MHIF Annual Report 2008


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MHIF Annual Report 2008

  1. 1. 2008 Annual Report Creating a World Without Heart Disease
  2. 2. A Year of Accomplishment, A Year of Promise Ahead... Dear Friends, In 2008, the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation achieved significant advances in our cardiovascular research and education goals, contributing overall to new learning, an increase in Imagine a world without heart disease... the number of lives saved and improved longevity. The Foundation’s new leadership team is now in place with the hiring of Greg Bonine-Giles, a world filled with new medical possibilities where individuals live healthier, more vice president of external relations. He joins Jackie Boucher, vice president of education; Joseph productive lives by preventing cardiovascular disease before it becomes a problem. Cosico, vice president of research operations; Tim Henry, MD, director of research; and Dan This is the vision of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. Through Stennes-Rogness, vice president of finance, in working with the president to lead the Foundation. groundbreaking clinical research, professional education and health behavior change At the Annual Board of Directors meeting in April 2008, Kevin Graham, MD, Philip Ankeny, programs, we are making a tangible impact on individuals’ quality of life and Bradley Chapin, Morris Goodwin, Jr., D. William Kaufman, Rick Leggott, John Seaberg and Stuart Nolan reducing the mortality associated with cardiovascular disease. William Spell were elected for three-year terms. We are deeply grateful to Ray Barton, Randy Johnson, MD, Thomas A. Keller, III and Frank Tonnemaker who completed their terms of service in 2008. Adjusting to the economic challenges that occurred during the year, the Foundation ended 2008 with a reduced endowment and near break-even operations. For 2009, we have adopted a basic operating budget, the core of which is 5% below 2008 levels, as a cautionary effort. Nevertheless, given our mission and our record of success, we remain optimistic that with loyal and generous support from donors, strong Board, physician and staff leadership, and efficient management of resources, we will continue to make significant contributions to cardiovascular health in the year ahead. We look forward to the coming year and to taking full advantage of the significant groundwork that has been laid in 2008. Our research and education programs will continue to grow, attracting James V. Toscano national attention and attaining successful results. We invite you to page through this report to learn more about our accomplishments in 2008 and our ambitious plans for 2009. Sincerely, Stuart Nolan James V. Toscano Board of Directors, Chair President
  3. 3. The Face of Heart Disease Advancing the Standard of Care ...could appear healthy. MHIF’s Genetic Arrhythmia Center offers patients and their “My doctor told me that I was a miracle, that I should not be alive. families a centralized location to seek diagnosis and treatment I received a second chance to be with my husband, children, family and options for heart conditions that often go unrecognized. The friends...what a gift!” Center produces research that can shed greater light on the occurrence of arrhythmia disorders and provides patients and Lisa, 45 physicians with choices for handling these life-threatening diseases. Last October, Lisa was working alone in her office when she passed out. Fortunately, a friend in a neighboring office heard the fall and called 911 when she found that Lisa had gone into Pacemakers and defibrillators, the devices implanted in patients’ cardiac arrest. chests to identify and correct irregular heart rhythms, are commonly used to treat genetic arrhythmia disorders. Monitoring After four days in a coma, Lisa woke to the news that she had ARVD, a rare heart condition and tracking these devices, which have saved hundreds of that often presents no symptoms prior to a life-threatening event. Thanks to the Genetic thousands of lives, provides valuable information for improving Arrhythmia Center at MHIF, Lisa had access to the most advanced research and future models. information on ARVD. She was treated with a defibrillator that monitors her heart rhythm and keeps it beating regularly. MHIF has created a medical device registry that collects and analyzes data on implantable devices to advance patient safety One year later, Lisa returned to the hospital, but this time, it was as a standards. By sharing the results with physicians, nurses and volunteer in the cardiac rehab unit. technicians, the registry is impacting the health of patients worldwide. Discovering Innovative New Therapies Everyone produces stem cells that are naturally programmed to The Face of Heart Disease repair damage to the body. Their availability and healing capacity being treated in new ways. represent vast potential for new therapies and treatments. MHIF is leading the way in studying which types of adult stem cells are “It’s been almost a year since my heart attack and I feel great. Six months after the stem most effective, the best method of administering them and at what point in time they have the most impact. cell treatment, test results showed a huge improvement in my heart function.” As one of the most active centers in the country, MHIF has Mike, 62 treated nearly 200 patients with stem cell therapy and is one of five institutions nationwide selected by the National Institutes Mike and his wife Pamela had just gotten home from the grocery store when he began to feel pain in his of Health to participate in the Cardiovascular Cell Therapy shoulder. He insisted that he was fine, but minutes later, he went into cardiac arrest. Research Network. Mike was treated through Level One, a program that has dramatically reduced the time it takes for heart attack Using advanced cardiovascular imaging, MHIF is also improving patients to receive care. As part of the protocol, Mike’s body temperature was lowered, a practice that helps techniques for assessing the efficacy of stem cell therapy. Imaging preserve brain function when the heart is stopped. After Mike was stabilized, he enrolled in a stem cell therapy offers a key to understanding the capacity stem cells have in study to aid in his recovery. preventing and treating patients with cardiovascular disease. Throughout his treatment, Mike benefited from three therapies that were researched and developed at MHIF. “I feel fortunate to have received such advanced care,” said Mike. “I wouldn’t be here today without it.”
  4. 4. The Face of Heart Disease Teaching the Community to Live Healthier ...can be a role model. One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the risk of “I knew my two daughters and granddaughter would benefit from the walking heart disease is physical activity. Unfortunately, with multiple program as much as I did – so I signed them up without even asking. priorities to balance, many people have trouble sticking with an And, they loved it.” exercise routine. With this in mind, MHIF designed Women on the Move to help women develop and achieve their fitness goals in Shelly, 68 a supportive and educational environment. Shelly recently retired after teaching Spanish at a local university for 36 years, but she’s not slowing down. Each week for nine weeks, the group gathers to learn about As her mother’s primary caretaker, a court advocate for children and a volunteer tax advisor for low-income healthy living and walk for an hour. For participants, the families, Shelly found it difficult to make time for physical activity. weekly meetings have proven valuable in achieving their goals and staying motivated. The program ends with a 5-kilometer Three years ago, Shelly joined Women on the Move, which turned out to be the perfect solution. race, often the first organized sporting event participants have Participating in the program gave her an opportunity to make new friends with common fitness goals and completed. motivated her to stick with her routine. This year, Shelly achieved another goal by competing in her first race. MHIF also created a similar program, Girls and Moms on the “We celebrated by going out for ice cream,” said Shelly. “As we learned in the program, everything in Move, for 8-12 year old girls and their moms to promote better moderation!” health and prevent obesity. This new program encourages physical activity, provides tools for making healthier food choices and helps reinforce a positive body image. Reducing Risk and Preventing Heart Disease Eliminating heart attacks from an entire town is a lofty goal, The Face of Heart Disease but the city of New Ulm has signed on with enthusiasm. MHIF, ...may be a neighbor. along with the New Ulm Medical Center, Minneapolis Heart Institute and Allina Center for Healthcare Innovation, is working “A few summers ago, I experienced chest pains while dancing at a wedding to with New Ulm residents to improve their heart health. ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by the Bee Gees. Ever since, I have adopted it as my theme song.” The Heart of New Ulm project aims to prevent heart disease before it occurs, rather than following the traditional treatment- Dan, 57 focused model. This includes helping residents decrease the factors that put them at greater risk such as minimal Dan considers himself lucky to have recognized his risk of cardiovascular disease early. Now, he is able physical activity, poor nutrition, obesity and tobacco use. The to take control of his condition by walking to work, eating well and practicing yoga. comprehensive program will involve community education, medical interventions and environmental changes. As a physician, Dan has been helping people in his community improve their health for nearly 30 years. Born and raised in New Ulm, the people he treats are not just patients, but family, friends and Ultimately, New Ulm serves as a laboratory for the development neighbors. He is excited to have an active role in the Heart of New Ulm project because he understands of effective methods for disease prevention that can be applied in the importance of prevention. any town to improve a number of health conditions. It also aims to demonstrate the collective social and economic power that can “There is a real opportunity for us in New Ulm,” said Dan. “People here are ready to make heart health be unlocked through healthy living. part of our culture. You have to make the decision to be healthy everyday. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.”
  5. 5. Contributors Mr. and Mrs. Yale T. Dolginow Mrs. Lucia Duff Midwest Vending, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Simon Milstein Mr. Ronald Simon HealthMedia, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James Bullock Consulting Radiologists, LTD Eagan Lion’s Club Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Mitchell Phoenix Health Systems David J. Weiner Foundation The individuals and organizations listed below have made significant financial contributions toward creating a world without heart Mr. and Mrs. William J. Edlefsen Mr. and Mrs. John M. Morrison Mr. and Mrs. David P. Ihle Bob and Joanie Dayton/Stone Pier disease. MHIF is grateful for all of our donors’ contributions and we are pleased to recognize their generosity. If you notice any errors in Dr. and Mrs. Robert Emery Mr. Michael T. Mulligan Mr. and Mrs. David Bulman Foundation Ernst & Young Mr. and Mrs. William Naegele Pentagon Dental Group, LTD Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Dirks the spelling or inclusion of your name, please call us at 612-863-3833 and we will correct the mistake. Mr. and Mrs. James Fetterly Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Naegele HMSA Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Dorn First Bank National Association Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. McNeff FAF Advisors Legacy circLe Medtronic, Inc./The Medtronic champions Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Pedersen Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Flavin, III El Roy* and Gail Nerness Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Fleischhacker The following donors have made an Foundation $50,000-$99,999 Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Phillips Dr. Bjorn Flygenring and Dr. Demetre* and Arde F. Nicoloff annuaL giving Mrs. Marna W. Fullerton estate designation. Thelma E. Aaby* Mr. Raymond N. Plank Mrs. Vala Hafstad Thomas* and Mary Noble The following gifts and pledges of $100 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Giertz Benefactors Abbott Vascular Devices/Abbott Mr. Carl R. Pohlad*/Carl and Eloise Ms. Barbara L. Forster North American Banking Company or more were received between January 1, Ms. Barbara E. Gilbert Thelma E. Aaby* $250,000-999,999 Laboratories Pohlad Family Foundation Mrs. Marna W. Fullerton Dr. and Mrs. William Northrup, III 2008 and December 31, 2008. Dr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Graham Evelyn Inger Anderson* Boston Scientific Kenneth* and Jeanne Anderson John* and Margaret* Potter General Mills Foundation/ Mr. Earl B. Olson* Mr. James Grantman Ward and Linda Anderson Community Health Charities Minnesota The Minneapolis Foundation/Ankeny Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rempfer General Mills, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Vance Opperman $100,000 and above Dr. Martin Asis and Dr. Elizabeth Grey Rolf Andreassen, MD Kenneth* and Judy Dayton Family Fund The Minneapolis Foundation/James and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldberger Dr. John Overton and Dr. Ann Lowry Co-Lead Counsel and the Plaintiffs Hawkins, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Bentdahl Ernie* and Beverlee Dorn Apogee Enterprises, Inc. Chriss Renier Fund Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Goldenberg Dr. Luis Pagan-Carlo Steering Committee for the Medtronic Dr. Tim Henry Greg T. Bonine-Giles George Family Foundation Arbor Capital Management, LLC Margaret R. Schaefer* Trust Dr. and Mrs. Irv Goldenberg Parke-Davis ICD Products Liability Litigation, Joseph Durda Family Foundation Conley Brooks, Sr. Mr. Richard Haag/Haag Family The Baker Foundation Severns Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Goldfus The Patch Foundation MDL #1726 Mr. Andrew Kiernan Ellen Daufney* Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bakken Dr. Scott and Patricia Sharkey Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Gornick Pfizer, Inc. The Hearst Foundations Lake Region Medical Ms. Peggy Durda-Knapp The Hearst Foundations Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Bowen Siemens Medical Solutions, Inc. The Greater Metro Auto Dealers Molly and Ronald Poole Family Fund of Medtronic, Inc./Medtronic Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Larson Dorothy Ewing* Mr. William A. Ross/William Ross Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Boysen Jack and Elva* Spillane Association of MN The Minneapolis Foundation St. Jude Medical, Inc./St. Jude Medical Le Jeune Family Foundation Willard Goltz* Foundation Dr. M. Nicholas Burke and Mr. and Mrs. William H. Spoor Greystone Foundation/Walter McCarthy Dr. and Mrs. Anil K. Poulose Foundation Richard J. Haag St. Jude Medical, Inc./St. Jude Medical Susan Slattery-Burke Dr. and Mrs. Peter Stokman and Clara Ueland Dr. Marc Pritzker M. Leonore Hannon* Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Durand E. Burns Tapemark Company, Inc. Mr. John F. Grundhofer Protective Insurance $50,000-$99,999 C. Charles Jackson* W. Shelley* and Virginia Walsh Business Data Record Services Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thesenga Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Hawkins* Mr. William A. Purcell* Allina Health System Joyce A. Johnson* Mr. Billy Bye Dr. Jay and Sarah Traverse Dick and Jan Hazen Mr. and Mrs. Noel Rahn Great Clips Inc. Viola Johnson* guardians Cardiac Surgical Associates Mr. David J. Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Heltne Jerry* and Lillian Rau Piper Jaffray Companies Patricia Kelsey* $100,000-$249,999 Ted* and Katy Carlsen Lucille S. Wellington* Estate Mr. Larry Hendrickson Mr. Tom Redmond Harold Kiecker* Allina Health System Mr. James Chafoulias Mr. Dewey White* Mr. and Mrs. Al Hilde, Jr. Richard M. and Sandra J. Schulze Family $25,000-$49,999 Jerry Kiernan* Ames Construction, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Ivan J. Chavez Max and Helen Winter Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Hill Fund Arbor Capital Management, LLC Charles* and Shirley* Koplen Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bacich Mr. A. W. Cherne David* M. and Penny Winton Hoechst Marion Rousel, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Roitenberg Boston Scientific Mrs. Charlotte C. Krueger* Mr. B. John Barry and Consulting Radiologists, LTD Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Horovitz Mr. and Mrs. James R. Safley Business Data Record Services Eleanor D. Larson* Mrs. Cheryl Sandeen Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Cooperman Founders Horton, Inc. Schneider (USA), Inc. Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation Grace Idella Mahlberg* Dr. and Mrs. Ford Bell DeCare Dental $25,000-$49,999 International Dairy Queen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schneider Community Health Charities Minnesota Rose Mallinger* Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bentdahl Deikel Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Mike Allen Mr. C. Charles Jackson* Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Schwartz DeCare Dental Ivan Mathes* Berger Transfer & Storage, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Dorn, Jr. Allianz Life Insurance Company Jacobs Management Corp. Ray* and Marie* Schweigert M&I Bank J. Donald Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Conley Brooks, Sr. Mr. Jaye F. Dyer/Jaye F. and Betty F. Dyer Dr. and Mrs. Adrian Almquist Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Jaffray Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Senneseth Nolan Family Foundation Donald G. Murphy* Dr. James A. Daniel and Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Anderson Mrs. Patricia Jaffray Leonard* and Zetta Shapiro The Patch Foundation A. Louis and Dorothy Neste Ms. Judy D. McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fink Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Anderson, Jr. The James & Jane Welch Foundation Sieff Family Foundation Gordon Olson* Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dircks Dr. and Mrs. Fredarick Gobel Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Anderson Patricia Kelsey Estate* Mr. Archie C. Smith and $10,000-$24,999 Aleck Ostrow* Dr. and Mrs. Frazier Eales Mr. John B. Goodman Mr. John E. Andrus, III William* and Janet King Mrs. Tina Flint Smith Alfred W. Erickson Foundation Carol Ostrow Excel Bank Dr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Graham Apache Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Michael King Mary A. Smith Estate* Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bacich Donald Pearson* Frederick O. Watson Foundation Mr. James Grantman Applied Power Products Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Kiser Mr. Daniel J. Spiegel Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bentdahl Mr. Ralph J. Peterson Great Clips Inc. Groves Foundation Ark Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Klas, Sr. Maurice* and Mitz* Spiegel Family Best Buy Co., Inc. Ilene T. Saunders* Great River Energy Dr. Kevin and Ila Harris Dr. and Mrs. Kit Arom Dr. Thomas Knickelbine and Philanthropic Fund Cargill, Inc. Margaret Schaefer* Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hauser Hawkins, Inc. ArrowHead Capital Management, LLC Mrs. Heidi E. Chen Mr. and Mrs. Gary St. Marie Mr. Stuart Chazin “At Medtronic, we are Alyce Scholten* Holmes/CSM Family Foundation Dr. Tim Henry Bacoustics, LLC Dr. Vibhu Kshettry and Clair* and Gladys Strommen Crown Bank committed to improving Paul J. Seyer* Hormel Foods Corporation Dr. William T. Hession Ms. Constance L. Bakken Dr. Sharon Kshettry Mr. and Mrs. Lee N. Sundet Frederick O. Watson Foundation Mary A. Smith* Ms. Elizabeth H. Howell Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc./Hubbard Timothy and Marque Ann Barton Lake Region Medical Dr. and Mrs. Chuen Tang General Mills, Inc. the lives of people with Roger Smith* James F. Bell Foundation Broadcasting Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baszucki Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lamoureux TCF Foundation Greystone Foundation/Walter McCarthy heart disease. We share Elva W. Spillane* Mr. and Mrs. James Jundt Dr. David and Stacey Hurrell Mr. Craig Bentdahl and Mr. Joseph Langer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Telander and Clara Ueland this commitment with Mr. Jack Spillane Jerry* and Linda Kiernan Jack J. Jorgensen Charitable Trust Mrs. Stephanie A. Simon Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Larson Varitronic Systems, Inc. Haag Family Foundation/Mr. and Mrs. George Steponovitz* Mr.* and Mrs.* Charles F. Koplen Estate Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Jaffray Glenn* and Patricia Bergstrom Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lastavich Virchow Krause & Company, LLP Richard J. Haag MHIF, and are pleased to Lois E. Thompson* Dr. John Lesser and Dr. Julie Knier-Lesser Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jennings Best Buy Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Le Jeune/Le Jeune ViroMed Company, LTD Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Headrick collaborate with MHIF in Frank B. Wallace* M&I Bank Dr. and Mrs. Randall Johnson Dr. Robert* and Maryann Brandenburg Family Foundation Vital Images, Inc. Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc./The Hubbard research that is critical to W. Shelley Walsh* Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mathisen Joseph Durda Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Don C. Lein* Thomas J. Von Rueden, MD Broadcasting Foundation Lucille S. Wellington* Minneapolis Cardiology Associates Lyle D. Joyce, MD Irving* and Beverly Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Lieberman Mr. John von Steinbergs Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Jaffray medical advancement.” John W. Mooty and Jane N. Mooty Thomas A. Keller, III and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brosig Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lindquist Wallin Foundation Jaye F. and Betty F. Dyer Foundation Founders society Foundation Trust Victoria H. Keller Dr. and Mrs. Charles Burnside Dr. William Lindsay Walter G. Anderson, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jennings Aida Cicic, MD, Senior The following donors have made Nolan Family Foundation Mr. Andrew Kiernan Mr. and Mrs. Ron M. Burton Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lundeen Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wanner Mrs. Linda Kiernan Director, Cardiac Rhythm cumulative gifts of $25,000 or more. Northwest Anesthesia, P.A. Mr. and Mrs. David A. Koch Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Burwell/Rod and Walt* and Jan* Lundeen Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Wikner King Edwards Hospital Old Dutch Foods, Inc. Dr. Casey Lawler and Dr. Royce Lawler Barbara Burwell Family Foundation Lunds Wipfli, LLP Merck Disease Management Principals Paul G. Allen Foundation Lifetouch, Inc. C.H. Carpenter Lumber Mr. and Mrs. Dan Luther Mr. Michael Wright Dr. and Mrs. David E. Milbrath Clinical Research, $1,000,000 and above Piper Jaffray Companies Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lips Mr. Jeffrey Carlson Mr. and Mrs. David Luther Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Zitzloff Old Dutch Foods, Inc. Abbott Northwestern Hospital SciCom Data Services Dr. and Mrs. Terrence F. Longe Ceridian Corp. Lyman Lumber Company Foundation Donald* and Lucile Pearson Medtronic, Inc. Co-Lead Counsel and the Plaintiffs Sit Investment Associates, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lucker Mr. Lloyd G. Cherne* Mr. and Mrs. Harvey B. Mackay endowment giving Mr. Raymond N. Plank Steering Committee for the Medtronic Spell Family Foundation Luther Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jack Chestnut Dr. and Mrs. James D. Madison The following gifts and pledges of $100 Mrs. Sharon J. Rome Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Lieberman ICD Products Liability Litigation, Spring Lake Park Lions Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lynch Mr.* and Mrs.* Sidney Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Madison or more were received between January 1, Mr. William A. Ross Lifetouch, Inc. MDL #1726 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Mr. George A. Mairs III Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cohen Ms. Rose Mallinger Estate* 2008 and December 31, 2008. SciCom Data Services Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lucker Mrs. Beverlee Dorn UBS Financial Services, Inc. Robert* and Cynthia McGarvey Community Credit Marbrook Foundation Vital Images, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lundeen Jon Holden DeHaan Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Robert Van Tassel Minnesota Thoracic Associates, P.A. Mrs. Marilyn Conlon McCarthy-Bjorklund Foundation Dr. Thomas Knickelbine and Wert Family Foundation Rudy and Shirley Luther Fund of the Tom and Mari Lowe Jean and Sheldon Wert/Wert Family Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Mooney Mr. and Mrs. Harris Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. McElroy Mrs. Heidi E. Chen Minneapolis Foundation Rudy and Shirley Luther Fund of Foundation Paper Warehouse, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cote Mr. and Mrs. Burton J. McGlynn Ms. Caryn O. Ireland $5,000-$9,999 Lyman Lumber Company Foundation The Minneapolis Foundation Donald* and Lucile Pearson Crown Bank Mr. Richard F. McNamara Ms. Ilene T. Saunders* Acist Medical Systems, Inc. The Marsh D. J. Kranz Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William L. McReavy Hansen Family Foundation AGA Medical Corporation McCarthy-Bjorklund Foundation David* and Dorothy Dalquist Meristem Zabel and Charles A. Geer Family Fund of Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Anderson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter McNerney mHiF researchers published almost 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals Col.* and Mrs.* Thomas Davis Meritex Foundation The Minneapolis Foundation Apogee Enterprises, Inc. Meristem and made over 90 presentations at professional meetings in 2008. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Dayton Midway National Bank Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. McElroy BioMedix * Deceased
  6. 6. Contributors (continued) Mr. and Mrs. James Wanshura Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Schultze Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Schwecke Ms. Maryann Faricy Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Feils Mr. Jaime W. Laughlin Mr. Kenneth W. Leaf Moss & Barnett Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bae Mr. and Mrs. Neal S. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Telander Ms. Florence Weber* Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Silvestri Mr. and Mrs. Gurvin Femrite Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Leavenworth North American Banking Company The Baker Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Cooperman Dr. Jay and Sarah Traverse Mrs. Lisa A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. David Fink Dr. and Mrs. Walter Lee Oppenheimer, Wolff & Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Barton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cosico UBS Financial Services, Inc. $250-$499 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Fitzsimonds Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Leech Mr. and Mrs. Bartley S. Osborn Dr. M. Nicholas Burke and Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cote UMI Company, Inc. ABRA Auto Body & Glass Mr. Jack Spillane Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Flamm Dr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Leonard The Phileona Foundation Susan Slattery-Burke Mrs. Beatrice Cowle Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Adolf Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stark Mr. Thomas P. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Levin Pierce Family Fund of The Minneapolis Dr. and Mrs. Durand E. Burns Mr. and Mrs. David P. Crosby Dr. Yale Wang and Dr. In-Zu Tuan Mr. Steven J. Anderson Mr. Paul Steiner Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Forrest Ms. Bridget Levin Foundation Cardiovascular Systems Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Tobie Dayton/Stone Pier Mrs. Susan A. Warmka Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Andresen Mrs. Jane E. Sternberg Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Fraser Mr. and Mrs. James A. Libby Dr. and Mrs. Anil K. Poulose Concept Machine Tool Sales, Inc. Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Warren Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Bader Dr. Doris A. Taylor Mr. Jack E. Friedline Mr. and Mrs. Richard Linck Preferred One Mr. and Mrs. Harris Cooper Mr. and Mrs. John G. Dill, Jr. Mr. Henry Weidema Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ballard Timco Construction, Inc. Mr. Mark Gerbi Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Mackdanz Rod and Barbara Burwell Family D. J. Kranz Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Greg Dolphin Mr. and Mrs. Clark J. Winslow Ms. Virginia Becker Mr. and Mrs. Lynn G. Truesdell, III Ms. Rosa Gerrels Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maertens Foundation Dr. James A. Daniel and Dr. and Mrs. Frazier Eales, III Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Zitzloff Mr. and Mrs. John E. Beithon Mr. Jorgen Viltoft Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Gibson Mr. and Mrs. John R. Malone Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Olson Ms. Judy D. McMahon Executive Health Care, P.L.L.C. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Whitfield Mr. and Mrs. David L. Giese Malta Township Combined Fund Mr. and Mrs. James R. Safley Mr. Dominic J. DeVaan Ms. Barbara L. Forster $500-$999 Lois B. and Jonathan S. Bishop Family Gigi Olive Interiors, L.L.C. Mr. LeRoy C. Marin Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Yale T. Dolginow Zabel and Charles A. Geer Family Fund of Dr. and Mrs. Peter B. Alden Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation $100-$249 Mr. Ronald Glover and Ms. Dorothy Martin Mr. and Mrs. John D. Seaberg Eagan Lion’s Club The Minneapolis Foundation Mr. Beverley Benson Mr. and Mrs. Everett E. Blakeley, Jr. Anonymous Ms. Rosemarie Montagna Ms. Pauline Martinson Mr. Archie C. Smith and Dr. and Mrs. James A. Furda Genentech, Inc. Ted and Nancy Bigos Greg and Debi Bonine-Giles Dr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Aamoth Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Golberg Dr. and Mrs. D.P. McCormick Mrs. Tina Flint Smith Dr. and Mrs. John Graber George & Helen Fox Family Foundation, Ms. Jackie Boucher Mrs. Brigid Bonner and Ms. Barbara R. Adrian Mrs. Kaye E. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Donald McCourtney Mr. David Stassen Mr. and Mrs. Jim A. Halls Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Boulay Mr. Timothy M. McCarthy Mrs. Elizabeth J. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Arnold L. Goldman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. McIntyre SurModics, Inc. Mr. Alfred W. Harrison The Greater Metro Auto Dealers Mrs. Marilyn L. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Bruneau Mr. Burton Allen Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Greten Ms. Meghann Mclouth TaTonka Real Estate Advisors, Inc. and Mrs. Ingrid Lenz Harrison Association of MN Dr. and Mrs. David A. Burton Mr. Keith P. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Lester G. Alseth Mr. Benjamin G. Griggs, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Melter Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hauser Mr. and Mrs. Thom Gunderson Cobb Strecker Dunphy & Zimmermann Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Callans Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Andrew Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Gustafson Dr. and Mrs. Richard Menzel Dick and Jan Hazen Gutglass, Erickson, Bonville & Larson, CSDZ Mr. Paul E. Carlson Mr. Peter Beck Mr. and Mrs. David Haas Metro Assemblies, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Horovitz S.C. Mr. Craig Conlon Mrs. Elsa Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Evon W. Bent Ms. Kathryn L. Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Valdis Mikelsons Mr. and Mrs. Russell Huffer Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hawkins Continental Restaurants Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Ivan J. Chavez Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Berg Mr. Howard B. Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moberg Dr. and Mrs. William Katsiyiannis Hays Companies John* and Pamela Curtin Mr. John W. Howard and Ms. Meghan S. Bethke Mr. John R. Harmala Mr. and Ms. Bruce R. Monick Mr. and Mrs. D. William Kaufman Mr. Brian F. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Dayton Ms. Susan E. Clark Mrs. Ila J. Bjornton Haugen Law Firm, PLLP Mr. Paul Morreim Key Investment, Inc Dr. and Mrs. Morrison Hodges Ms. Nancy Dostal Mr. James W. Copeland Mr. Michael Blake and Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Hawkins Frederick Muschenheim, MD Dr. Casey Lawler and Dr. Royce Lawler Ms. Elizabeth H. Howell Mr. Timothy J. Eickhoff Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Crowther Ms. Alison Davis-Blake Mr. Allen W. Hayes Ms. Myra A. Nagel Dr. John Lesser and Dr. Julie Knier-Lesser Dr. David and Stacey Hurrell Mr. and Mrs. George P. Flannery Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Blumenthal Hayes & Sons Excavating, Inc. V. G. Nagobads, MD Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Lips Mr. Paul H. Jachman Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Flavin, III Mr. Lawrence J. Evans Mr. Loren Bosmans Mr. Eugene L. Heck Nashville Township Community Chest Dr. and Mrs. Terrence F. Longe Mr. Mike Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Scott Forsberg Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Gamble, Jr. Mrs. Kristin Breeggemann Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Heckt Mr. Donald A. Nelson Dr. and Mrs. Barry Maron Mr. Jerry Johnson Mr. Scott Gilbertson Mr. John Gerhart Mr. and Mrs. Terrence J. Brenny Mr. Osmond J. Hellen Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Nelson Marsden Holding, L.L.C. Mr. and Mrs. Stan Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Goldfus Goodwin-Lindsay Family Fund of the Mr. and Mrs. Francis Brunner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Helling Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Nelson Medicines Company Jane and Jim Kaufman Fund of The Haskell’s Liquor Minneapolis Foundation Mr. Frank E. Brust Mr. and Mrs. John T. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Neste Medivance, Inc. Minneapolis Foundation Hazen and Sawyer, PC Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Gornowich Ms. Janette D. Bryant Mr. Grant Hendricks Mr. Ellsworth E. Neumann Midwest Vending, Inc. Ms. Katharine L. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howard Greater Twin Cities United Way Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Buhl Ms. Marilyn Henkel Mr. and Mrs. Donald Niece Donald G. Murphy* Estate Mr. Spencer Kiernan David and Shirley Hubers Family Fund of Mr. and Mrs. Todd Grover Mr. Martin N. Burke Mr. Glen K. Herfurth Mr. Edmund J. Nightingale Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Nelson Mr. Brady Kiernan The Minneapolis Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Hall Mr. and Mrs. G. William Burkhardt Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Hofmeister Ms. Rebecca A. Nikolai Northwest Anesthesia, P.A. Dr. Thomas Knickelbine and Mr. and Mrs. John Junek Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Haugen Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Busch Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hollister Mr. and Mrs. James T. Nikolai Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. Mrs. Heidi E. Chen Mr. Timothy Kiernan Ms. Melissa Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Bruce P. Candlin Ms. Hazel I. Holt Mr. and Mrs. Noah E. Nohl Dr. Luis Pagan-Carlo Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Krier Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Kroshus Mr. and Mrs. David B. Heegaard Mr. and Mrs. Alberic C. Cardinal Mrs. Ruth Hopperstad Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Noren Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Pedersen Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lacek Dr. Vibhu Kshettry and Mr. and Mrs. Rod Helm Dr. and Mrs. David J. Carlson Mr. Mike Lester and Ms. Christine Hotger Mr. and Mrs. James R. Norwick Molly and Ronald Poole Family Fund of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lynch Dr. Sharon Kshettry Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Herman Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Carlson Ms. Mary E. Hourigan Ms. Marit A. Oberg “I have been in the Minneapolis Foundation Marbrook Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Levine Ms. Katie R. Hillegass Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Carver Drs. Arthur W. Ide and Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Ochs the dental field for more Judy and Octavio Portu Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marcotte Mr. Lenard Lexier Mr. John Horsch Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Ceminsky Nadine W. Smith Ide Ms. Mary O’Kane Ms. Lucille Protas Mr. and Mrs. John P. Martinsen Mr. Gerald F. Madison Mr. Steve Hoyt Mrs. Gloria M. Cessna Mrs. Colette Illies Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Olson than 40 years and realize Roche Laboratories, Inc. Minnesota Distance Running Association Mr. and Mrs. John D. Maney Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Jorgenson Mr. and Mrs. Joel Chirchart Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ireland David and Katherine Olson the value of investing in Schering-Plough Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Mitchell Mark Davy & Associates, Inc. Ms. Linda M. Kallinen Mrs. Elise A. Church Mr. and Mrs. Vernon W. Jahn Mrs. Norma C. Olson health. Research has shown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Schwalbe Mr. and Mrs. William Naegele Mr. David Meyer Mr. Doug Kingsriter Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Blair L. Jenness Ms. Anne S. Otterson Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Senneseth Mr. and Mrs. James W. Nelson Alvin E. and Mildred H. Miller Mr. John A. Koltes Mr.* and Mrs. Charles H. Clay Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Otto links between gum disease Siemens Medical Solutions, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Owen J. Newlin Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Mr. Joseph Langer J. M. Coleman, MD and Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Johnson Mr. Kurt B. Palmer and cardiovascular disease, Dr. and Mrs. Chuen Tang Ms. Carol Ostrow Community Federation Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Larsen Mrs. Kristine M. Coleman Ms. Faye F. Johnson Mr. Jeff Parell Wipfli, LLP Mr. David Parry Mr. and Mrs. George Nadler Mr. and Mrs. James W. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Combs Mrs. Mildred L. Johnson Mrs. Raquel F. Pereira which is a strong reason Placor, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William Parpart Ms. Cindy Lea Mr. James J. Connolly Jr. Mr. Jerry Johnston Mr. and Mrs. George F. Perpich why I support MHIF’s $1,000-$2,499 Mr. and Mrs. Mario Ponce Mr. and Mrs. Stuart H. Paster Mr. Erik Linck Dr. and Mrs. James L. Craig Mr. Alan Joslin Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Perreault goals for better health for Mr. and Mrs. Phil D. Ankeny Quadion Foundation Mrs. Kathryn J. Patton Mr. and Mrs. Stewart C. Loper Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Daly Mr. and Mrs. Todd Jutting Ms. Mary M. Perry ATG Corporation/Alora Ambiance Rahr Foundation Mr. Jean Paul M. Peltier Maguire Agency Mrs. Barbara Danson Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Kanter Mr. Daniel F. Perschau all.” Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Barry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Reedy Ms. Alicia R. Phillips Marah Cole Designs David P. Gordon LTD Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Kauffmann Mr. Adolphe Pesat Mr. Craig Bentdahl and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rempfer Drs. Adnan Z. Rizvi and Ann K. Seltman Massachusetts Medical Society Mr. and Mrs. Todd Davies Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Keister Mrs. Carol M. Peterson Dr. David Milbrath, Mrs. Stephanie A. Simon Ritz Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David D. Ryerse, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald I. Meshbesher Ms. Judy Decker Mr. Richard G. Kelley Mr. Allan B. Pettit Chairman and Founder, Ms. Ann Bentdahl Rosemount, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Schosberg Ms. Frances M. Mitshulis Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Degriselles Ms. Mary E. Kindseth Mr. Robert K. Pillsbury, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John E. Bernhardson Roycraft Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Schroeder Ms. Geraldine Mock Mr. Jim Dickson Ms. Bernice L. Klask Mr. Donald Pizzella Metro Dentalcare Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Birchen Mr. and Mrs. Corey Sargent Mr. Thomas Sexton Mrs. Katherine Moore Lily Mrs. Deb Diskerud Mr. and Mrs. Billy M. Knott Mr. and Mrs. Fred Prinz Mr. and Mrs. John Blomquist Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schwalbach Stanton Group Mrs. Eileen Moses Ms. Kay H. Dixon Mrs. Sue Kosmoski Mrs. Lois L. Propp Drs. Shalabh and Shalini Bobra Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Mrs. Martha B. Stimpson Mrs. Norma N. Neumann and Ms. Mae A. Dobbs Mr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Krasnik Quanex Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James V. Toscano Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon W. Brandau Community Mr. Scott Stockmoe Dr. Rolf Andreassen Mr. and Mrs. James E. Doll Mr. Donald P. Kraybill Mr. Charles Ramsbacher Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Van Tassel Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Bunker Dr. Scott and Patricia Sharkey Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Sullivan Mr. Thomas J. Nikolai Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D’Orazio Mr. David A. Kristal and Mr. and Mrs. James Reames ViroMed Company, LTD Dr. and Mrs. Charles Burnside Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sjoblad Sundet Foundation Mr. Robert J. O’Brien Mr. Dave Draxler Ms. Cristiana Giordano Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Rethemeier W. Duncan and Nivin MacMillan Burton J. and Delores M. Lindahl Spring Lake Park Lions Mr. Terry Terman Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. William J. Edlefsen Lakeville Lakeside Lions Club Mr. and Mrs. Ward Ring Foundation Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stewart The A. Skidmore and Edith D. Thorpe Mr. Thomas A. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Miles E. Efron Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Lane Ms. Patricia S. Ringer W. Shelley* and Virginia Walsh Campbell Foundation/Mr. and Mrs. James Dr. and Mrs. Peter Stokman Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Mr. Donald Pomplun Ms. Charlotte P. Enblom Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Langford Mr. and Mrs. James Robbins Wells Fargo Insurance Services R. Campbell Mrs. Gladys Strommen Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Tickle Mr. James Porter Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Erickson Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Lapensky Ms. Marcia S. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Carpenter Mr. Timothy C. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Toth Mr. and Mrs. Robert Proebstle Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Erickson Mr. Charles Larson Catherine and Thomas Rootness $2,500-$4,999 Brad and Mary Chapin Family Fund of SuperValu Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Tretinyak Richfield Intermediate School Social Mr. Gary H. Erlander Applied Power Products The Greater Green Bay Community Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Gedney Tuttle Sunshine Fund Ms. Karen Eschberger AstraZeneca Foundation Sweatt Foundation Mr. John Waetjen Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Ruefenacht Ms. Hope B. Esparolini over 2,300 individuals, corporations and foundations Atritech, Inc. Mrs. Siobhán Cleary and Mr. Joe Dowling Symbology, Inc. * Deceased Mr. Eric Schaeter Mr. and Mrs. David L. Evelo made philanthropic contributions to mHiF in 2008.
  7. 7. Contributors (continued) MHIF Staff Pacemaker Clinic Staff Octavio Portu Colleen Sargent Beth Cairns Elizabeth Z. Grey, MD Robert G. Hauser Timothy D. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rose Yaeger Bus Service, Inc./Karen Yeager Alice Huntington Mary Schmitt Nate Packer John Seaberg Kevin M. Harris, MD Alan T. Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. James A. Saari Mr. Kenneth R. Young Lorna Hutchinson Dorothy Schneider Dr. Wesley R. Pedersen William Spell Alan T. Hirsh, MD David G. Hurrell Mr. John C. Jesmok and Mr. and Mrs. George E. Zieger Robert Innoni Frank Schweitzer Elizabeth M. Ringer James V. Toscano, President David G. Hurrell, MD Desmond B. Jay Ms. Annett M. Samson Thomas A. Ireland Henry L. Sikorski Olga Samuelson Emily Anne Tuttle Thomas A. Keller, III Randall K. Johnson Sylvester Sanfilippo, MD memoriaLs Leona Isola Andy Skoj Sally Sawyer Robert Van Tassel, MD Thomas Knickelbine, MD William T. Katsiyiannis Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Sawyer Gifts were made in memory of the Earl Jacobson Lori Solseth Timothy Sawyer Sheldon Z. Wert, Past Chair Raquel Pereira Thomas Knickelbine Mr. George W. Sayer III following individuals between January 1, Craig A. Johnson Odella Smith Emma Smith Octavio Portu Timothy J. Kroshus Ms. Fannie S. Schanfield 2008 and December 31, 2008. Don Johnson Helen Stahlke Homer Smith executive committee Colleen Sargent Vibhu R. Kshettry Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Schaust Rick Johnson Douglas Strander Dr. Chuen Tang M. Nicholas Burke, MD Nancy Sherwood David Larson Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Schenk Jerry Anderson Joseph Jurkovich Oscar Stromli Dr. Jay Traverse Kevin M. Harris, MD James V. Toscano Casey M. Lawler Judge and Mrs. J. W. Schindler Keith H. Anderson Beatrice Kayser John M. Stuber Dr. Robert Van Tassel Robert G. Hauser, MD Susan White John R. Lesser Mr. David G. Schwappach Joseph Arbeiter Gladys Kellor Margaret Swanson Elizabeth Howell Raymond Yu David Lin Ms. Lou Score Clyde Asbell Wanda Kubinski Helen Thies matcHing giFts David G. Hurrell, MD Ellie Zuehlke Terrence F. Longe Mr. and Mrs. William D. Selfridge Louise A. Bachman Reuben Kujas Elroy Titus The following companies matched Benjamin Jaffray James D. Madison Mr. and Mrs. James Seltz Dr. Clifford Bell Gary Kurschner Marie Titus employees’ gifts between January 1, 2008 Thomas A. Keller, III Professional education committee Barry J. Maron Ms. Alice R. Senechal Glenn Bergstrom John Kurtz, Jr. Mona Torell and December 31, 2008. Stuart Nolan, Chair Jackie Boucher Michael R. Mooney Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Shalles Jackie Bethke Carl Langnickel Jim Turner James V. Toscano Timothy D. Henry, MD Quirino G. Orlandi Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Silverman Ellwood Bjornton Noreen Lannin Michael Van Ort Aetna Foundation, Inc. Robert Van Tassel, MD David G. Hurrell, MD Wesley R. Pedersen Ms. Barbara K. Sletten Lou Brandl Lorraine Larson Judy Van Putten Ameriprise Financial Sheldon Z. Wert, Past Chair William T. Katsiyiannis, MD Adnan Z. Rizvi Ms. Amanda Sobaski Robert Brennan Margaret A. Larson Robert Ryan GE Foundation J. Eva Kovacs Robert S. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. John R. Spalj Clem Brenny Minnie Leach Leslie T. Vasek GlaxoSmithKline Foundation development committee Scott W. Sharkey, MD Mr. Ernest R. Spinks Thomas J. Broder Eldon Lendt Anna Vechell Global Impact Ann Bentdahl Timothy M. Sullivan, MD Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Sprenger Mary Brown Annabelle Lesterson Dick Vincent GMAC ResCap Community Relations Greg Bonine-Giles James V. Toscano Roger and Rachel Stearns Rose Buhl Karen Lesher Arthur Wangaard Mackay Shields LLC Bradley Chapin, Vice Chair Mr. and Mrs. Jolyon A. Stein Dorothy Buss Lloyd Luckman Donald Watson Microsoft Giving Campaign Elizabeth Howell Physician researchers Mr. and Mrs. Gene H. Storms Ethan James Butler Peter Ludwig Florence Weber Piper Jaffray Employee Giving Program Kristin Jacobson Adrian K. Almquist Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Strand Clifford Carlson John A. MacMillan Marshall Weber, Sr. Quadion Foundation Jerry Johnson, Chair Shalini Bobra Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Studer Steve Cassem Robert P. Magen Betty Weigel TCF Foundation Thomas A. Keller, III M. Nicholas Burke Mr. Sigvald Svendsen Milton Chazin Irene Madden Marie Weis U.S. Bancorp Foundation Andy Kiernan Ivan J. Chavez Mr. and Mrs. Loren E. Swanson Lenny Christiansen Geraldine G. Magnus Eleanor Walch Wellpoint Associate Giving Campaign Rick Leggott James A. Furda Mr. and Mrs. James A. Swenson Margaret B. Clausen Hilda Martin Edith Weidema Octavio Portu Charles C. Gornick Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Swinney Daniel Culhane Irene Maxim Steven H. Wise Michael Schroeder Kevin J. Graham Mr. Bradley Tainter Mary Corrigan Phippen Kathryn McCourtney Irene Wishart Arch Smith Elizabeth Z. Grey Mrs. Colleen Tate Hilda Cunniff Bruce McCrady James Wold William Spell Kevin M. Harris Mrs. Ming L. Tchou John Curtin Agnes McDevitt Wallace Woldengen Robert G. Hauser Mr. Richard Thibault Gordon W. Decker Mathew McFarland Lowell J. Wolter governance committee Timothy D. Henry Mr. Richard A. Thompson, II Garry deGarmo John McQuay Esther Wright Greg Bonine-Giles Alan T. Hirsch Rev. Eugene W. Tiffany Patricia Dillon Mary Lou Miller Ardyce Wurdeman M. Nicholas Burke, MD, Chair Morrison Hodges Mr. and Mrs. John Tomes Larry Dobbs John Moorhouse Dale Yohnke Frazier Eales, MD David G. Hurrell Mr. and Mrs. Alexander A. Trembley Rick Dobbs Margaret I. Morgan Kevin M. Harris, MD Randall K. Johnson Ms. Shawn E. Truelson Nicholas Dobolis Henry Morton triButes Robert G. Hauser, MD William T. Katsiyiannis Ms. Ruby A. Tudahl Jay Dowdle Donald W. Moses Gifts were made in honor of the following Benjamin Jaffray Thomas Knickelbine Universal Building Systems, Inc. Charles P. Doyle Walter Muhs individuals between January 1, 2008 and Octavio Portu Timothy J. Kroshus Ms. Linda Valenti Hazel R. Eisenstadt Elvin “Al” Mundt December 31, 2008. James V. Toscano Vibhu R. Kshettry Ms. Mary Ann Valenti Wayne Elwood Adeline Mracek Casey M. Lawler “My husband died Ms. Susan R. Valo Barbara Engman Donald Murphy Abbott Northwestern Surgeons investment committee John R. Lesser unexpectedly of a condition Mr. and Mrs. John D. Varco Ron Ennis Velta Nagobads Dr. Rolf Andreassen Ann Bentdahl Daniel Lips Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Vogt Zachary Hart Erlander Sidney Edward Nelson Arlene Applebaum Elizabeth Howell James D. Madison called vulnerable plaque. Ms. Geraldine Vogt Millard Evak El Roy Nerness Murray Applebaum Benjamin Jaffray, Chair Barry J. Maron MHIF introduced our Mr. and Mrs. William W. Wagnild Deanna Marie Faber Louis Neubarth Kalman Abrams minneaPoLis Heart Stuart Nolan Daniel P. Melby family to Dr. Robert Dr. and Mrs. Donald Waletzko Don Fellows Mary L. Nikolai Pam Brin institute Foundation Dan Stennes-Rogness Michael R. Mooney Dr. and Mrs. Jack V. Wallinga Robert Ferguson Hildur W. Norell Robert Brin James V. Toscano Maria-Teresa P. Olivari Schwartz and his team who Mr. and Mrs. William E. Walsh Ben Fiterman Albert Nutz Roger Buhl Board of directors Sheldon Wert Quirino G. Orlandi are trying to uncover better Mr. and Mrs. Loren W. Walter Harold Fubeckorn John Oien Dr. Durand E. Burns Philip Ankeny Wesley R. Pedersen Mr. and Mrs. Merle Walter Robert Gauthier Janet Olberding Dr. M. Nicholas Burke methods of diagnosis and Ann Bentdahl research committee Anil K. Poulose Mr. Sven Wehrwein Edward Giles Jaycen David Oldenburg Casey Family M. Nicholas Burke, MD, Vice Chair Charlene Boisjolie Adnan Z. Rizvi treatment in this area. We Mr. Roy Weigel Daniel Goldman’s Mother Alvin Olson Dostal Family Barbara Burwell Joseph Cosico Robert S. Schwartz are supporting their research Mr. and Mrs. Verne E. Weiss Gerald Haddox Gordon Olson Nancy Dostal Jeanne Carpenter Charles C. Gornick, MD Scott W. Sharkey Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Weisskopf Robert Hagen Donald Pearson Jaye F. Dyer Bradley Chapin Elizabeth Z. Grey, MD Timothy M. Sullivan and in turn, helping to Ms. Sally J. Whalen Harold Halverson Carla Zoe Peterson’s brother Dr. Frazier Eales Yale T. Dolginow Kevin M. Harris, MD Chuen Tang prevent another family from Ms. Halene Whitfield Margaret Harbo Earling Peterson Heidi Eales Frazier Eales, MD Robert G. Hauser, MD, Chair Norma L. Thiessen losing a loved one. We are Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Wilkinson Delores Harrison Mary Phippen Dr. Thomas F. Flavin Marna Fullerton Timothy D. Henry, MD Jay H. Traverse Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Williams Marilyn Hartman Addie Plummer Lyle Goodspeed Tamarra Giertz Alan T. Hirsch, MD Yale Wang very excited be a part of the Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Williams Phyllis Hastings Michael Polak Dr. John Graber Morris Goodwin, Jr. Morrison Hodges, MD MHIF family.” Mr. and Mrs. James A. Williams William Hauer Tom Radke Dr. Kevin J. Graham Kevin M. Harris, MD, Secretary Rick Leggott Physician educators Mr. William E. Wilson Lincoln Havens Leslie Reirson Paul J. Greten Alan T. Hirsch, MD John R. Lesser, MD Peter B. Alden Sharon Rome Mr. and Mrs. Duane T. Windahl Grant Hendricks Neomi Reirson Dr. Tim Henry Morrison Hodges, MD Barry J. Maron, MD Adrian K. Almquist Ms. Denise C. Windenburg Brendan Hession Bernice Ricke’s parents Gresham Howren Elizabeth Howell, Treasurer Michael R. Mooney, MD Shalini Bobra Windsor Financial Group Jim Hill Elizabeth Robertson Sarah Janacek David G. Hurrell, MD Wesley R. Pedersen, MD M. Nicholas Burke Scott W. Sharkey Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Winston Mavis Hofstad Wallace Rogers, Jr. Vince Joshua Benjamin Jaffray Robert S. Schwartz, MD Ivan J. Chavez Peter Stokman Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Witte Ronald Holmes Kenneth Rome Dr. William Katsiyiannis D. William Kaufman Scott W. Sharkey, MD Timothy G. Dirks Timothy M. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wolfe James Hulbach Phyllis B. Rosenblatt Maureen Kucera-Walsh Vibhu R. Kshettry, MD James V. Toscano Bjorn P. Flygenring Norma L. Thiessen WSB & Associates Gary Hunt Howard Royce Peter Ludwig Casey M. Lawler, MD Jay H. Traverse, MD James A. Furda Jay H. Traverse Elaine Rupprecht Mr. and Mrs. Dean Madison Rick Leggott Charles C. Gornick Alexander S. Tretinyak Robert Ryan Dr. Barry Maron Sid Mallory, Ex-Officio community education committee Kevin J. Graham Robert A. Van Tassel mHiF received over $200,000 from minneapolis Norman A. Saari MHI Associates Richard Meyer, Ex-Officio Jackie Boucher Elizabeth Z. Grey Heart institute physicians in 2008. Anita Schenk MHI Physicians Stuart Nolan, Chair Susan Cahoon Kevin M. Harris * Deceased