Open Development in the Enterprise - ApacheCon NA 2013


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Slides of my "Open Development in the Enterprise" talk at ApacheCon NA 2013 - the video is at

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Open Development in the Enterprise - ApacheCon NA 2013

  1. Open V7 .42Open DevelopmentDevelopmentin the Enterprisein theOpen Source wisdom inside your company Applying enterpriseBertrand DelacrétazSenior Developer, Adobe CQ5/AEM R&D team, Basel, SwitzerlandApache Software Foundation Member and (current) Director - twitter: @bdelacretaz - bdelacretaz@apache.orgslides revision: 2013-02-14 speaking for myself, based on my experience at Day and Adobe
  2. Open Development? Inside my company? Who needs secrets? Who cares if your code is not yet perfect?Open Developmentin the Enterprise picture: wax115 on
  3. Corporate teams are too often isolated in their own watertight boxes...Open Developmentin the Enterprise picture: krosseel on
  4. Getting a common flow of information makes all the differenceOpen Developmentin the Enterprise picture: taysm on
  5. Our setup A central issue tracker for everything: features, bugs, Features, test setups, server design, tasks, bugs, etc... upgrades, ... A single open code Events repository, discoverable. Strong links,Activity stream permanent URLs Activity streams provide real-time info. Single Open Code Events Repository Subscriptions Some email Some «vision» Shared knowledge base mostly on mailing lists meetings mostly throwaway as opposed to information exchangeOpen Developmentin the Enterprise
  6. Shared vision The goals Real-time status updates Broadcast help requests Searchable archivesOpen Developmentin the Enterprise pictures from
  7. Shared vision? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Code repository Move from 1-to-1 email to a central hub (mailing list, tracker, code repository) Any important info has a permanent URL (wiki, tracker, etc.)Open Developmentin the Enterprise
  8. hub-and-spoke modelAvoid 1-1 for project communicationsAll discussions/decisions on list + trackerShared source code, read-writeOpen Developmentin the Enterprise picture: by roganjosh
  9. Speak in URLs!in issues, email, blogs etc. http://mytracker/YOG-1234 As opposed to “that memory problem that we found in the blastolyzer module last week”. Common abbreviated forms like YOG-1234 work as well. http://myarchive/mail/2009-03-14-1234567.html Points to a precise message as opposed to “what Bob said last week about the blastolyzer”. Revision 123456 Points to a commit that changes one thing. (and one thing only, right? No “big bangs”)Open Developmentin the Enterprise
  10. Real-time updates Events generated by the tracker, code repository and mailing lists all contribute to the project’s activity Code repository stream. Combined with tracker and code repository queries, this provides real- time project status information. Status meetings? No thanks.Open Developmentin the Enterprise
  11. Broadcast help requests Create an issue in the tracker instead of just asking Bob to fix it. Traceable. Shareable. Bob makes up its own schedule based on tracker queries. Contributes to the real-time status updates.Open Developmentin the Enterprise
  12. Self-service archives Putting the tracker, code repository and mailing lists Issues at the center creates a live knowledge base of project Commit information. messages Discussions project knowledge base search Invaluable help for new project members getting up to speed.Open Developmentin the Enterprise pictures from
  13. Project success! Shared vision Benefits? Less meetings! Real-time status updates Efficient planning! Knowledge base!Broadcast help requests Searchable archives
  14. and also... Better software structures. More sustainable Higher software software and processes. quality. Improve your communications skills. Learn to make mistakes in public. Show where you can add value. Reputation and mutual trust. Better quality and more fun... photo credits: others from clarita, bandini, kevinrosseel, hotblack on
  15. The Five Wisdoms jus if y t o ou ne reof open development thin me g... mb .(w erIf it didnt happen on the dev list, ell, fiveit didnt happen. ) Whatever youre working on, it must be backed by an issue in the tracker. If its not in the source code control system, it doesnt exist. If its important, it needs a permanent URL. What happened while you were away?Open Development Check the activity stream and the Enterprise
  16. That’s us Work like an open-source project. Features, design, tasks, Everybody has a voice. bugs, etc... Information is shared, all Events the time. Strong links,Activity stream permanent URLs People learn from each other. Single Open Events Code Repository Meetings are for vision and software design, basic info Subscriptions flows continuously. Shared knowledge baseOpen Developmentin the Enterprise
  17. Coda job BTW s-b ...w ase e a l@a re h do irinThis works for the Apache Software Foundation. be g! .co mThis works for the Adobe CQ5 team, ex Day Software.Why not you?Start with small steps...Reading list: )Open Development Bertrand Delacretaz grep.codeconsult.chin the Enterprise @bdelacretaz