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Patch Outside Sales Deck


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Deck used by sales force for advertiser clients.

Published in: Technology
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Patch Outside Sales Deck

  1. 1. Meet Patch Why Patch?gives your businessthe tools to reach morelocal customers Patch Business Solutions
  2. 2. Meet PatchHow can we help you grow your business?
  3. 3. Patch at a Glance Local Editor Local Commerce Local Conversation Local Content Local Events & Announcements4
  4. 4. Why advertise online? WWW 79% 70% of consumers use the of consumers checked internet as a chief an online source before source for local news visiting a local business and information or restaurant Who’s on Patch? 87% 87% of site visitors of a town’s are local population visits Patch monthly 42% 73% of Patch users are highly of users interested in patronizing have children local businesses 2X 72% Patch household have shared incomes are double content with the national average friends and familySources: Harris Interactive, March 2011 through May 2011; Pew Internet Research, December 2011; Patch Internal Data, 2012
  5. 5. How We Market Ourselves Digital Grassroots Marketing • Network • In-Town Events • Google Display Network • Sports Team Sponsorships • Geo-Targeted Campaigns • Local Media Search Engines AOL Distribution • SEO • AOL Homepage • SEM • AOL Mail • Google News • AOL Real-Time Messages Social Media Content Partnerships • Twitter & Facebook Pages • Starbucks Digital Network • Facebook Ads • Outbrain • Integrated Sharing Functionality • Regional TV and Print Publications6
  6. 6. Why Patch?
  7. 7. The Patch Difference Targeted Local Audience Measurable Results: Online and Off Affordable Ad Solutions The Leader in Content, Commerce, and Conversations8
  8. 8. Patch Business Solutions
  9. 9. Homepage Ad Opportunities and Examples Leaderboard Ad Examples [728 x 90] Ad 1 Examples [300 x 60] Ad 2 Examples [300 x 250]10
  10. 10. Article Page Ad Opportunities and Examples Leaderboard Ad Examples [728 x 90] Ad 1 and Ad 7 Examples [300 x 60] Ad 2, Ad 3 and Ad 4 Examples [300 x 250] Ad 5 Examples [300 x 120]11
  11. 11. Claim Your Listing Do you own or manage this location? Claim it! Why Claim? • Post photos, videos and links • Track online presence with your • Respond to customer reviews reporting dashboard • Announce upcoming event • Add and update business info12
  12. 12. eNewsletter 60% eNewsletter readership has increased by 60% in the past year 3X eNewsletter subscribers are 3x more engaged in local content than traditional web audiences Benefits • Exclusive placement in daily and weekly eNewsletter • Unique local reach, with 1,600+ eNewsletters subscribers per Patch on average13
  13. 13. Let’s work togetherThank you.