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Never Launch without Training


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WordPress sites are meant for editing, show your site owners how to take control of their sites

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Never Launch without Training

  1. 1. NEVER LAUNCH WITHOUT TRAINING Site owners deserve it @beckyddesign
  2. 2. WHY DO WE USE WORDPRESS?  Lots of reasons  Easy entrance to Front End Development  Lots of flexibility  Great community support Because it’s EDITABLE @beckyddesign
  3. 3. WHAT USUALLY HAPPENS…  You design/develop a site  Finally get the content and then add it  At launch, maybe there’s a nice training session @beckyddesign
  4. 4. 6 WEEKS/MONTHS LATER… @beckyddesign Wait, how do I do this??
  5. 5. CONFESSION @beckyddesign I hate putting in content.
  6. 6. BUILD TRAINING INTO THE PROJECT  Develop theme  Setup site  Let Client add most of the content = Win-Win  They have the power to use their site  You don’t have to put in all the content  Present it as cost saving! @beckyddesign
  7. 7. BUT WORDPRESS SITES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE EASY! THINGS YOU CAN DO IN DEVELOPMENT  DO  Create templates for different layouts  Create CPT for special types of repeatable content  Make special styles available in the editor  Use custom fields. Content for that page should be on that page.  DON’T  Assume that they will know where things are  Use Widgets for page content, reserve them for universal things like Sidebar, Header and Footer @beckyddesign
  8. 8. CONTENT ADDITION = TRAINING  Get the client involved DURING development  Add enough content to make sure things are working and then - Let them do the rest  Added bonus: this forces the client to actually think about their content @beckyddesign
  9. 9. I HEAR YOU  Yes, they will struggle with layouts, images, links – Teach them how  Yes, this can slow down dev  BUT, clients who want to edit and actually have to DO it, become comfortable with their sites. @beckyddesign =
  10. 10. OK, HOW?  Documentation  1 way to go, but nobody reads  Hands On – People learn by DOING Screen share and let them hit the button. @beckyddesign  Documentation  1 way to go, but nobody reads  Hands On – People learn by DOING Screen share and let them hit the button.
  11. 11. BUT THE TIME, AGGRAVATION, ETC.  Easier that you think!  Even my Mom can screen share!  Factor it into the job.  Most people do fine with 1-3 hour long sessions.  DON’T close the door, always answer questions.  This is what makes you awesome to your clients! @beckyddesign
  12. 12. THANK YOU! Questions? See you at the Chicago WordPress meetup! @beckyddesign