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block disposable email


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block disposable email

  1. 1. DISPOSABLE E-MAIL ADDRESSES How to get rid of obfuscated online identities.
  2. 2. THE PROBLEM• Many online discussion forums, blogs and websites ask visitors to register before they can post comments, view premium content or download white papers. Usually double-opt in (closed-loop email authentication) is required to get access.• A disposable email account (DEA) will allow the visitor to sign up and verify his registration without exposing his primary email account to spam.• While this behaviour is convenient for more and more users the problems are growing for content providers for several reasons, like:• Users will go inactive, irrespective of your email marketing practices. The main issue here is the opportunity cost. Obviously, you have no chance to develop an email dialog / relationship with a temporary email address. And dead addresses mess with your statistics.
  3. 3. COMMON PRACTICES TO DEAL WITH DEA• Simply accept all subscribers, even if they use temporary email addresses – ignoring instead of solving,• Maintain a local blacklist with commonly known disposable domains – a lot of never-ending work to find them with all existing sub- and alternative domains,• Use freely available public lists – includes the risk of missing domains as well as false positives (will block legit users)
  4. 4. THE EASY AND EFFORTLESS SOLUTION• (BDEA) maintaines a central database of recently used disposable email domains.• Currently (as of August 2012) 1.900 domains are flagged as dea domains.• Every single domain that is stated as a dea domain has been checked by human in order to provide a zero-number of false positives.• BDEA allows to check subscriber domains during the sign-up process instantly.• You simply have to decide what to do with a block response (eg. request a different email address to sign-up, keep the user in a closed sandbox area with less content, …)• Depending on technical, corporate policy, or business related issues appropriate solutions to access the database do exist.
  5. 5. WHO IS USING THE BDEA SERVICE AND WHY• Social Networks (avoid multiple accounts by single users, focus on real users)• Gaming Platforms (avoid troll activities)• Dating Websites, Videochat Networks (refuse multiple sign-ups by same users with the aim to obtain one-time benefits multiple times)• Cloud based contact management platforms (enrich user information)• International Automakers (eg. for online lotteries, make it harder to participate repeatedly)• Media platforms (to avoid illegal or unwanted media uploads done by users of disposable email addresses mainly)• SEO providers, Webhosters, Online Marketers (a combination of the issues listed above)
  6. 6. PRICING• Free for up to 200 queries per month• BDEA provides several prepaid plans (see here for details)• Flatrate for large accounts ( > 1 million queries per month)• Discounts for large volume resellers• Example for 300 queries a day (which means 9.000 new subscribers a month): ~ EUR 60,- average price per month
  7. 7. HOW TO START• Already convinced? Sign-up at, follow the registration process and start using the service immediately.• Need some more details? Use the free online checker to see if BDEA detects the domains you have in mind.• Need more concrete information related to your userbase? We are willing to prepare statistics based on your current subscriber data. Please simply send a list of unique domains generated out of your userbase currently (no, we don‘t want to have your customer‘s email addresses).• Business related or technical details needed? Please contact us at any time.
  8. 8. CONTACT• BDEA is represented by Subvento Establishment Schlattfeldweg 14 9491 Ruggell Liechtenstein, Europe• For further information see or contact us directly. 24.8.2012