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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. By: Tiffany Topper, Keenan Kruskamp, Branden Cultice, and Lindsey Ringhand
  2. 2. Pinstripe, What is it?!  Premium whipped shaving cream for men unscented, whipped creamy textured shaving cream that can be used with or without horsehair brush All organic formula containing black fungus, natural oils egg, and patented anti-formula key benefits include, hydrating, anti- aging, evens out pigment, refreshing, and anti inflammatory high quality, tough formula
  3. 3. Target Market  Demographic  Men, all ethnicities, 25-40, and single  Upper-Middle and Lower-Upper, Income 100k+  College graduate doctorate/masters Psychographic  Career is first, ambitious, authoritative personality  Very culturally oriented, and is very image conscious  Daily user, heavy usage, strong loyalty to quality products Geographic  USA, west and east coast, major metro areas  Large cities with dense areas, both urban and suburban
  4. 4. The Art of Shaving  When audio is finished Click On the video to start
  5. 5. Growth Environment  Huge growth potential in an unsaturated market  According to Drug Store News, “Men’s toiletries are predicted to take over in 2013…and men’s skin care will double in revenue from 2012-2016” Art of Shaving is a growing chain, they were bought by P&G in 2009. they operate 93 stores and are opening approximately 4 stores per month.
  6. 6. Product Strategy  3-1 Product  Pre-Shave, Shaving cream, After shave. 2 simple simple sizes  3-oz. Travel Size, TSA approved  8.8-oz. Standard size Luxury product
  7. 7. PricingThe Art of Shaving’s 3 step process  Pinstripe’s All in one offeringsStep 1 – The Pre-Shave -Pinstripe Travel Size Shaving Cream-Pre-Shave 3 oz. $30.00 2 fl. oz. $25.00 -Pinstripe Shaving Cream-Pre-Shave Travel size 8.8 oz. $40.00 1 fl. oz. $16.00Step 2 – The Shave Lush’s Offerings-Shaving Cream Full Size -Razorantium Shaving Cream 5 oz. $25.00 8.1 oz. $24.95-Shaving Cream Unscented Travel Size -Dirty Shaving Cream 1.7 oz. $17.00 3.5 oz. $13.95 -Shave the Planet Shaving CreamStep 3 – The After Shave 7.9 oz. $24.95-After Shave Full Size -Ambrosia Soothing Shaving Cream 3.4 fl. oz. $40.00 8.8 oz. $19.95-After Shave Travel Size -Prince Triple Blossom Shaving Cream 1 fl. oz. $18.00 7.9 oz. $25.95
  8. 8. Distribution Methods  Two pronged approach  Partner with Art of Shaving in their retail locations. We will serve as the high-end product in the store  In cities that do not have Art of Shaving stores, we will have a counter at high-end department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Macys, Nordstroms, ect By selling Pinstripe in already established channels we can rely on the high-reputations and knowledge staff already existing at these locations.
  9. 9. Promotion  Print Media  GQ and Wall Street Journal In store promotions Youtube and Celebrity promotions. “Show your Stripes” VIP, customer renewal
  10. 10. Pinstripe 