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Freelance WordPress lessons learned


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Freelance WordPress lessons learned

  1. 1. FREELANCE WORDPRESS LESSONSLEARNEDOr things I’ve learned about making a living withWordPress for fun and profitWordCamp Chicago 2012 Becky Davis
  2. 2. ABOUT BECKY Designer/Dev from Chicago 1st WordPress site in 2009 1st WordCamp – Chicago 2010 1st WordCamp site design – Chicago 2011 Number of WordPress custom themes built – 25+ Solopreneur (for now), making a decent living Mom – both kids in college
  3. 3. LESSON 1 – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE KARMA Collaboration not Competition Pay it back  Thank plugin developers  Teach  Meetups Rely on Friends  Share resources  Share ideas  Bounce ideas and problems It’s all about the community.
  4. 4. LESSON 2 – MAKE THE COMMITMENT You will never be a FT freelancer if you don’t do it FT Have faith Accept the risk Network, network, network  Try everything at least for a while  Meetups  Chamber of Commerce  Local organizations Charge more as you build skills and confidence
  5. 5. LESSON 3 – NEVER STOP LEARNING Stop saying “No” to clients Challenge yourself and figure it out Ask questions – this is what the WordPress community is all about Have tutorials ready for when you’re not busy Be open to new ideas Read Google is our friend
  6. 6. LESSON 4 - MANAGE EXPECTATIONS Much easier said than done Don’t assume what they understand Educating the client is part of the process Designers need special education  How to give you files  The dynamic nature of a WordPress site  Balance between user editing and designer ideal Don’t ask, Don’t tell is not a good policy!
  7. 7. LESSON 5 – DO MAKE IT EASY Consider the end user in all decisions Add drop down styles in the editing area Make TRAINING a standard part of your bid and process
  8. 8. LESSON 6 – GET PAID If you don’t track your time, how will you ever know how to charge?  Track out of scope changes Use contracts whenever possible Don’t launch without final payment Pay yourself the same every week  Set aside taxes first  Get off the roller-coasterThe only way you’ll make money is by knowing whatyour time is worth.
  9. 9. LESSON 7 – LEARN HOW TO BREATHE Step away from the screen and get out of the house Disconnect regularly Remember it’s all about the Karma
  10. 10. CONTACT INFO @beckyddesign Slides on MEETUPS IN CHICAGO!  City – North side WordPress-Meetup/  North suburbs (Lake Co) -  West suburbs (McHenry Co) -