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  1. 1. DMADVWhat are the chances this plan will work???????
  2. 2. Good Goal Setting Must Be DMADV  D = Definable  M = Manageable  A = Attainable  D = Desirable  V = Verifiable
  3. 3. DEFINABLE The more clearly you can define your goal the more likely you will be able to get there. Think detail. What do you want to happen? How long will it take? (Duration of your plan) Good: I plan to loose 5 lbs over the next 6 weeks. Not so Good: I am going to loose some weight this Spring
  4. 4. MANAGEABLE We tend to get too enthusiastic about our desire to make changes. Think about who you are, what is happening in your life, even the time of the year. Example: I have 3 kids, a husband, a job and I carry 12 credits at school. My goal is to go to the gym 6 days a week so I can improve my physical fitness!!! Oh, and it is Christmas time! Hmmmmmmm!!!!
  5. 5. ATTAINABLE Can what you want to do be done??? Do you possess the resources to do the things you plan to do.Consider: You want to loose 25 lbs beforeyour sister’s wedding. (in 3 weeks) Maybe but not advisable!Consider: You decide you will swim 4days per week at the Y. You don’t belongto the Y and you can’t afford themembership!!! Doesn’t sound like a good plan to me!
  6. 6. DESIRABLE Not everything we think is a good idea is a good idea. Lets assume you are diabetic and you decide to loose 20 lbs without consulting your doctor. Bad idea! Not desirable. Lets say your plan would require you spend too much time away from your family. Not a good plan.Desirable also includes sustainable tothe end
  7. 7. VERIFIABLE How will you or anyone else know if you have reached your goal? First you must be clear on where you are when you start Next your goal must be clear and well defined Finally how will you know you have succeeded If you are loosing weight the scale is a pretty good way to verify results, not all goals are that easy verify.