Technology Flow Chart, Professional Development, And Action Plan


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Technology Flow Chart, Professional Development, And Action Plan

  1. 1. Bianca Darley Week 4 Assignment: Flow Chart, Job Descriptions, Professional Development, and Action Plan EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership Week 4 Assignment, Part 1: Technology Responsibility Flow Chart School Board: Determine policies and uphold state and nation expectations in technology. Provide adequate funds and control policies. Superintendent of Schools: Manage the school system, lead schools to vision by support and modeling technology, and ensure the implementation of policy. Chief Information Officer: Understand campus technology needs and align services to those needs. Technology Integrations and Learning Director: Manage and coordinate district services to improve individual schools. Coordinate professional learning opportunities for educators and administrators to keep abreast of current research and technologies. Campus Technology Principals: Contacts/Representatives: Leads and develops campus vision Ensure that technology is of technology; Models and carefully and appropriately monitors implementation and integrated; Assist teachers to proper use; Allocates campus achieve integration by training funds for technology; Ensures and support; Plans professional goals are made through the campus development. improvement plan; Plans professional development; Communicates expectations. Site Based Decision Making Teachers: Committee: Models and integrates technology Review data and CIP information in instruction; Continues to identify strengths and needs of professional growth in technology; the campus; Determines Determine needs of the campus; professional development needs; Utilize technology in a way that Sets goals for campus other school stakeholders improvement and growth. understand the importance of technology and communications.
  2. 2. Bianca Darley Week 4 Assignment: Flow Chart, Job Descriptions, Professional Development, and Action Plan EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership Week 4 Assignment, Part 2: Professional Development Continual Plan Professional Purpose: Description: Campus Materials: Details: Development Technology Session Needs: Continual Plan: Explore To inform Teachers will As listed in Computer Location – District teachers of become campus per teacher Computer Lab Provided the familiar with improvement Technology technology various plan, Access to the Professional Websites and resources websites Franklin district Development Databases made available to Elementary website via Timeline – throughout available by educators via will raise the Internet the school the Library their school Level of Meet at the year and Media district Technology District Log beginning of Services website. Integration in information every nine week Department level of all period to explore Teachers will (Username new in the teachers one and District. experience to two levels. website/database and explore password for each district Involve school wide (specified dates provided teachers in use) to be included in To ease website and meaningful monthly school teacher use Professional calendar) be expected acquisition of Development and to integrate a technology integration Survey Timeline – website/ skills and of such database knowledge in Previous Teachers tools for resource or district years’ expected to instruction create a provided campus LoTi produce product and product resources. levels/data by the end of enrichment. every nine every nine week week period. period.
  3. 3. Bianca Darley Week 4 Assignment: Flow Chart, Job Descriptions, Professional Development, and Action Plan EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership Week 4 Assignment, Part 3: Action Plan Action Plan Description: San Antonio ISD’s Technology Competency Certification Plan (TCCP) contact Miguel Guhlin (2006) describes that the district strives to provide teachers with the needed skills to begin utilizing technology within their classrooms for administrative tasks and to slowly build upon those tasks over time to fully integrate the use of technology into all subject areas and all lessons. The district has expectations that teachers will take ongoing technology courses that will allow them to lead students to 21st Century technology literacy. In support of the initiative, the district has provided technology professional development sessions available to all district employees since the 2004-2005 school year. However according to Level of Technology Integration (LoTi) results over the past several years, teachers are taking professional courses and are doing very little afterward to integrate that knowledge and practice into the classroom. Franklin Elementary’s 2009-2010 Campus Improvement Plan is aligned with the district goals and includes an annual performance objective of implementing technology across all grade levels to support instruction and improve student achievement. Due to a lack of budget and technology resources on campus, teachers have had limited opportunities to realize the resources readily available to administrators, teachers, and parents on the district website. The school district has provided for websites and databases that could be utilized for research, instruction, enrichment, and more importantly student technology integrated products. In order for the students to be able to show competence in technology, teachers must also educate themselves on what resources are age appropriate, content rich, and allowable by the district’s computer usage policies. Therefore, professional development sessions are needed to allow teachers the opportunity to discover what district resources are available and how they can be integrated into their instruction. The campus’ LoTi Personal Computer Usage (PCU) data shows that our faculty exhibits an Intensity Level 2, which indicates that the majority of educators demonstrate little to moderate fluency when using digital tools and resources for student learning. The following action plan allows teachers on campus the opportunity to practice with the digital tools and resources available to the campus in order to increase confidence in each educator. With that approach, teachers will begin to share their individual technology knowledge and implementation practices building a culture of learning professionals. Additionally teachers will integrate technology moderately over time and move beyond using technology just for administrative duties. All Franklin Elementary educators will be expected to participate in a continuous professional development practicum in technology in order to show proficiency in the State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) technology standards. Teachers will meet at the beginning of every nine week period in the computer lab to explore a website or database listed under the San Antonio Independent School District’s Library and Media Services Department webpage. The district’s Technology Integration and Learning Director and the campus technology contact can facilitate teachers through exploration on one of the sites and assist teachers in creating meaningful lessons. Teachers will be given specialist support and a nine week time frame to explore and show understanding of the website and show how it could be
  4. 4. used to enrich instruction. Teachers are expected to have an end product at the end of each nine week period, thus allowing the teacher four opportunities to practice on district approved websites and databases. Teachers will be asked at the beginning of the school year to complete an informal survey to evaluate current use and express opinions toward technology and instruction. Official assessment results like the campus LoTi and STaR chart levels will also be shared with the campus to establish a point of reference and allow for a goal to be established. Principals and campus technology representatives will support the faculty by modeling and monitoring good technology use. Informal information will be gathered by observation of individual teacher’s active participation, motivation, attitude, and walkthrough annotations throughout the professional development practicum. Both teacher and student created products every nine week period will also assist in evaluating progress toward creating 21st Century educators and students. Lesson plans will detail differentiated instruction and provide evidence of technology integration across curriculum areas. Teachers by the end of the practicum should have accumulated professional development hours necessary for certification renewal and continued learner practices. Campus LoTi and STaR chart assessment data for 2009-2010 should also show growth in campus and teacher descriptor levels. With continual support and provided opportunities to practice, the educators at Franklin Elementary will exhibit proficiency in SBEC technology standards necessary to meet No Child Left Behind legislation.
  5. 5. Bianca Darley Week 4 Assignment: Flow Chart, Job Descriptions, Professional Development, and Action Plan EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership Week 4 Assignment, Part 3: Action Plan Detail Professional Pre-Evaluation Continued Summative End Products Details: Development of Teacher Monitoring: Evaluation to Assist in Session Technology Measures: Evaluation: Continual Usage and Plan: District Website Resources: Explore Beginning of Middle of Year End of Year Teacher Teachers District Year Survey Progress Survey lesson plans modeling and Provided Survey (Compare understanding Technology Review and results to BOY Teacher the importance Websites and share previous Active survey) created of integrating Databases LoTi levels and participation in products district provided throughout STaR chart each Teacher websites and the school campus scores professional integration of Student databases. year development technology in created Teachers and session lessons products students can utilize Walk throughs Accumulation knowledge for teacher of professional gained through modeling and education exploration to student hours create video, products presentations, Comparison of research, Attitude toward LoTi and STaR audio, and technology chart campus other levels technology Motivation created Attitude toward products. technology