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MHIF Recruitment Kit


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MHIF Recruitment Kit

  1. 1. how do you create world a without heart ? disease
  2. 2. scientific innovation + education + commitment + philanthropy a world without heart disease
  3. 3. the face of heart disease name: Karen age: 49 diagnosis: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy outcome: when Karen teaches about the human body in her kindergarten classroom, she explains that when her heart “misbehaves” there is a device in her chest that says “Hey, cut it out!” and makes it beat properly
  4. 4. scientific innovation we treat more cardiovascular patients using adult stem cell therapy than any other center in the nation we diagnose cardiovascular disease at progressively earlier stages using non-invasive imaging we explore minimally invasive treatment options for patients with valve disease who are too fragile for open-heart surgery we investigate instances of sudden death on the athletic field to eliminate their occurrence
  5. 5. the face of heart disease name: Sarah age: 32 diagnosis: heart attack outcome: as a neonatal nurse, Sarah sometimes needs to treat her newborn patients with cooling therapy, the same technique that saved her life after having a heart attack
  6. 6. education we provide youth with tools to take an active role in their health by eating well and getting more exercise we train health professionals on the latest research to ensure they provide the highest level of care we educate women who want to lower their risk of heart disease through our community programs we improve access to health education and support networks through web-based programs and online communities
  7. 7. the face of heart disease name: Robert age: 84 diagnosis: valve disorder outcome: singing in the community men’s choir once again, Robert and his wife of 62 years are pleased with how quickly he recovered after undergoing a minimally invasive procedure
  8. 8. commitment since 1998, the number of heart attack deaths in Minnesota has dropped by 26% Minnesota is the only state where heart disease is not the leading cause of death our Level One program has dramatically decreased the time it takes for heart attacks to be treated, cutting the mortality rate in half we share our research by publishing over 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals and conducting more than 125 presentations each year
  9. 9. the face of heart disease name: Don age: 70 diagnosis: peripheral artery disease outcome: participating in the research protocol eliminated Don’s leg pain, allowing him to fish and play with his grandkids again
  10. 10. philanthropy the Foundation received $1.6 million in unrestricted support last year Minneapolis Heart Institute physicians have contributed over $10 million since 1982 what can you do? 1. make a gift to the Foundation each year 2. involve your friends • ring a friend to “At the Heart of It” b • invite friends to the annual gala • host a house party 3. join the Development Committee 4. ask peers to make gifts to the Foundation
  11. 11. the face of heart disease name: Kim age: 44 diagnosis: heart attack outcome: having experienced two heart- attacks herself, Kim advocates for better cardiovascular care for women, which means a brighter future for all girls, including her daughter
  12. 12. a world without heart disease Imagine a world filled with new medical possibilities where individuals live healthier, more productive lives by preventing heart disease before it becomes a problem. This is the vision of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. Through ground-breaking clinical research, professional education and health behavior change programs, we are making a tangible impact on individuals’ quality of life, and reducing the mortality rate associated with cardiovascular disease. We invite you to join us in envisioning the possibilities. help create a world without heart disease call us at 612-863-5410
  13. 13. Minneapolis Abbott Northwestern Heart Institute Hospital n ar io se n ch at e e i uc ar R iat Re du Ed ul soc se cat E & vasc s As ar io ch n io es rd sin & Ca Bu D &B on o or ard n di or Co E tio or on na or xch Co D di an na g tio e n Abbott Northwestern Allina Hospital Foundation
  14. 14. spirit of the heart Annual Dinner and Gala September 27, 2008 Minneapolis Hilton Hotel Help us mark 26 years of accomplishment by attending our Gala and celebrating the spirit of those committed to advancing heart health. Your generosity directly supports ground-breaking clinical research and education initiatives that are reducing mortality and increasing quality of life. Various sponsorship opportunities are available. contact Kara Schlosser at 612-863-3844 or for additional information