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Power point my best friend


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Published in: Lifestyle, Health & Medicine
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Power point my best friend

  1. 1. MY BEST FRIEND By Cristina Aparicio Balagué
  2. 3. My best friend is called Alicia. We live in the same town, Perelló.
  3. 4. I'm two years older than her.
  4. 5. Alicia has got long,dark hair and, brown eyes. She's quite tall 160cm. I've about eight centimeters taller than her, but we look quite similar.
  5. 6. I've got short hair, dark hair too, but my eyes are brown. We always wear the same clothes -jeans and a simple T-shirt.
  6. 7. We sometimes wear more elegant clothes when we go to parties.
  7. 8. Alicia is a cheerful little girl, and she is also very nice.
  8. 9. The end!
  9. 10. Created by Cristina Aparicio Balagué, with the help of Angela Pons (teacher). “Thanks for your collaboration.”