared by
  5. 5. Prepared by As you will see, Billy is quite a bright and ambitious young man, has a lot of friends, and has taken advantage of many opportunities that have come his way. Quite a feat for someone who is only 8. Billy will demonstrate how he is able to carve out a niche that will be profitable and defend his unique position within the market and defend his brand against all competitors.
  6. 6. Prepared by The following slides are a breakdown of how Billy has leveraged the Billy’s Lemonade brand in many channels, communicated to his target audience and marketed the unique properties of his product and its brand experience. Billy especially took advantage of social media and made it a significant part of the Bill’s Lemonade website. This channel presented a great way for Billy to interact with his target market, provide information that was valuable and receive important feedback regarding his product and services.
  7. 7. Prepared by When Billy started, he wanted to make sure that his lemonade stood out from the rest. He knew that there would be plenty of competition and that if his product was unique he would be able to create a market segment that would be his alone. After asking his friends and their parents what was most important to them he found that there was a desire to have lemonade that was healthy while still being tasty. The result was to create…
  8. 8. Prepared by Billy started by first making sure his staff understood the brand and what makes it different. Staffing is the first point of contact with many customers and most times neglected. As you can see here, Billy has made sure that every staff member is trained to present the Billy’s Lemonade brand in its best light. Billy - CEO Mia & Eve - Sales Staff
  9. 9. Prepared by Once the staff was ready, it was time to make sure that the Billy’s Lemonade brand was predominately displayed throughout the buying experience. Everything from pitchers to glasses communicated the Billy’s brand and its messaging. Packaging
  10. 10. Prepared by With his brand in place and staff ready, Billy was now ready to open for business. By strategically placing his locations, Billy was able to attract his target audience to the Billy’s Lemonade brand at places where people were likely to frequent. Retail Location
  11. 11. Prepared by Now that the Billy’s Lemonade brand was established, it was time to market the brand, its experience and product. In order to reach the target market Billy developed a strategy that engrained the Billy’s Lemonade brand into the community as well as community members. By capitalizing on a mix of social media, grass roots marketing, marketing sponsorships, and traditional channels, the Billy’s Lemonade brand was now immersed into the market resulting in efficient sustainable brand building while creating immediate sales during targeted periods. The following examples are what Billy used to complete his strategy.
  12. 12. Prepared by website
  13. 13. Prepared by Facebook page
  14. 14. Prepared by Email marketing
  15. 15. Prepared by Sponsored events and grass roots marketing providing YouTube opportunities
  16. 16. Prepared by Transportation & delivery
  17. 17. Prepared by Field Marketing
  18. 18. Prepared by Bristlewood Little League, Greenville Humane Society and Main Street Cub Scout program ads
  19. 19. Prepared by Location pole poster
  20. 20. Prepared by As you can see branding is far more than creating a logo. However, it a can be the single most important asset that a company possesses. In fact, the intellectual property of a brand is limitless in value. Brands can provide the backbone for creating successful and sustainable companies as well as defending the model in which a business plan is structured. The building of a brand is possible regardless of the company size and shouldn’t be diminished. Even Billy age 7, and his staff of 4 and 6 year olds understood its value in developing their business.