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Walking technique


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Walking technique

  1. 1. WALKINGTECHNIQUEIts all about CORE andBalance
  2. 2. POSTURE FIRST Stand erect Balance your weight over your feet Lift and broaden your chest Shoulders back Hold your arms near your body - elbows bent Relax hands and fingers - palms facing your body
  3. 3. Now CORE Recede the navel and lift the lower abs Lengthen your lower back Create “integrity” in the core muscles Notice a feeling of lift and stability in the mid body Caution: No gripping, you must still be able to breathe normally
  4. 4. Move from the CORE Push your BODY forward first from the core Peel the back foot off the ground and swing it forward to “catch” your weight as it “falls” forward Your back foot propels you forward as it pushes off mid foot. In the old method your front foot pulled you forward
  5. 5. Stride Stride is shorter than normal as the back foot stays on the ground longer Allow the hip of the back foot to trail behind a bit. If the core is engaged you will not be as likely to do the “super model strut” As you propel yourself forward from the core you will gain momentum Keep your stride short so feet stay under you and increase the speed of steps instead.
  6. 6. Arms Just as your feet stay in line with your body so should your arms Swing the arms to the back so they aid in the forward propulsion Old method you would swing them forward to pull you forward
  7. 7. Stay Aware Practice the technique Keep concentrating on what your body is doing Feel the difference as you compare how you would normally move and how you feel as you employ the new technique Don’t expect to master it all at once Practice, practice, practice