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Syllabus, yoga 2013 002


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Syllabus, yoga 2013 002

  1. 1. Revision date: 8/27/13 1 Barbara Harris, Instructor Office: by appointment Aspen bldg. Faculty Room Instructor’s e-mail: Instructor’s phone number: 208-870-7866 Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences Physical Education Activities 13FA PHYA 119 002 Fall, 2013 Course Description This course provides an introduction to the ABCs of Yoga: AWARENESS and proficiency of basic yoga postures and personal alignment; BREATH for enhancing personal energy levels or calming oneself; and CONCENTRATION on the body/mind by incorporating beginning techniques for visualization and relaxation. This course may be repeated once for credit. Course Schedule Class meets once weekly: beginning Thursday, 8/29/2013 Classes begin 2:00 PM and ends 3:40 PM Class will be conducted at the Aspen Classroom Building across the street from the Nampa main building campus This class will have a regular 16 week session. The first class will be held August 29, 2013 the last class will be held December 17, 2013 Course Focus This course emphasizes alignment and body awareness. This method uses a variety of techniques and tools to assist the student to move appropriately while minimizing the risk of injury or strain to muscles and joints. Accommodations are made to help nearly everyone to participate. Course Objectives Gain a sense of body awareness Gain a basic understanding of the yoga philosophy and mind/body connection Learn to integrate the yoga philosophy into daily living experiences Provide students with sufficient understanding of yoga and their own bodies to help prevent injury. Outcomes Assessment: Outcome: Students will learn a series of beginning yoga poses (asanas), or postures. Outcome: Students will learn basic alignment principles with appropriate modifications. Outcome: Students will learn basic principles of yoga philosophy and history Outcome: Students will learn breathing, relaxation and restorative yoga techniques.
  2. 2. Revision date: 8/27/13 2 Assessment: Each student will be assessed on his/her demonstrated mastery of poses andpractices based on an individual physical capacity and restrictions. Student performance and progress will be evaluated by the instructor during class time. Assessment: Students will be expected to practice the yoga poses presented in class approximately one hour per week and to submit a Yoga Journal of assigned poses on Blackboard each week. Assessment: Students will be expected to read and understand assigned materials and to complete a Blackboard quiz related to the assignment. Assessment: Students will be assessed based on a final exam at the end of the semester consisting of multiple choice and matching questions as well as at least 2 short essay questions. Grading Policy In addition to class participation, students will be assessed based on weekly journal, periodic quizzes presented on Blackboard and a final exam. One absence will not have an effect the final grade more than one absence may have serious consequences on the final outcome Make up classes will be allowed with arrangements, no more than three make up classes during a semester. 60% of the total grade will be based on class participation and attitude 20% of the total grade will be based on the timely submission and quality of the Yoga Journals 20% of the total grade will be based on quizzes and the final exam Grade Scale: 60% of total points will be needed to pass the course 90% and above will receive “A” 80% and above will receive “B” 70% and above will receive “C” 60% and above will receive “D” Textbooks and Required Materials Material: Students will need to purchase a yoga mat for use in class. Students will be expected to have the mat on the first day of class. Clothing: Class will be conducted in bare feet Students will be expected to come to class in clothing appropriate for practice that allows for movement and modesty. Pants or shirts that are too baggy will interfere with movement and instructor observation. Tops or pants that cut too low will cause a distraction to your practice and to other students. Athletic pants or shorts that come above the knee Shirts and tops that hang close to the body The instructor will be the final judge of the appropriateness of clothing choices
  3. 3. Revision date: 8/27/13 3 Technical: Daily access to a personal computer that is compatible with the CWI requirements for access to Blackboard Internet Browser equivalent to Explorer 7.0 or higher Dependable access to internet A back up option Skills: Ability to download/upload digital files Ability to navigate and use the capabilities of Blackboard Text: There is no required text for this class. Suggested reading: Yoga in Action, Preliminary Course, by GeetaIyengar; Light on Yoga, by BKS Iyengar: The Tree of Yoga, by BKS Iyengar; The Heart of Yoga, by TKV Desikachar Methods of Delivery The primary instruction will be delivered in class by instructor demonstration. Assignments will be posted on Blackboard weekly. Course Calendar The course calendar will be attached as a separate document Course Expectations Students can expect to devote one hour outside class time each week Students will be expected to come to class on time and prepared to participate Students will be expected to inform the instructor before class of any injuries or illnesses Students will be expected to wear appropriate clothing as outlined above Students will be expected to practice in bare feet Children will not be allowed in class Class cancelation or other announcements will be delivered by email. Students will be expected to log on to email daily for information Students will be expected to complete end-of-course evaluations Cell phones, Ipods should be turned off during class. Smoking, eating, drinks, guests or anything that would be a distraction for the students or instructor will not be allowed in class Behavioral Expectations: Every student has the right to a respectful learning environment. In order to provide this right to all students, students must take individual responsibility to conduct themselves in a mature and appropriate manner and will be held accountable for their behavior. Students who disrupt the class or behave inappropriately or disrespectfully, as determined by the instructor, may be asked to leave the classroom. Instructors or Student Services has the right to create a written behavioral contract with students; if a student violates a behavioral contract, they may be released from the course. Academic Dishonesty: All work submitted by a student must represent his/her own ideas, concepts, and current understanding. All material found during research must be correctly documented to avoid plagiarism. Cheating or plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and violations may result in disciplinary action ranging from failure
  4. 4. Revision date: 8/27/13 4 of the assignment to failure of the course. Repeated acts of academic dishonesty may have more severe institutional ramifications. CWI E-mail and Blackboard Accounts Communication Announcements regarding changes in class schedule, reminders or other general communication will be delivered by email or through Blackboard Announcements. If you wish to communicate with me I prefer email. Please confine communication to issues related to the class. I do not respond to communication on Facebook or any other social media. If you are going to be late or are unable to attend class for any reason, I expect that you have made a good decision about your attendance. You do not need to notify me unless there is a problem that will keep you out of class for more than one class meeting. Unusual circumstances do occur. I want you to succeed, I will work with you to help you to make arrangements to help you when I can. All registered CWI students receive a college email and Bb account. Every course at CWI has a Bb component. It is the student’s responsibility to access both accounts regularly to avoid missing important messages and deadlines. Bb can be accessed through the icon on CWI’s home page: Email can be accessed through the login page at Your default password for both Bb and email accounts will be the first letter of your firstname in CAPS + first letter of your last name in CAPS + “logon” in lower-case letters + last 4 digits of your SSN; if you don’t have a SSN, then use the last 4 digits of your student ID number (Ex: Jonathan Smith’s password would be JSlogon1234). Drop Policy It is the student’s responsibility to drop the course. Students are responsible for adding and dropping courses. At the end of the first week of class, faculty may drop students for non- attendance up to census date. Beyond census date, it is the student’s responsibility to drop any course he/she does not intend to finish. Students who stop attending a course without filing a drop request may receive a grade of F. I will not allow new students into the class after the 2ndclass on September 5. Last day to withdraw without a “W” is September 9 Last day to withdraw with a “W” November 15 If you are not attending classes and you do not withdraw before November 15 you will receive an “F” for the class. While this is only a one credit class, an “F” will have an effect on you GPA. Special Accommodations Students with disabilities who believe that they may qualify for accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the One Stop Student Services Center and discuss the possible accommodations with an Enrollment Specialist. If you have a diagnosed Learning Disability, please initiate this contact as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. Please contact the One Stop Student Services at 562-3000 or Room 107 – CWI Main Campus.
  5. 5. Revision date: 8/27/13 5 Library and Information Resources The CWI Library is located in room 209 of the Nampa Campus. Online library and information resources, including electronic databases, are accessible through the library web page at Student login instructions are available on the library home page. Safety If you are pregnant you should wait until after your delivery to take Beginning Yoga. Your safety and the safety of your child is our up most concern. If you become pregnant during the semester, you will need to notify the instructor as soon a possible, consult your physician about your participation in a yoga class. You should explain to him/her that the CWI Yoga is very physically demanding. Written consent from the physician will be needed so you can continue the class. If you are able to continue to participate in the class appropriate modifications will be made as your pregnancy progresses. Suggestions for Success In order of importance: Attend Class Have a good attitude Do your best Turn in your journals Do not suffer in silence. Talk to the instructor if you have concerns or problems. Instructor Availability I do not keep regular office hours. I will gladly meet with students before or after class by appointment. I can be reached by phone at 870-7866 or by email to answer questions or assist students in any way I can. I will generally provide a response to email within 24 hours. Email is the preferred method of communication outside class time. THIS SYLLABUS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. NOTICE OF CHANGES WILL BE ANNOUNCED THROUGH BLACKBOARD.