Thesis statements(1)2011pp


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Thesis statements(1)2011pp

  1. 1. Thesis Statements
  2. 2. Objective• Define thesis statement.• Discuss the three parts of a pointed thesis.• Discuss the creation of a working thesis.• Build a toolbox of thesis formulas.• Learn to evaluate the effectiveness of a thesis statement.• List additional resources.
  3. 3. What is a thesis statement? • One sentence which outlines the arguments and ideas to be presented in your paper. • Think of your thesis as a guide. • Your audience expects the remainder of your paper to support the claim you make with the reasons you list. • Place your thesis at the end of your introduction.
  4. 4. The Three Parts of a Pointed Thesis• Claim• Link• Reasons
  5. 5. Claim• Select a subject on which there are a variety of possible views.• Express ONE main idea.• Determine your conclusions about the subject.
  6. 6. Link• You need to connect your claim to your supporting reasons. This creates the structure of your essay.• Use the word BECAUSE to link your claim to your reasons.
  7. 7. Reasons• The claim needs to be supported by at least three reasons.• Each reason will become the topic of its own supporting paragraph(s).
  8. 8. Be sure to observe parallel structure.
  9. 9. Two Choices• Because the thesis However, it is always wise encompasses the to create a working thesis. entire essay, some • A working thesis names the topic you will discuss, authors choose to helps you focus your create the body of an research, and helps you essay before drafting keep your thoughts the thesis. organized.
  10. 10. How does one create a working thesis?• First, select your topic.• Second, brainstorm.• Third, make your claim.• Fourth, list the reasons you plan to use when supporting your claim.
  11. 11. What if my topic is assigned?• Create a question about • Once you have your topic. answered the question• Answer the question. you have created a• Question: Should SCC thesis statement. provide all full-time students with laptops? • Now your job is to• Answer: SCC should support it. provide all full-time • This technique is students with laptops particularly useful for because… essay exams.
  12. 12. What if I must select my own topic? • Brainstorm, Brainstorm, Brainstorm • Do some research. • Read • Visit the SCC Library homepage @ • Use Opposing Viewpoints
  13. 13. Thesis Toolbox• You will be asked to write a variety of essay types.• Each type of essay lends itself to a particular thesis template.• The follow slides will briefly introduce possible formulas/templates paired with their corresponding essay types.
  14. 14. Definition Essay• Something is (or is not) something else based on certain criteria.
  15. 15. Evaluation Essay• Something is good (bad, the best, etc.) because…
  16. 16. Proposal Essay• Someone should (or should not) do something because…
  17. 17. How do I know my thesis is a good thesis?
  18. 18. Does your thesis take a stand?
  19. 19. Is your part in the on going discussion justified? Does your thesis encourage your readers to read further?
  20. 20. Does the thesis express only one main idea?
  21. 21. • Is your thesis specific?• Can you support your claim within the number of pages allotted?
  22. 22. For more information, check out these resources.• Owl, Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab•• The St. Martin’s Handbook• Blackboard• SCC’s Learning Commons
  23. 23. Review: We have now…•Defined thesis statement.•Discussed the three parts of a pointedthesis.•Discussed the creation of a workingthesis.•Built a toolbox of thesis formulas.•Evaluated the effectiveness of a thesisstatement.
  24. 24. Thank you for your time and attention! Any questions?