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Would you buy an open source company?


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Slides of my "would you buy an open source company" talk at Transfer Summit 2011,

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Would you buy an open source company?

  1. 1. Would you buy Based on the Day Software story, asan open-source perceived from my open source developer point of view. Just a fireside chat, mycompany? personal opinions. No official positions from Adobe in this talk. Bertrand DelacrétazSenior Developer, Adobe Digital Enterprise Systems, So ware Foundation Member and (current) Directorh p:// - twi er: @bdelacretaz -, Oxford, September 2011slides revision: 2011-09-05Would you Buyan Open Source 1Company?
  2. 2. does open source software have any value?Would you Buyan Open SourceCompany?
  3. 3. How much? $0.0 $7’625’474 $0.0 $4’348’937 $0.0 $2’544’831Would you Buyan Open Source 3Company?
  4. 4. Stock market? DAYN? Not the Absolute Truth of course, but still... powered byWould you Buyan Open SourceCompany?
  5. 5. what’s open source software’s role?Would you Buyan Open SourceCompany?
  6. 6. Day was not really an «open source company», it was a so ware company which develops its technical stack in the open, collaboratively.Would you Buyan Open Source 6Company?
  7. 7. HTTP debugger filesystem browser content administration UI standard custom servlets WebDAV Sling OSGi servlets and components server console javascript JSP resource servlet/script JSR 223 Ruby resolution resolution scripting Velocity etc.. OSGi framework (Apache Felix) JSR-170 API JCRopen source repository storage componentsat its core
  8. 8. criticality of our open source core parts 50% 25% 15%Would you Buy 90%an Open SourceCompany? (based on the scienti c « nger in the air» method)
  9. 9. So, anyone can copy this! NOT!Would you Buyan Open Source 9Company?
  10. 10. the company does have some know-howWould you Buyan Open SourceCompany?
  11. 11. Day’s R&D team(highlights)Roy T. Fielding and David Nuescheler, “Mr. REST” and “Mr. JCR” Carsten Ziegeler, Felix Meschberger, Jukka Zitting VPs, Apache Excalibur, Sling and Jackrabbit (among other fun things) Thomas Müller original author Hypersonic SQL and H2 databasesWould you Buyan Open Source and quite a few other people 11Company? of this caliber...
  12. 12. picture: fedegrafo on morguefile we’re not bad, but still, more eyeballs from more places help a lot! «crowdsourcing neurons»Would you Buyan Open SourceCompany?
  13. 13. BTW: being spec lead for JCR also helps JSR-170 JSR-283 Content Repository for JavaTM technology API v2.0 Spec-Lead: Day Software Status: Final Release 14-sept-2009 Expert Group: open sourceWould you Buyan Open Source open development 13Company? open standards
  14. 14. open source is cool, but opendevelopment?Would you Buyan Open SourceCompany?
  15. 15. meritocracy consensus quality and security community over code «The Apache Way»open developmentcollaboration
  16. 16. picture: kevinrosseel on morguefilemore eyeballsmore use casesmore users of all kindsmore opinionated developers impact on quality: very high!
  17. 17. picture: hotblack on morguefilereuse requires cleaner structuresmore use cases -> generalization impact on structure: very high!
  18. 18. good things picture: clarita on morguefile (and mistakes) in public...impact on reputation: high!
  19. 19. impact on picture: bandini on morguefilesustainability:high! Apache community best practices...
  20. 20. FOR SALE: This company makes good money selling well-structured and sustainable quality software. Team and company have an excellent reputation in their industry. picture: xandert on morguefile Call 1234-567-89.Would you Buyan Open Source 20Company?
  21. 21. ConclusionsOpen source bits are free, but makingthem open source promotes Quality.A team that integrates them to form acoherent product can have tremendousvalue.Besides open source, open development,and the collaboration best practices that itpromotes, plays a key role.Would you Buyan Open SourceCompany?
  22. 22. This slide deck is licensed under theCreative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3 license. Copyright (C) 2011, Bertrand Delacretaz