SaveUp (Abridged Web Presentation)


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Abridged presentation of SaveUp, a UX design project featured on

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SaveUp (Abridged Web Presentation)

  1. 1. Design by Ben Dedrick and Michael Iseri January 22, 2014
  2. 2. about the site SaveUp is a website and mobile application for users who want a fun, easy, and rewarding way to meet their financial goals. It interfaces with nearly all banks, credit unions, retirement funds, and other financial services to monitor users’ spending and saving habits, and rewards them for making smart financial decisions. Unlike Mint or other finance tracking services, SaveUp encourages users to overcome their debt or save for the future by offering high-value prize drawings to users who make consistent steps toward their goals. about the project SaveUp is a startup based in San Francisco, CA. This project was assigned as part of General Assembly’s UX Design Immersive class; the assigned objective was to increase SaveUp’s user acquisition and retention by examining and redesigning the onboarding process. This project focuses on the Web implementation of SaveUp.
  3. 3. design principles Change company perception Help users see SaveUp as caring, helpful, trustworthy, and fun. Emphasize what’s different Make sure users can immediately see why SaveUp is worth checking out. Offer clear value proposition This strategy for encouraging savings has been used before, and it worked. People really do win prizes from the site; ensure users know this. Show how it works Use clear visual language and simple copy text to help users understand the process. Encourage trust from users Endorsements from major publications, partnerships with banks and credit unions, believable testimonials from real users, and exciting visual design all give users a stronger sense that SaveUp is a site they can trust.
  4. 4. Prototype
  5. 5. original site flow User arrives at front page Explores to learn more about SaveUp join Tour Page Other Tour Page Browse prizes Register Account Page Browse, invite, or linkSubmit Link CompleteAccount link flow invite Browse Link Sign-up page Dashboard Submit Verify User receives email
  6. 6. personas Alexa Bortoncan Photographer’s Assistant 24 years – Santa Fe, New Mexico Technical Comfort: Below Average for Gen-Y Back Story • Lots of student loan debt; no savings; some credit card debt • Not much leftover from paycheck to put towards savings • No long-term or retirement savings Motivations • Concerned about ending up broke, open to trying something new • Heard about SaveUp from a friend Frustrations • Fears falling for scam. Getting suspicious since she hasn’t won anything • Not getting much advice that is relevant to her situation Ideal Experience • Feels like she’s making progress towards paying off credit card debt • Opens a savings account with SaveUp’s help • Gets to play more often / earns more credits for her hard work Julie Holt-Ramirez School Nurse 32 years – Texas Technical Comfort:Average for Gen-X Back Story • Got married after graduating from Texas A&M, has 2 kids • Loves her job and helping people • Worried about paying kids’ college tuition, and retirement • Loves couponing, shoe shopping, and “getting a deal!” Motivations • Read about SaveUp in parents magazine • Wants to save and be more organized • Loves the prizes and chances to win on SaveUp Frustrations • Has trouble connecting accounts (forgot passwords or husband has them) • Finds the games boring / repetitive • Wants to be more organized, but she can’t get her husband to look at SaveUp “because it’s a game” Ideal Experience • More coupons and discounts • More games / less repetition • More financial visualizations that she can show her husband • Still really loves SaveUp
  7. 7. case study We started by meeting with SaveUp to learn more about how they wanted the company to be perceived, and what they saw as their biggest challenges. Findings The company should feel fun and friendly, but without sacrificing safety or security. SaveUp genuinely wants to help users feel empowered to conquer their finances. Opportunities Redesigning the front page would help communicate branding and promote user trust from the first time they see the site. Rethinking the signup and account link flows will ensure that users don’t drop off once they’ve started to explore the site.
  8. 8. Method: Make sure that a clear presentation of the site’s features greets users as soon as they arrive. Maintain a clear call to action on the main page. Reinforce the features throughout the onboarding process. increase visibility of value proposition proposed solution 1
  9. 9. Method: Display more specific endorsements from trusted publications as they become available. Mention partnerships with banks, credit unions, and other institutions. Explain SaveUp’s basis in PLS research to prove that the concept works. Example: Mint proposed solution 2 refine language and content to improve user trust.
  10. 10. Method: Add interactivity and more dynamic content panels to the front page. Refine visual styling. proposed solution 3 improve visual fidelity to catch new users quickly.
  11. 11. early concepts
  12. 12. Ben Dedrick For more information about the design process for this and other projects: CONTACT ME