Amdatu - ApacheCon NA 2011


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Introduction to the Amdatu project presented at ApacheCon NA 2011 in Vancouver

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Amdatu - ApacheCon NA 2011

  1. 1.  Who we are Amdatu  Platform  Projects Demo Q&A
  2. 2.  Bram de Kruijff  GX Software  Lead Architect R&D  Java / OSGi / Web  Amdatu Platform PMC Marcel Offermans  Fellow at Luminis Technologies  Java /OSGi / Embedded  Member at Apache  PMC: Felix, Incubator, PPMC: ACE, Celix  Amdatu Platform PMC
  3. 3. Amdatu is an open source application platform for open service oriented and cloud aware application composition source: http://www.saasblogs.comInfrastructure – functions– components – composites - applications
  4. 4. Scalable multi-tenant web services and turnkey end- use applicationsApplication model and custom Reusable software and cloud software components Proprietary cloud environments and services
  5. 5. Applications are assembled from reusable software components and frameworks on top of the OSGi™ based core platform Applications Application Frameworks Foundation components Core platform
  6. 6. Amdatu Platform Applications App Fws Foundation services Java™ based / Leverages OSGi™ development model Core Dynamic application provisioning and management Service Fabric, clustering and IaaS management Cloud aware Web/REST WOA application model SDK / tooling
  7. 7. Amdatu provides a fully integrated continuous software lifecycle based on dynamic provisioning Declarative configuration  Metatype / custom Runtime provisioning Configuration  Apache ACE  OSGi™ DeploymentAdmin Management Provisioning Standard tools  Maven / Ant Development  BNDTools / OBR Monitoring Composition
  8. 8. A deployment is a dynamic topology of cloud computeresources running Management Agents (AMA) managed bya Management Server (AMS) Management / Provisioning AMS (management servers) Logging / Reporting AMA AMA (management agents) (management agents) Infrastructure Mngmnt Node Node lifecycle lifecycle Cloud Infrastructure (compute nodes)
  9. 9. The Amdatu service based multi-tenant application model allows any application to transparently operate multi- tenant GET / HTTP/1.1 Host: Fully transparent Tenant: john Tenant: frank  No code pollution Webfront Webfront  Third party code Service Service Configuration based Recommender Recommender  Add/remove tenants at runtime Service Service  Service configuration per tenant Storage Storage Web framework support Service Service  Default hostname based resolver  Pluggable
  10. 10. The Amdatu service fabric provides a highly scalable communication layer supporting component level scale-out Management Storage Storage API API/IMPL  Dynamic configuration  Logical clusters Service API Service API Pub/Sub messaging OSGi Remote service Service Fabric  Transparent service invocation
  11. 11. RESTful service design and application decomposition are the basis for a WOA style application scale-out architecture GET / HTTP/1.1 Layered systems Host:  Dynamically scalable HTTP/REST Configuration Webfront  Managed endpoints Recommender Support for HTTP/REST Servlets/Filters HTTP/REST  Products  JAX-RS Storage  Static resources HTTP/REST  JSP
  12. 12. Amdatu Projects Applications App Fws Application frameworks, reusable Foundation services components and foundation Core services Multi-tenant RESTful webservices and subsystems and applications
  13. 13. Amdatu Management server IaaS management Configuration management Tenant Management Powered by Apache ACE
  14. 14. Collection of authentication and authorization services OAuth 1.0 server and client Working on OpenID client and server Authentication and authorization services, based on OSGi UserAdmin Gadget UI (login and user management)
  15. 15. Apache Cassandra based NoSQL storage Multi-tenant (one keyspace per tenant) Dynamic Keyspace and ColumnFamily registration through service (whiteboard) Thrift / Hector based Persistence Managers Storage implementations (i.e. OAuth consumers, Gadget registry, UserAdmin)
  16. 16. Apache Shindig based OpenSocial server Multi-tenant social services Gadget container Gadget registry Dashboard
  17. 17. Collection of semantic tools Sesame RDF store RDF2Go API SPARQL endpoint Type-safe SPARQL ORM Java API
  18. 18. Blob storage based on jclouds Configurable Service Factory BlobStoreService per configuration (e.g. both S3 and Azure) Exposes configured jclouds API
  19. 19. Demo
  20. 20.  Amdatu Platform  Dynamic scaling and topology management  Advance cloud and IaaS integration  Improvements, improvements, … Amdatu Projects  Amdatu Search Appliance  Amdatu Management Server  Amdatu Cloud Storage  Amdatu Device Deployment  Amdatu Profile Service
  21. 21. Amdatu is a community effort! Learn more at our website and mailing lists.