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Benefits of a Hosted PBX System for your Business


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Hosted PBX system is an Internet telephony service using which telephone calls can be made through Internet connectivity. As the name implies it is a PBX telephony system which is provided as hosted service by a third party service provider. BroadConnect Telecom based in North America offers Hosted PBX installations with improved scalability, flexibility and innovative features all across USA and Canada. For more informations visit:

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Benefits of a Hosted PBX System for your Business

  1. 1. The Benefits of a Hosted PBX System for your Business BroadConnect Telecom USA
  2. 2. As the business grows your communication needs also rises..
  3. 3. Is your communication system able to grow along with your business…
  4. 4. Hosted PBX system is a cloud based phone system technology that routes calls over the Internet which is provided as a hosted service from any third party service provider.
  5. 5. Some Reasons WhyYou Should MoveTo A Hosted System… • The VoIP service provider will take care of the entire telephony system. • It greatly reduces the monthly communication expenses to domestic and international locations. • It boosts up the business communications and thus increases the productivity. • It’s enriched with advanced technologies and call handling features. • BroadConnect Telecom offers scalable and flexible features along with the potential to realize significant cost savings.
  6. 6. Hosted communication services are completely hosted and managed by the service provider. Installation management and upgrades are done entirely by the service provider.
  7. 7. Hosted PBX installations can be done either by replacing the existing phone system completely or can be installed along with the existing system.
  8. 8. Provides a completely flexible system that can be used with landlines, mobile phones or anyVoIP supported devices.
  9. 9. Supports advanced software and technological features like call screening, video conferencing, High Definition audio/video quality, call diverting by an automated call attendant, caller ID block, dynamic caller ID, simultaneous call ringing, voice mail to email, holding call with music, web browsing, free internal calls, find me, 4-digit calling to any location, etc.
  10. 10. Reasonable charges for both domestic and international calls and services which considerably cuts down the telephone bills. Hosted PBX technology is a low cost solution for advanced business communication needs.
  11. 11. Hosted PBX system and its features are controlled centrally by the service provider through web interfaces.
  12. 12. Hosted PBX offers advanced features like video conferencing that helps to create a virtual face-to-face conversation for people at physically distant locations.
  13. 13. Hosted PBX system is a reliable system which can be easily scaled up or down without any interruptions to the business functions.
  14. 14. It also increases the productivity by allowing the employees to collaborate and communicate in real time with other employees at geographically distant locations.
  15. 15. BroadConnect Telecom USA America’s Fastest Growing VoIP Provider