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Life in Open Source Communities, ApacheCon US 2009


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Slides of my "Life in Open Source Communities" talk at ApacheCon US 2009, see also

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Life in Open Source Communities, ApacheCon US 2009

  1. 1. BETA Life in Open Source Communities Bertrand Delacrétaz Senior Developer, R&D, Day Software, Apache Software Foundation Member - twitter: @bdelacretaz - ApacheCon US 2009, Oakland, CA slides revision: 2009-10-30 Life in Open Source 1 Communities Bertrand Delacrétaz
  2. 2. Basel, Switzerland headquarters (~80 people, ~150 worldwide) Munich “Day allows us to quickly London and reliably deliver content to our entire McFamily, content-centric helping us to be flexible and drive new opportunities.” products Newport Beach, CA Steve Wilson, Senior Director of Web Toronto Communications, McDonald’s (everything is content) Swiss open source award / business / 2008 note the 3-letter domain name: we’ve been doing this for a while... Strong ties to the Apache Software Foundation 2001 Roy T. Fielding and David Nuescheler, Survived tough times (SWX:DAYN) “Mr. REST” and “Mr. JCR”
  3. 3. links etc. at
  4. 4. is there life in open source communities?
  5. 5. are our communities intimidating?
  6. 6. can we establish a relationship?
  7. 7. the way we work is not always obvious
  8. 8. you don’t know much about us
  9. 9. we don’t know much about you
  10. 10. we need to get to know each other
  11. 11. let’s make a good first impression Life in Open Source Communities
  12. 12. learn to read before you write
  13. 13. learn the local community dialect
  14. 14. know who you’re talking to
  15. 15. find out more about us
  16. 16. now you’re ready to write
  17. 17. once you write keep it simple
  18. 18. yes we do warm welcomes
  19. 19. email is hard
  20. 20. reformulate until 100% clear
  21. 21. mistakes do not kill photo by xenia on
  22. 22. RESPECT
  23. 23. I’m soft Tough guy I love TALKING know-it-all Exkûz maï anglissh community characters I’m done
  24. 24. community success drivers Life in Open Source Communities
  25. 25. shared vision
  26. 26. real-time status updates
  27. 27. real-time help requests
  28. 28. self-service archives
  29. 29. community success drivers
  30. 30. code quality as an example of shared vision Life in Open Source Communities
  31. 31. readability conformance modernity modularity elegance conciseness transparency correctness performance documentation features brackets code quality?
  32. 32. which one is your quality gate?
  33. 33. we need to get to know each other
  34. 34. coda: story of a community apache cocoon Life in Open Source Communities
  35. 35. software as a means, not an end
  36. 36. getting together photos: Vadim Gritsenko, Zaphgod, JAsha J, Jeroen Reijn on Flickr makes the difference
  37. 37. business keeps people together
  38. 38. a small step for software a giant leap for the community
  39. 39. in the end it’s all about... getting to know each other making and respect! sense of the crowd getting good at email Life in Open Source Communities
  40. 40. This slide deck is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3 license. Copyright (C) 2009, Bertrand Delacretaz Except where noted, photographs come from the public image archive, used according to the morguefile license. Many thanks to users gracey, click, jusben, taliesin, wallyir, peekaysee, jpkwitter, missyredboots, phaewilk, Chatterbox911, earl53, mzacha, clarita, pedrojperez, mantasmagorical, faustfoundation, manifeststefany, Alvimann, oldgreyseawolf,jdurham,xenia, jade, jeltovski, auntlaya for their wonderful pictures.