CRI Press Release: Dr. Wayne Visser Releases First Audiobook in CSR


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CRI Press Release: Dr. Wayne Visser Releases First Audiobook in CSR

  1. 1. Contact: Sophia Tan FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECell Phone: 0917-83545850Landline: 710-2321E-mail: sophia.tan@bcyfoundation.orgWebsite: DR. WAYNE VISSER RELEASES FIRST AUDIOBOOK IN CSR Dr. Wayne Visser released the first audiobook in CSR and sustainable business. The audiobook is entitled “The Age of Responsibility: CSR 2.0 and the New DNA of Business”, which can be found at and iTunes. The book illustrates the shift of CSR 1.0 (Corporate Social Responsibility) to CSR 2.0 (Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility) in the Age of Responsibility. CSR 2.0 is an integrative model that better addresses issues of social responsibility and environmental sustainability and its effect to future generations. Other books Dr. Visser published this 2012 include “Corporate Sustainability &Responsibility: An Introductory Text on CSR Theory & Practice – Past, Present & Future” and“The Quest for Sustainable Business: An Epic Journey in Search of Corporate Responsibility”.Information about these books can be found at Dr. Visser’s official website. Dr. Visser was the Key Speaker of the First Philippine Conference on Research in CSRheld last September 1, 2011. He delivered a keynote about CSR 101 and CSR Research,enriching the CSR discussions that include members of Corporations and NGOs as participants. The follow up to the successful CSR Research Conference will be held this September 3,2011, 8 am to 5 pm at the UST Graduate School Thomas Aquinas Research Center Auditorium.This time, the Second Philippine Conference on Research in CSR features Mr. ThomasThomas, CEO of the ASEAN CSR Network and the Executive Director of the SingaporeCompact for Corporate Social Responsibility, as the Key Speaker. He will give a Situationer onCSR and CSR Research in Asia. To pre-register and know more about the Conference, please visit For inquiries, you can contact the Conference Secretariatthrough e-mail (, mobile (0917-83545850), or landline (710-2321).
  2. 2. ***Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation – The Foundation was formerly known as the Catalino D. Yap, Sr.Foundation. Now with a new name honouring the spouses, Benita and Catalino Sr., BCYF will implementprojects through its Units: Institute for Policy Studies, Institute for Social Enterprise and Development, andCSR Research Institute. The Foundation continues to be in the “Business of Building Dreams”, pursuing SocialDevelopment through Social Entrepreneurship. Official website: http://www.bcyfoundation.orgCSR Research Institute – The CRI is the Institute under BCYF which is concerned with the documentationand study of various activities, programs, and CSR projects in the Philippines and throughout Asia. TheInstitute has three main programs: (1) Conferences, (2) CSR Research Network, and (3) Publications. Themarquee event of CRI for 2012 is the 2nd Philippine Conference on Research in CSR.