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Sling demo - JCR Meetup 2008


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My (very quickly put together) Sling demo at

Published in: Business, Technology
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Sling demo - JCR Meetup 2008

  1. 1. sling in 18 minutes jcr meetup amsterdam bertrand delacrétaz,
  2. 2. what?
  3. 3. what? JCR repository for content storage Scriptable applications, “all” java scripting languages Demo-proof - simple things are simple Integrated OSGi framework (Apache Felix) and console - complex things are possible RESTful http interface, simple name conventions for POST parameters JCR-based Web applications development framework
  4. 4. simple RESTful content creation
  5. 5. the webloader sample naked
  6. 6. Webloader: WebDAV mount http://localhost:8888/ load documents from a Google query into the JCR repository
  7. 7. Webloader service bundle (java code)