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IT Service Catalogues


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Short overview from design to proper cost allocation of IT services / products. / Kurzer Ueberblick in die Erstellung eines IT Service Katalogs bis zur verursachergerechten Fakturierung.

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IT Service Catalogues

  1. 1. Increased  business  value  by   IT  Service  Catalogues   Design,  Calcula8on  and  Cost  Alloca8on  
  2. 2. Trademarks   Die  in  diesem  Dokument  verwendeten  Markennamen  und  Produktbezeichnungen  unterliegen  im  Allgemeinen   den  gesetzlichen  Bes;mmungen,  insbesondere  dem  warenzeichen-­‐,  marken-­‐  oder  patentrechtlichen  Schutz.       All  used  names  of  brands  and  products  are  trademarks  and/or  copyright  material  of  their  respec;ve  owners.     10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  2  
  3. 3. Wandel  von   der     IT  Diskussion   zur   Kunden-­‐ zufriedenheit   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  3   Die  IT  ist  zu   teuer.   Im  Elektronik  Markt   bekomme  ich  den  PC   viel  güns;ger.   Die  IT  Abteilung   ist  zu  langsam.   Ich  will  die  SoQware   xyz,  da  ich  schon   immer  damit   gearbeitet  habe.   Ich  brauche  die   SoQware  xyz.   Ich  kann  nicht   arbeiten,  da  die  IT   nicht  funk;oniert.   Das  Netz  ist  zu  langsam.   Von  der  IT  bekommen   wir  ja  mehr  Leistung   zu  einem  güns;geren   Preis  als  am  Markt.   Das  ist  ein   nachvollziehbarer   Preis.   Wozu  braucht   der  Mitarbeiter  A   die  SoQware  xyz?   Wir  brauchen  den  Service  Z  nicht.   Die  IT  macht   einen  super  Job.   Die  IT  berücksich;gt   meine   Anforderungen.   Wir  benö;gen  die   Menge  X  vom   Service  Y.  
  4. 4. AGENDA   •  From  the  Reference  Model  to  the  IT  Service   •  IT  Service  Catalogue   •  Pricing   •  Charging   •  Summary   10.07.2014  4   Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  
  5. 5. From  the  Reference  Model  to  the  IT  Service   Overview   Best  Prac8ces  &   Policies   QA  Procedures   Security  Principles   ITIL   IT  Infrastructure  Library   Standards   ISO  9000  /  9001   ISO  15408  /  27002   ISO  20000   Governance  of   Enterprise  IT   COBIT   Control  Objec;ves  for  Informa;on  and  related  Technology   Enterprise   Governance   Balance  Scorecard   COSO   Commidee  of  Sponsoring  Organiza;ons   of  the  Tread-­‐way  Commission   Drivers   PERFORMANCE   Business  Goals   CONFORMANCE   Basel,  SOX,  KonTraG  etc.   *Not  Exhaus;ve   HOW?   10.07.2014  5   Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues   ≫  There  is  no  “ready-­‐to-­‐use  off-­‐the-­‐shelf”  framework.  ≪   WHAT?  
  6. 6. Con;nual  Service  Improvement   7  Step  Improvement  Process   Service  Opera;on   Event  Mgmt   Incident  Mgmt   Request  Fulfilment   Problem  Mgmt   Access  Mgmt   Service  Transi;on   Transi;on   Planning  &   Support   Change  Mgmt   Service  Asset  &   Configura;on   Mgmt   Release  &   Deployment   Mgmt   Service   Valida;on  &   Tes;ng   Change   Evalua;on   Knowledge   Mgmt   Service  Design   Design   Coordina;on   Service   Catalogue   Mgmt   Service  Level   Mgmt   Availabilty   Mgmt   Capacity   Mgmt   IT  Service   Con;nuity   Mgmt   Informa;on   Security   Mgmt   Supplier   Mgmt   Service  Strategy   Strategy  Mgmt   Service  Porkolio  Mgmt   Financial  Mgmt   Demand  Mgmt   Business  Rela;onship   Mgmt   MANAGEMENT Alignment to achieve … Enterprise Enablers Build, Acquire & Implement Deliver, Service & Support Monitor, Evaluate & Assess GOVERNANCE Enterprise Objectives Evaluate, Direct & Monitor From  the  Reference  Model  to  the  IT  Service   Approach   WHAT?  –  COBIT   (High-­‐Level  Objec8ves  +  Controls)   HOW?  –  ITIL   (Detailed  Direc8ves)   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  6   ≫  Select  a  set  of  process  improvement  models.  ≪   Service  Strategy   …   Service  Porkolio  Management  (Service  Catalogue)   Financial  Management   …   Align, Plan & Organize Align,  Plan  &  Organize   …   APO05  Manage  Porkolio   APO06  Manage  Budget  &  Costs   …  
  7. 7. Analyse  first   APO05   Manage   Porkolio   APO09   Manage   Service   Agreements   From  the  Reference  Model  to  the  IT  Service   Opportunity  Grid   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  7   Poten;al  for  Success   Impact  on  the  Business   Low   High   High   Process   C   Process   D   Process   …   n   ≫  Processes  that  scored  high  in  both  …,  are  processes  that  need  the  most  aYen8on  1st.  ≪  
  8. 8. From  the  Reference  Model  to  the  IT  Service   Process  Maturity  Framework  (PMF)   0  Non-­‐existent,  processes   are  not  applied  at  all   1  Ini;al,  processes  are  ad   hoc  and  disorganized   2  Repeatable,  processes   follow  a  regular  padern   3  Defined,  processes  are   documented  and   communicated   4  Managed,  processes  are   monitored  and  measured   5  Op;mized,  processes  are   followed  and  automated   Ini;al   Repeatable   Defined   Managed   Op;mized   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  8   Non-­‐existent   ≫  The  maturity  of  each  process  will  be  developed  itera8vely  through  5  levels.  ≪  
  9. 9. From  the  Reference  Model  to  the  IT  Service   Maturity  Worksheet   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  9   ≫  Assess  performance  –  define  target  –  iden8fy  improvements.  ≪   Level  /   Adributes   Vision  &   Governance   Processes   People   Technology   Culture   Ini;al   Repeatable   Defined   Managed   Op;mized   As   is   To   be   Gap  analysis  
  10. 10. From  the  Reference  Model  to  the  IT  Service   Alignment  of  Business  &  IT  /  Iden8fica8on  of  IT  Services   Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  10   Business  Processes   Service  Assets   Financial   capital   Infra-­‐ structure   Applica-­‐ ;ons   Informa-­‐ ;on   People   Know-­‐ ledge   Prcesses   Organiza-­‐ ;on   Manage-­‐ ment   Technical  View  Business  View   Resources   Capabili;es   Services   Accoun;ng   HR  Mgmt.   Mgmt.   Repor;ng   Informa;on   Sharing   ...   Service  n   U;lity   Warranty   10.07.2014   ≫  One  service,  different  views  -­‐  a  business  perspec8ve  is  needed.  ≪  
  11. 11. From  the  Reference  Model  to  the  IT  Service   Set  up  the  appropriate  SLA  structure   Master  Agreement  /   IT  Service  Agreement   • General  principles   • General  object  of   agreement   • General  obliga;ons   of  IT  Service  Provider   • General  obliga;ons   of  customer   • Contact   • Payment   • Term   • Termina;on   • Liability   • Confiden;ality   • Privacy   • General  provisions   Service  Level  Agreement   (SLA)   • Defini;ons   • Service  descrip;on   • Scope  of  Service   • Service  hours  /   maintenance   • Support  hours   • Service  performance   (quan;ty,   throughput,  response   ;me,  etc.)   • Availability   • Responsibili;es   • Charging  (pricing,   bonus  /  malus)   • Repor;ng  and  service   review   • General  provisions   IT  Service   • Delivery  of  in  the  SLA   in  detail  described   services  in   accordance  to  agreed   parameters  (;me,   quan;ty,  quality,   price)   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  11   ≫  SLA’s  provide  the  basis  for  managing  the  rela8onship  between  business  and  IT.  ≪  
  12. 12. From  the  Reference  Model  to  the  IT  Service   Benefits  of  Reference  Models   •  Framework   •  Holis;c  approach   •  Golden  Thread   •  Flexible  and  individually  adaptable   •  Adop;on  and  implementa;on  is  rela;vely  quick   •  External  and/or  internal  view,  bridge  between   business  &  IT,  helpful  for  argumenta;on   •  Best  prac;ce   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  12  
  13. 13. IT  Service  Catalogue   Economic  interests  and  objec8ves   Business   •  Customized  services   •  Transparency  (detailed  descrip;on)   and  costs  (traceability  of  invoicing,   based  on  quan;;es  and  prices)  of   services     •  Comparability  of  services   •  Service  flexibility,  promote  individual   terms   •  Pro-­‐ac;ve  management  of  cost   •  Traceability  of  service  quality  /   performance,  based  on  agreed  KPIs   •  Accuracy  in  planning  of  budgets   IT   •  Defined  services  with  high  quality   and  transparent  prices   •  Reasonable  cost  of  services,  high   level  of  standardiza;on   •  Flexibility  and  speed  in  providing  new   services,  simula;on   •  Adequate  diversity  of  variants   •  Full-­‐cost  calcula;on   •  Iden;fica;on  of  reasonable  and   sustainable  cost  savings   •  Accuracy  in  planning  of  budgets   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  13   ≫  IT  Service  Catalogues  provide  the  basis  for  managing  IT  expenditures.  ≪  
  14. 14. IT  Service  Catalogue   Structure  &  brief  descrip8on  (1)*   Service Package Core Service** Standard Desktop Services • Desktop Basic • Desktop Standard • Desktop Professional • Desktop Mobile Standard • Desktop Mobile Professional • MS Windows, MS Internet Explorer, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, Adobe Acrobat Reader • Hard Disk Encryption • Email Account 1 GB • Home Share 1 GB • Net Share 1 GB • Service desk / On-call Service 8x5 Optional Extra Charge • Monitor Standard • Monitor Professional • BlackBerry (encrypted) • USB-Stick (encrypted) • Email Encryption • Flat Rate • Additional Storage Email • Additional Storage Home Share • Additional Storage Net Share 10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  14   *  Not  Exhaus;ve   **  In  dependency  of  User  Profiles  
  15. 15. IT  Service  Catalogue   Structure  &  brief  descrip8on  (2)*   Service Package Core Service** Standard ERP Services • ERP Basic • ERP Standard • ERP Professional • ERP Human Resources • ERP Data Warehouse • ERP Reporting • Licensing • Installation • Operations • Support (2nd/3rd Level) Service Desk / On-call Services • Service Desk 8x5 • On-Call Services 24x7 • Service Desk Extension xxx • Service Desk Tool www • Service Desk Mail @ • On-Call Service No. xxx 10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  15   *  Not  Exhaus;ve   **  In  dependency  of  User  Profiles  
  16. 16. IT  Service  Catalogue   SLA  Parameters  /  Desktop  Services   Begriffsbes;mmungen   •  1st  Level  Support:  Registrierung  und  Einordnung   eingehender  ...   Servicebeschreibung   •  Bereitstellung  und  Betrieb  von  Computerarbeitsplätzen   •  Core  Services   –  Desktop  Basic:  normal  ausgestadeter  PC  (Thin  Client)  mit   Zugriff  auf  die  Arbeitsumgebung  über  das  Netzwerk   –  ...   –  Desktop  Mobile  Professional:  sehr  leichter  Laptop  mit   kleinem  Display  für  hohe  Mobilität   –  Alle    Produkte  enthalten  eine  externe  Tastatur  und  Maus.   Die  mobilen  Geräte  werden  zusätzlich  mit  Port-­‐Replikator   oder  Docking  Sta;on  zur  Verfügung  gestellt.   –  SoQwarepaket:  ...  (vgl.  brief  descrip;on)   –  Ressourcen:  ...  (vgl.  brief  descrip;on)   –  Lizenzierung   •  Op;onal   –  Monitor  Standard:  19“  LCD  Display     –  ...   Dienstleistungsumfang   •  Bearbeitung  interner  Bestellungen   •  Zuordnung  Standarddrucker   •  Einweisung  Mitarbeiter   •  ...   Servicezeiten  /  Supportzeiten   •  Arbeitstage,  8  -­‐  16  Uhr   Wartungszeiten   •  Geplante  Wartung  jeweils  am  letzten  Freitag  eines  Quartals   von  12  Uhr  bis  zum  Folgetag  12  Uhr     Serviceleistung   •  Standardprodukte:  10  AT  (Leistungsqualität  A)   •  Op;onale  Produkte:  15  AT  (Leistungsqualität  B)   Verfügbarkeit   •  In  einem  Kalendermonat  werden  90%  aller  Produkte   innerhalb  der  definierten  Leistungsqualitäten  bereitgestellt     •  Email:  99,0%   •  ...   Ansprechpartner   •  AG  (1),  AG  (2):  Müller,  Tel.,  Mail,  ...     •  AN  (Service  Level  Manager),  (Service  Owner):  Mustermann,   Tel.,  Mail,  ...   Vergütung  (Preisgestaltung,  Boni  /  Mali)   •  Preiskatalog  /  Bestellformular   Berichterstadung  und  Servicenachschau   •  SLA-­‐Parameter:  monatlich   •  Nachschau:  quartalsweise   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  16  
  17. 17. Service  Cost   Pricing   From  service  cost  to  service  price   • Network  +  Backend   • Peripherals   • Frontend   Hardware*   • Administra;on  &  Monitoring   • Backend  (OS,  DBS)   • Frontend  (Office,  ERP,  etc.)   SoQware*   • In-­‐house  People   • Buildings  +  Offices   • Data  Center   • Consump;ons   Facili;es   • Internet   • Outsourcing   • Consul;ng   External   Services   • Internal  Charges  Transfer   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  17   *  Investment  &  Maintenance   S e r v i c e   P r i c e   Total  Cost  of  Ownership   Service  Cost   Cost  plus   Service  Cost  +  x  %   Market  Price   Service  Cost  ±  x  %   ≫  Full-­‐cost  calcula8on!  -­‐  Cost  Center  or  Profit  Center?  ≪  
  18. 18. Pricing   Precondi8ons   •  Accoun;ng:  deprecia;on   •  Controlling:  hourly  rate,   interest  margin   •  Human  Resources:  hourly   labor  cost  index   •  Monitoring  /  logging:   accounts,  users,  numbers,   capaci;es,  ;me,  u;liza;on,   consump;on  (if  legally   allowed)   •  Historical  data,  projected   data  with  predefined   assump;ons  and  /  or   planed  values   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  18   Level  of  Detail   Level  of  Effort   Low   High   High   Value  of  Informa;on   ≫  Approach  under  considera8on  of  the  effort  /  benefit  ra8o.  ≪  
  19. 19. Pricing   Assump8ons   Hardware   SoQware   People   Facili;es   Ext.  Services   Transfer   Unit   Val.   Unit   Val.   Unit   Val.   Unit   Val.   Unit   Val.   Unit   Val.   Deprecia;on   Low  value  assets   M   12   M   12   PCs,  Notebooks   M   36   M   36   ERP  SoQware   M   84   ICT   M   120   Maintenance   min   %   15   %   17   max   %   21   %   21   Hourly  rate   In-­‐house   €   75   Consul;ng   €   150   Consump;on   Power  costs  /   kWh   Cent   Usage   %   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  19   Budget  /  Contract   Planning   Opera;onal   Interest  margin   Annually   Monthly   6,4%  
  20. 20. Pricing   Determining  of  cost  per  unit   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  20  
  21. 21. Pricing   Determining  of  cost  per  service   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  21  
  22. 22. Pricing   Cost  /  price  structure:  Desktop  Mobile  Basic   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  22   HW  Infrastruktur   26%   HW  Client   39%   SW  Infrastruktur   19%   SW  Client   6%   SW  ERP   0%   People  In-­‐house   8%   Consul;ng   0%   Facili;es   1%   External  Services   1%   Transfer   0%   Service  Cost   • Network  +  Backend   • Peripherals   • Frontend   Hardware*   • Administra;on  &  Monitoring   • Backend  (OS,  DBS)   • Frontend  (Office,  ERP,  etc.)   SoQware*   • In-­‐house  People   • Buildings  +  Offices   • Data  Center   • Consump;ons   Facili;es   • Internet   • Outsourcing   • Consul;ng   External   Services   • Internal  Charges  Transfer   *  Investment  &  Maintenance  
  23. 23. Alloca;on  of  costs   Charging   Cash  flow   • Direct  costs  Project   • Direct  costs   • Indirect  costs   (un-­‐  /  absorbed   overhead)   Service   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  23   ≫  Units,  quan88es  and  cost  alloca8on  have  to  be  understandable  as  well  as  controllable.  ≪   Type  of  costs   IT  Cost  Center   Alloca;on  of   costs  to  non-­‐IT   Cost  Center   Price  per  unit  *  Quan;ty  =  Price  
  24. 24. Charging   Monthly  invoice  per  cost  center   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  24  
  25. 25. Summary   •  There  is  no  “ready-­‐to-­‐use  off-­‐the-­‐shelf”  framework.   •  Select  a  set  of  process  improvement  models.   •  Processes  that  scored  high  in  both  (impact/success),  are  processes  that   need  the  most  aYen8on  1st.   •  The  maturity  of  each  process  will  be  developed  itera8vely  through  5   levels.   •  Assess  performance  –  define  target  –  iden8fy  improvements.   •  One  service,  different  views  -­‐  a  business  perspec8ve  is  needed.   •  SLA’s  provide  the  basis  for  managing  the  rela8onship  between  business   and  IT.   •  IT  Service  Catalogues  provide  the  basis  for  managing  IT  expenditures.   •  Full-­‐cost  calcula8on!  -­‐  Cost  Center  or  Profit  Center?   •  Approach  under  considera8on  of  the  effort  /  benefit  ra8o.   •  Units,  quan88es  and  cost  alloca8on  have  to  be  understandable  as  well   as  controllable.     10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  25  
  26. 26. QUESTIONS   10.07.2014  Increased  business  value  by  IT  Service  Catalogues  26  
  27. 27. Thank  You  T:  +49  (0)  341  3502606   F:  +49  (0)  341  3502630   C:  +49  (0)  170  3277551